Sunday, 30 May 2021 07:03

Red tourism, yellow marketing and why Googling ain't the magic be all and end all it's touted to by the idiots out there.

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Pinked-Out never fails to give me writing fodder. Hehe.

Anyway, before I jump into this, ever notice one thing guys - and gals?

That marketing, when done in China involves ... almost exclusively GALS?

I'm not sure if that is an East Asian thing, or just China ... but China, whether it be factory workers posing with that highly idiotic "love sign" made with the thumb and forefinger (I mean come on guys, the ROW all knows it means one thing ---- MONEY!!!!!!! Which is of course what the lovely gals WANT, more so than any others on the planet, therefore all the books I've written ont hat too, but anyway, this is not about that ...) - or girls promoting household products or what not -or girls putting black guys into the laundry and out pops a Bozo like "shemale Korean dude or something (I say something because a lot of those guys - just UGH!) ... is ALL about so called promoting and "using their girls".

Of course, if you look at Party Leadership, its all men.

Carrie Lam was the solitary sorry ass figure during 2019's "60 year of Communist Rule" madness.

Their military parade didnt involve men - it involved ... women - in mini skirts!

I mean, China Tom Tommer or not, COME ON!

Apparently the ROW missed this. Some of us didnt!

But really, fighting wars in miniskirts - thats a new one!

Maybe in bed, hehe.

Maybe that was the point.

Maybe that IS the point, one of the huge points about China and why Bozos flock there by the dozens to get laid (these guys are usually the sorts like Schofield who even Paid Hookers would run away from at first sight).

The "we're Gods in China" nutjobs living off their Chinese wives and girlfriend and unable to do a damn thing without them.

(in some cases that involves wiping their own asses).


(and the asses part is true).

(Schofield .. LOL. Believe it or not, he once did the dirty in a classroom in China - I know, I know. Thats a stretch too far even for Glyn you'd say. Well, it's not. There's proof there!)

Anyway ...

Red tourism.

It's hilarious.

I just saw an article on it in She - En - En ...

And while y'all can read the article, it prompted a huge yawn for me - basically its about trying to monetize the rampant jingoism going on in China for years, and especially since 2018. Nothing more than that.

What caught my attention was of course, the gals.

With "fists" made if you get my grip. LOL.

Drift, hehe.

But Gorilla Grip wasn't what they were referring to. LOL again.

The Bozos will make the connection instantly.

Jerk, boy, jerk!

And it's precisely this sort of moron that "red tourism" panders to -people (even expats) too brainwashed to see beyond the bloody obvious and of course, I feel sorry for kids in China that go through all this - 8 hours plus - in schools daily and it's only increased.

Sure, not ALL of them end up brainwashed, but many do.


Anyway, again, if you dont believe the giddy limits the PRC is taking it's jingoism to?

Well, Google away my friend. It's all there.

Except, and that brings me to my next point.

Googling isn't the magic end all and be all it's touted to be.

Soemtimes, solid experience is what is needed.

Not jerking off in Mama's Bedroom while watching ass porno on Google or what not.

(and thinking your Vee - Pee - Enn protects you - guess what - to us IT goo rooss - it doesnt. Schofield for one will find that out in a few months).

So if you want to say "Hindu pushups! PFF! Why should I buy the System! I can Goggle it! (I mis spelt that one on purpose) It's been around for years!"

Well, by all means do so.

But remember the vast majority of so called experts out there are promoting rubbish that doesnt work in order to generate the mighty BUCK.

I won't do that - ever.

I could care less about the buck - I mean, I DO care - but the first thing is YOU.

If something don't work, I won't promote it - ditto for the easy sheeze workouts being pandered around these days.

Fuck that.

Charles Mitchell was right when he asked me never to become a pussy trainer just so I could make more money!

Really - Eff that.

I mean, this panic-demic for one.

You've got idiotst hat have taken the panix-ine - not tested obviously - with Google at thier fingertips to tell 'em all about it and the side effects and the harm - both MENTALLY and physically (mentally is more important) ... - they take it, they get side effects themselves, they "re-get" the Plague from China themselves ... and they still Tom Tom panixines!

Even when doctors with double doses are dying in scores around 'em.

Its just inexplicable, but thats what panic conditioning - and FEAR once instilled into your mind will do to YOU, my friend.

But anyway, not all things can be Googled.

If you want to, be my guest.

But you're missing out!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And please, please - those looking to do business in China - stay away from the idiotic Tom Tom sorts mentioned above. If you want to really talk to someone about it (though really, these days you dont need intermediaries for the most part in china IF you know what you are doing) - then talk to ME - someone thats been there, lives there, done that, and so forth!

PS #2 - Oh, almost forgot. Fast and Furious Fitness - Collector's Edition. The clock BE running out on this one!