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The fresh or not fresh battle

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An odd one, this, but more on CULTURAL differences I suppose!

(I'm an odd dude, remember, hehe. Nah, not really, a Bozo said that!)

I've noticed it in China and India (the two Asian countries I've been in and lived in the most - I suppose I could add in Vietnam and a few others, but I'd prefer to list the countries where I've really lived long term) ...

in China, food has to be so fresh that you literally kill it on the table apparently - sometimes in most grotesque fashion.

Sometimes you eat the damn animal while it's alive - not even kidding you, while that is extreme, it's common place to see seafood being gulped down barely dead in restaurants all across China, perhaps even Japan.

(not sure about Korea) ..

If it wasn't killed "right then" it wasn't fresh.

India too is the same way in many regards, while it's not so much about butchering the animal damn near on your plate, food better be cooked FRESH or else!

Then you have the West, and those in India and China used to how it is in the West (yours truly falls in both categories) ...

where you cook once, and you stuff food in the pantry, or larder, or whatever it is - or your big ass freezers you've got all over the place.

Theres always "wars" over this i.e. is it better fresh or not fresh.

The wife claims "Mom's food should be fresh" - and most likely Mom thinks she takes it to extremes i.e. the wife about the freshness part.

Yours truly doesn't claim to be an expert on this...

But yours truly can see both points of view, and where they come from, and yours truly gracefully bows out of any such arguments, and does his best never to get involved.

But to YOU on this list, I'm more than happy to discuss, rant, ramble about anything and everything - as y'all well know, hehe.

To me?

SOME things are fine even post expiry - for instance, if a pack of green tea (tea bag) has "expired" - I doubt it really matters so long as the damn thing is still packed and not opened.

I usually drink mine fresh and freshly sourced, of course...

but I've had that sort of thing "in a pinch" before, and it aint affected me none.

Oh, I was just classified as underweight for my height - probably am - was in 2016 in China as well, I'm down to the exact same weight NOW.

"Hey Mom" I laughed. So long as my vitals and medical tests are all ok, low resting pulse and that, all is well!

And so it IS. Hehe.

Anyway - on the other hand, food?

Again, some things are better freshly cooked, for instance, vegetables and stuff, Indian flatbreads etc - NOTHING beats freshly cooked there, or freshly cooked Chinese food and stuff - some stuff you just can't put in the microwave.

And reheat, or thaw out.

Other hand, other things - like frozen meats and stuff?

I'll thaw 'em out, cook 'em - and eat 'em - and raid the larder all damned day and night long for it!

Or, I might even put it in the microwave and eat the beef RAW, blood literally dripping from it as happened at age 20 once.

Not what I recommend, neither do I Recommend putting CD's in the microwave and ruining it "for the hell of it" - unless it's an old fucker you want to toss anyway, which we wanted to, damn that SOB was heavy - I remember lugging it backside to the dumpster!

Then again other things like toothpaste etc?

A few weeks past the expiry date wont kill ya on that either ...

I'm curiously enough despite a lot of my other stances "in the middle on this one" - while the folks that oppose either viewpoint or are for it are very vehemently on one side or the other.

So be it, hehe.

Anyway ......................

That bit of tongue wag - or chin wag - aside ?

Fitness wise, I'll tell you this, try and get your nutrients in yes, in whatever manner you want, but I'll tell you one goddamned thing, I've been telling you this all along, food ain't half as important and IS twice as addictive - as it's made out to be.

Trust me on this one.

True, Exercise is King and Nutrition is Queen, together they make a kingdom ...

But diet is one thing, you can have the best diet in the world, if you're a lazy ass and wont work out, it'll still show and you will feel it too - other hand, a not so good diet, or lack of it, or thereforth and brutal workouts done right?

Well, that shows too, pally...

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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