Sunday, 23 May 2021 09:12

The Egg Pakoras in the great city of Khajjiar!

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I've written a LOT about that "city" - well, it's actually a tiny little hamlet in India. Hehe. That I've been to in 2011 I believe and then in 2016.

I'd love to go there someday!

The 2011 trip was awesome - did a drive - the longest I had ever done, and in INdian conditions back in those days and even now, driving non stop for 14 hours was something. I could barely move after I was done (remember, tiny economy car, no power steering etc) - and I was cramped, and ... well, if you've seen a certain picture of me with my right arm raised in VICTORY - on the hill (in India - different location though) ... well, thats what I did after the drive.

Good thing I had plenty of food and a bottle (Two) of whiskey and a wife that wasn't quite as you know what back then as she is now, hehe. She was drinking too!

And the scenery was just damned beautiful!

If you like "hill stations" as the British called it, then you need to visit India - someday - after the plague!

Believe me, India - the India most people know is dirty, and a pain in the ass, but visit the hills, and you'll be AWED and swept away.

Lots of people, Indians included miss the sheer beauty of the Himalayas.

Paradoxically, although India ain't quite high on the list of places I'd love to or even like to live to say the least, the Himalays are #1, and not because I can stand on one leg there, make my own "solan" beer from spring water, hehe - and meditate for the rest of my life without a care in the whole wide world!

Nothing but fresh air, beer, cold water and solitude!


Well, huning and gathering!

I'd love it.

Anyway ... I'd miss you guys! And my Wifi, hehe.

I'm sure I could hook up a computer, write my books on one leg, and to you as well, hehe.

Anyway, jokes aside.

The first time - I have written a travelogue on that which I'll be sharing on this or the other site soon enough (those that want it, let me know and we'll figure something out).

I've got plenty of other travelogoues all in India I want to write about, but China as well!

China's a great country to travel in too. And possibly less of a hassle in many ways, and my adventures there - well, let's just say I ain't even gotten started.

Anyway ...

So it was 11 AM in the morning (first trip).

(Happier times as a customer famously once said after reading Fast and Furious Fitness!).

I was sitting there with a "Godfather" can of beer (large, red in color).

I was FAT as PHOCK!

And I was eating fried egg and some "batter" on it - fried egg batter and onions and dip and it was damned good, so damned good!

I dont know if it made it to Dish Delicious. But it should well have!

And my stomach was expanding with every burp it seemed, hehe.

Those were my fat days (well, some of them).

But it was one of those trips which was truly happy, and unlike the other Bozos that show up there in their cars and don't budge from their luxury hotels during the trip - I mean really, guys, get REAL! Why would you travel to such a scenic place - then sit and do "F all"????? - yours truly can't remember much time in the hotel at all except at night.

Pun intended.

... under the starry skies, with nary a peep to be heard, the hyenas that howled at 3 in the morning, the dogs that kept 'em away, and the PG Wodehouse like environment, all so nice it could be "Aunt Bertha's" or "Aunt Agatha's - or the jovial Aunt Dahlia's country home in Ole Blighty.

I miss the place!

Anyway, great trip it was.

And thats the "balloon Rahul" memory for the day, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I did prick the balloon, and how! Find out more HERE.

(I was too heavy to float tho, hehe)

PPS - My lovely wife once posted it on Freakbook, I believe -social media or something, and I got the comment of "enough already!" from another girl who was oddly enough phat as phock herself, hehe. Oh well.

The wife wasn't though. (not then at least). Like David and Goliath almost, LOL.