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I gotta say, the sheer stupidity is mind boggling. 

Last week I've been posting about how this entire BLM movement while it may have started off with some valid points has degenerated into two things - 1) looting and arson (and pretending it's ok to do so to the very people in many case that are supposed to be the same "race" as them and 2) and more importantly, it's turned into the most racist movement ever - like a "colored paralled to the JIm crow era". 

Don't get me wrong. 

SOME people of ALL races are racist, yes. 

(Por ejempelo, Bozo Schofield who copied my line about "he has friends of other races so he ain't racist" - the Bozo said that while trolling me very viciously with racist memes, which points to the sheer STUPIDITY of a certain Glyn Schofield in Bozo La Land who would do GREAT with a certain "Jill"). 

Wacko Jill we'll call her. 

On one of these discussions, she was going on and on about some rubbish about "white supremacy". 

And really, give me a frigging break. 

This isn't the era of Jim Crow, and neither is it the era of the Britsh Raj,or the era of the Belgian King Leopold (truly a horrible person I'd say). 

And no, Winston Churchill to me will ALWAYS remain one of the greatest leaders in history despite what he said about Indians. 

Henry Ford is probably my #1 man along with Jeff Bezos to learn from despite receiving the Nazi Eagle or what not from the Nazis. 

Some things have to be seen - IN CONTEXT. 

And I'm sorry, but in today's day and age I personally (beyond a few idiots that are omnipresent in ALL Races, and I've given fine and stellar examples in that regard) see NO evidene that any sort of white supremancy exists anywhere beyond the KKK and certain fringle lunatics in Germany and so forth. 

If anything, the so called minorities are being pandered to. 

I HATE that. 

Equal footing all!!!!!

If you can get the job done, then YOU are the man - regardless of color creed race or what not!

Like they say in the Marines, it ain't about any of that. 

Like the great Herschel Walker and Denzel Washington and Ice Cube (note how these guys have all ACHIEVED - ON THEIR OWN) and yours truly keep saying, this BLM B.S . is just that BS. 

In fact, Walker has come out very strongly in support of Pres Trump and I ROUNDLY AGREE!

But back to wacko JIll. 

I pointed all this out to her in a very sensible, polit eand sane manner. 

She ignored it for weeks. 

Of course, she's "too busy" eh. 

Right ... 

And when she did reply - today - she replied with another question and that irked me no end. 

If there is ONE thing Nazi feminists do above all, it is IGNORE the questions the RATIONAL MALE asks in ANY DISCUSSION, and attempt to twist things around and obfuscate them with meaningless horse tripe. 

Horse manure. 

Bozo like idiotic questions that are emotionally oriented and have no BEARING ON THE DEBATE!

Here is what I posted to her - 

Ah, .... but Linked - Out has deemed my post "sensitive" and not suitable for China (no wonder being that the PRC has the most Nazi feminists of any country I've ever been to) .. so I can't paste it here. I'll do so later, but that is the gist of it. 

Cry me a effing river, Jill, or "Madam Jill" as you Nazi feminists prefer!

(And I'll make money from it, thank you very much). 

And HOW to do that may sound impossible, but it's in the upcoming book on it, 46 tips so far. 

And trust me, if there is ONE MANTLE I want TO DISMANTLE, it is this one. 

Nazi feminists. UGH!

NOT regular feminists - but NAZI feminists. UGH again. 

Anyway, enough on that. Remember we have TWO copies of Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition sitting around so if you want in, jump on board now because once gone, they are GONE. 

No more reprints for this one. 

I'll autograph it if you want - just ask, and it will be done. 

And of course, the Nazi feminist questions are all "one liners" designed to tease and irritate, so when you see it, CALL 'em out on it!

Thats another one of the tips ... 

Aight, enough of this. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Ever notice how it's only blacks that are jumping up and down about it? What about Indians - hispanics - Chinese - you dont see any of them involved in this rubbish. I wonder if Horsey-faced Jill thought of that!

I know, I'm "so rude". 

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