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What I keep saying about "it is what it is" ...

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Boy oh boy. 

As our books pick up even more in popularity - one of them is really breaking through the "ranks" as it were - along with Pushup Central - ZERO TO HERO! - is one of the "unnoticed books" that is really starting to make waves. And I haven't even gotten started ! Hehe. 

Often times people talk about life - and current situations with the terminology "it is what it is". 

I never agree with this wording - for a very important reason. 

I went hoarse correcting people - and then I stopped correcting them " it is what it is - FOR NOW!" . 

The "FOR NOW" part is KEY, my friend, absolute KEY!

When you say "it is what it is" - then your brain automatically "resigns" itself to "what is". And in many cases, the fire to BETTER your circumstances dies out right away after hearing that term, even if you say it to yourself. 

That phrase, to me, has a very "downbeat" albeit practical connotation and vibe. 

Instead, why not add on "for now" to it?

INSTANTLY, you'll see that no matter how aggravating, annoying or depressing - or irritating your current circumstances - they're not permanent. 

You can - and WILL change them. 

And the minute you say "for now" you'll be chomping at the bit to improve "what is now". 

Trust me on this one. 

Anyway, for a long time I thought it was only the Ship members and myself on board with this ... 

Here is what Terence Miller, currently in the process of narrating Gumption Galore had to say!! 

I’m going to start sending you my “reviews” each time I email you because I want to comment right when I’m thinking about it so I don’t forget. “One of more important sections of this book to me is the “Retirement is a crock” section. Being a retired teacher myself, getting into voice acting was a segue into the next phase of my life. I’m not old, b any means, but it gives me another purpose, if you will, that Rahul outlined in his book.” -Terrence Scott Miller


“I can’t tell you how many times a day I’ve hear the phrase “It is what it is,,,”, but Rahul’s chapter allowed me to think about this in a different light. I’m now using the replacement phrase “It is what it is...FOR NOW” every time I hear it! -Terrence Scott Miller


Well well, well! 

he's spot on too - I can't argue with the way he said it!

Zero to ...HERO! And Gumption Galore are MUST grabs my friend if you're looking for success in every endavor of your life - yes, these tips extend to fitness too - and if you're looking to cut past the hocus pocus, mantras 109 times, incense, beads, chains, amulets, Babas, and other horseshit most self gurus tell you to follow (because it' easy, but easy does not get results). 

The tips in the above books will catapult you to achiever status if you just, as an editor of mine once told me "get the head down and DO". 

Horse blinders, my friend. 

As Terrence said, all my books have a recurring theme of focusing on goals - and then going out and GETTING (achieving them). 

Whats YOURS? 


Rahul Mookerjee

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