Tuesday, 11 October 2022 07:35

On power flowing from the barrel of a GUN, and more...

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I believe it was Mao, not exactly one of my "favorite" politicians to say the least (Deng Xiaoping I've always maintained is really the man responsible for China's meteoric rise to what it is today "Grandfather Deng" as they rightly call him" ... but a lot of what he said actually made sense from a certain angle. 

Like this - 

"Power flows from the barrel of a gun". 

I've no idea if Mao is the one that invented that saying, or if he got it from elsewhere, but if you think about it, it's true - and a quick look around what is going on in the world TODAY proves it. 

Think about it, you can talk all you like, but end of the day, it's heavy duty firepower and artillery that really SPEAKS - the loudest, and matters the most. 

It doesn't necessarily have to be all out war either. 

Look at the boxing ring. 

Mike Tyson once so eloquently said it. 

"You can have all the plans in the world - until you get punched in the mouth". 

That of course is another testament to this. 

Now I've always believed the mind is the best weapon, but even then - gotta admit. 

When you're staring down the barrel of that gun, and you dont know how to disarm the other person -well, 'nuff said. 

But take "gun" away - and replace it away with physical fitness - that is really what I want to talk about NOW. 

Look at all these people that troll women and children for one, attacking them from behind the relative safety of their computer screens. 

One reason Glyn Bozo, "king" of all trolls has never dared to say any of his rubbish to my face is because he wouldn't have a face - or any teeth, hehe - left after / if he said it. 

Come to think, he'd probably end up crippled for life too. 

These aren't mere words, they're FACT. 

Chuck once made the comment about "you'd probably have him hanging from a tree" - and then of course, Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla in general about what I'd do to trolls and their ilk - and people attacking me in general - "you'd tear 'em apart". 

And I would. 

Now, it could be either verbally or physically, but fact is this. 

Being physically fit, being lean, mean, QUICK AND AGILE on your feet - having the ability to launch yourself up on your tip toes and aim kicks out of nowhere - knowing that your punches have solid "SMACK" behind them - knowing, that in general, you have the fittest core ever (believe me, when you have a fit core, you wont just know it, you'll FEEL it, and that confidence will nigh show in every aspect of your life!) ... 

... When you can do what martial artists often do, get into the splits (advanced verson) and then challenge each other to take punches as hard as they can to take their CORES - midsections basically where all the vital organs are and so forth. 

End of the day, when you get to those levels of fitness is when you'll really understand the "emotion" behind the words if I might say so. 

You'll truly understand the meaning of the word smackdown when you can take - and then deliver x 10 back - one yourself. 

It cannot be taught. 

You have to experience it yourself. 

My programs, my friend, GET you to that level. 

Because lets face it, end of the day, man to man, player to player, nikka to nikka - DO you GOT IT? 

CAN you back your SMACK up? 

Most "modern day" (I use quotes for a reason) men or the sorry excuse for men most wimpy modern day men have turned into "metrosexual and other nonsense" cannot. 

Can YOU? 

And that, really is the import of this entire email. 

Start with the 0 Excuses Fitness System and Corrugated Core, my friend. 

Then progress on to Pushup Central, and more ... 

And you'll truly understand what the expression "kick ass while taking NAMES" (not mine btw) means along the way...


Rahul Mookerjee