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How Indian wrestlers start their day.

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Those old time wrestlers; rippling muscles, huge muscles - functional muscles - not necessarily the ripped to the bone crap many espouse as the gold standard of fitness out there - muscles that actually perform in real life, stamina that does not quit shoulders that dont ache - backs every bit as strong as they look - ox like legs... well, thats a traditional Indian pehelwan for you!

And in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness I teach you - from the roots as it were, in an unique manner my heritage (a combo of "all over the world" ) and then some allows me to teach you in a way only I can, my friend -but wait. 

This is not about the pre-order you should place NOW. 

Its about a misconception I've addressed often before, that being that Indian wrestlers do very little pulling - or few pull-ups at all, if any. 

Perhaps Matt Furey was partly responsible for this, in his bestselling course Combat Conditioning, and the videos that went with it - he said "you dont see the Hindu wrestlers dont do pull-ups!"

"All over the world, boxers, and wrestlers do nothing but pushups, squats and, and ... bridging". 

I still remember the words verbatim, Matt speaking off the cuff like those of us in the flow do so well, yours truly as well. 

But many missed what Matt said post this, when he said ... 

"I'm not saying they're no good. They ARE good, and you need to figure out a way to incorporate them into your routine, but if you're just starting out - the pushups will build strength through the chest, arms, legs ... even the legs..." 

And more. 

Many miss that part. 

And indeed, lore has it that the Gama did 5000 squats and 3000 pushups daily - but very little is written about his pull-ups. 

His isometrics, there's a lot been said about it. 

But his pulling, not a lot ... 

Through Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, I will CHANGE this misconception, my friend. 

And not every wrassler in India starts his or her day off with a set of pushups or squats, go to any akhara if you can - you might be surprised to see them doing rope climbing - pull-ups - and lots of club work before moving on to pushups and squats. 

Make no mistake about it, they do pushups, squats and then some, but thats not the ONLY thing they do, my friend. In fact, there's a LOT of pulling going on in those akharas - it simply would not be wrestling without PULLING! 

Anyway, more on this later - a much delayed Rahul is out now. 

Back soon!

And remember the pre-order... 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - A communal dump is also par for the course for many a traditional wrestler. Dont believe me, go there and see for yourself, not saying YOU have to do it, but there is a reason it's done, much like the daily worship before exercise. More on this later, including a lot about their DIET TOO...

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