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Sometimes, the bad must happen in order for the good to pass...

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Last night, as I went to bed I had this thought "my daughter will be off from school tomorrow". 

Oddly enough, I had no inkling of how this was going to happen, I just knew it would, and I repeated it to myself a couple of times. 

You wouldn't know it from the wife yelling at her to go to bed and what not (in a good manner apparently). 

Anyway, this morning I was notified that "school was off for her for not just a day, but a week or so". 

(so much for those that think visualization does not work. hehe). 

The Delhi rains, I thought, it's turned into Cherrapunji apparently in that part of India, actually, much like it is in Southern China where it rains incessantly for weeks without a break (but the Chinese infrastructure is at least somewhat better equipped to handle it - Delhi's is NOT!). 

Just nasty it's become over in Delhi, anyway, I thought that was the reason, everything flooded, nothing working, all unseasonal as it were... 

But it wasnt because of that. School's apparently going on, now my daughter as of late has picked up some form of "hand foot and mouth disease". 

I hadn't even heard of this, I had to Google it. Nothing serious apparently, you dont even need a visit to the doc for it, but it's communicable - so therefore when my wife told the school, they told her no problem, we'll do online classes for a week. 

Of course, the grin on the daughter's face which she tried to hide from Mommy, hehe - said it all. 

I pinched her cheek. 

"Where's the lesson in this", I asked. 

She said she didnt know. 

"Sometimes, bad things happen in order for good to happen later". 

You had this infection I said. It wasn't your fault. And now, you have a week off from school basically... (online classes are a joke, even more so than the school is itself as I've said before). 

Now, it wasn't her fault. 

Her cousin was visiting, and "Granny" apparently saw fit to let her play with the cousin - without telling anyone the cousin had this same disease, and still has. 

What so called adults think, and how they do it - mystery!

My wife's mom (when my wife was young) once made her "sit" with her elder sister who had measles of all things, now of course, the wife got it too. 

"She didnt care about me, so she did it", went the wife went she told me about it. 

She's a middle child, three kids, of course, the Indian preference for a boy (the youngest) and the elder sister, well, she was sandwiched in between and ... but still , care or not, thats either downright cruel or stupid. 

Parents - mothers especially - can be that way, I still remember a girl I knew "Emily" - when she was six, her mom took her to a room to unwrap Santa's presents, and what did she get? 

A box of coals. 

You've been BAD, went the mom! 

Thats just downright fuckin cruel, I think .. 

So much for women being the kinder sex, the "caring" bunch and so forth? 

Anyway ...... as I sit here not fully recovered from a nasty stomach bug - or extreme tiredness, or perhaps the strange weather, or perhaps a combo of all of it, I'm wondering if this is good in that if this is indeed the break my body needed. 

For a long time, I've been pushing myself as I always do, hitting it hard. HAMMERING it, actually! 

Maybe this is indeed the break I need. 

But as adults, the above saying holds true. 

You sometimes have to go through what you might consider painful, or uncomfortable, or even downright hell in order to get to where you want to be, friend. 

Good things await, but like "you have to GIVE first before you recieve", same thing here. 

Start a biz, go through tough times, very tough times - but thats all good if you can keep the end goal in mind. 

Fitness wise, same damned thing.

Waking up early in the morning in the rain, cold, to do road work when no-one else is, keeping Muhammad Ali's words in mind ... none of it is "fun". 

Or even something you want to do. 

I sure didnt "want" to climb the hill six times a day. Hehe. 

But I did. 

That habit formed, then it stuck. 

And good, glorious things happened later... 

Thats how life works, thats how anything works. 

Sometimes, the bad, a lot of it has to happen first before the good "comes to pass". 

And looking around you, at the world today, thats something nigh everyone needs to hear, and it's TRUE. 

Anyway ... thats the advice for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Whoa! Forgot to say, doing those pushups and squats daily, getting those numbers in no matter what when no-one else is, when it's HARD for you - tough for you - all of that is not easy, not fun, not "nice". None of the above. 

But it has to be done. 

The 10 Commandments of Physical Success (life too) in the 0 Excuses Fitness System are well worth a read my friend. 

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