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The "fun guy" vs the "disciplinarians"

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Last night, I was informed by my lovely (not, or maybe so? Hehe) wife that the daughter was off from school today.

Oh, really, I asked. (I was thinking "no-one tells me these things anyway" but I didnt tell her that).

"Yes", she went.

And then she said the school gave the kids a day off to prepare for the upcoming Math exam or something.

More drama from a pathetic excuse of a school - I wont name it, but I went to it growing up, and the farce it's descended into now, where teachers are more interested in playing games and painting their nails in class while doing "F all" in terms of teaching the students anything - giving them as many breaks as possible (these kids know next to ZERO compared to what we knew growing up) - coddling them (so they dont have to do any work i.e the teachers) - and giving them the entire term's work in one day three or four days before the exam...

Again, I'm REALLY tempted to name and shame here. But I wont, for now ...

This is one of the top schools in Delhi if you can believe that, of course, I never wanted my daughter put in there, I've been there, I know how it is, but of course the wife and parents had other thoughts, each blamed the other, I still remember the frantic email I got from Dad in 2017 or 2016, I was teaching a lovely Carol English, hehe - and she canceled her class to get printouts of some form I had to sign and send back (wife claimed parents were on her ass, Dad ie Mom claimed "it was sooooooo urgent" and being I wasn't there, well) ...

And its interesting, the very adults who bitch and moan about all this on whatsapp groups and such are the same ones that pay huge bucks to these schools, and dont dare to once complain, those that do - like me - they let me "take the fall" (while silently hoping I'll do more of the same).

People in general are just fuckin pathetic these days, gutless, spineless, I gotta say it.

Oh, I once mentioned home schooling to my wife (I remember chatting about it with Marc the African Silverback Gorilla too) - the blowback I got - boy.

The ignorance, its just not worth combating it - sometimes. Hehe. Most of the times it IS!

Anyway - so I was then told to help my daughter prepare for Math.

OK, I went.

I was the one who suggested (against all family advice) that she learn Spanish - and NOT French or any other second language (and hey - practical purposes, Spanish is spoken widely in tons of places, you need good English yes, but Spanish is a close very practical second!)

Anyway, this young senorita - or Princesspa (if you were to go Italian, hehe) -doesnt quite like it when Dad asks her to do anything meaningful, workouts included.

To be expected, given the Nazi feminist conditioning being drilled into her you'd say since day one, but it's more than that my friend.

The bottom line is this - she views Dad as the "fun guy" - and the two women (mom and Granny - in fact she's even got names for the two of them, hehe) as the "disciplinarians".

They try and change this (the two ladies).

But it doesnt work much like a lot of what they try to do ultimately doesnt work ... illogical behavior never results in anyting but more "illogic" .

Anyway, I gave up dealing with that mess a long time ago.

In my own fun way I deliver more results than all the "yelling" in the world would.

And when it's time to do something, I inject that tone of seriousness into things, and the daughter knows it - which is what counts.

Not for me what I had growing up i.e. a Dad I was "scared" of (though I didnt need to be) - ditto for Mom (I still remember the scene at the age of 2 where I was literally "gheraoed" into a corner and yelled at or something for throwing up in the swimming pool post lunch or something).

Dont get me wrong, tough love is good, but like all things, it needs to be done in MODERATION - even my mother once privately admitted that "with you you're the first kid, we made mistakes yes".

She'll never admit it NOW, of course. Heh.

But thats perfectly fine, I dont mind at all.

Anyway, this mistake riddled "fun" guy that supposedly knows nothing (interesting how my wife told me last night "teach her the Spanish you know" - I was going to say I know a lot more than the damn teacher who bailed from the school and these idiots never replaced her, but there would be no point, would there??) about anything?

Khota Sikka, Chupa Rustum ..

My wife seems to have forgotten her own words. Hehe.

And I made it easier, of course, by never talking about what I do know which is a substantial bit.


Hell, a guy that literally has an alarm clock in his head, a guy that HAS to get things done NOW - a guy that woke up despite hating mornings for years at 530 AM in the morning to hike hills, a guy that bangs out squats and pullups and more without fail, keeps on improving - and thats just the business and life part...

I'd say I know a thing or two about discipline.

But I dont enforce it on those where there would be no point. Waste of freaking time and energy ...

Anyway - point of all this?

This fun guy can get you in the best shape of your life - in a fun way you never imagined possible. It might be many things, ardous, tortorous, you might feel like yelling at me (I know a lot of you DO, hehe) - and more - but one thing I'll guarantee - it'll be fun, fresh and interesting.

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Rahul Mookerjee

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