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That time I forgot the birthday gift at the birthday party and never ever heard the end of it ...

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I truly never heard the end of it. 

Funny part, actually, the NORMAL part - this is how it happens when you truly honestly "forget" - I had the gift all ready and packed. 

I was like 10, I think ... neighbor's birthday party or something a few houses down the block. 

"Anshul" was his name, I believe? 

I dont know how that name popped up in mind, or why - there's probably a reason!

But anyway, I forgot his gift - and remembered when I got there. 

Turned back, but unfortunately, my Mom wasn't at home - door was locked, yours truly did not have the key either. 

So, I had no choice but to walk into the party bare handed. Hehe. 

I apologized to my friend, he could care less. 

"I'm not greedy", I still remember him saying, and I remember feeling dumb - obviously no-one wants to or likes to forget those things. 

My Mom though when I got home, my word. 

You'd think I commiitted a sin of the gravest order, or murdered someone by the way she reacted - for DAYS after the event. 

Including explainining the meaning of the word "etiquette" to me - i.e. you "dont forget presents when going to someone's party!" 

Maybe you dont, Mom ... 

I agree. 

But then again, I REMEMBERED, and would have come back and got the damned thing if the door wasn't locked. 

Happens to the best of us, and I never see women complaining later about the numerous times they forget the keys in the apartment. Hehe. 

That, for some reason has happened to me - sum total of ONe time in my life, and my phone died. 

Luckily Carol was there with me, so I could input the real estate agent's number into her phone, give him a call ... 

He came, pried open the damn lock so easily by jiggling a wire in it I wondered what I paid 100 RMB for. Hehe. 

(And thats a lesson to those of you complainig about book prices and such - expertise COSTS money my friend. That is just how it is! It may or may not be easy for me, but I worked my butt off to get the skills I now teach, I should not even have to explain this shit anymore, but since there are so many Tom Tom's complaining anyway, I explain it anyway! When I'm in a good mood that is, otherwise I just tell these people to basically sod off elsewhere). 

Anyway ... some things, you gotta give kids leeway. 

I never got much, if any growing up. 

I still remember my mom coralling me against three walls, literally cornerning me because I committed the even graver sin of throwing up in a horribly nasty anyway swimming pool, fille dto the brim with folks peeing in it secretly for one - during an afternoon lesson after lunch. 

I mean geez, Mom, I was like what, 3 ? 

Anyway, Bozo apparently lost his keys all the time. 

Though with him, knowing his madness, he probably lost them trying to unlock his hoo haa after dumping bleach down it - or up it, if you get my drift. 

I still cannot believe it, how STUPID some people can be. 

All Trump said was "the virus does a number on the lungs, now if we can maybe get some powerful UV that kills germs in there - you docs figure it out ..." 

And he spoke about disinfecting the lungs. 

Truly, that is all he said. 

And Bozos globally, including a certain Schofield for one ended up in the emergency room for dumping bleach up their hoo has. 

I wonder where Glyn is these days. 

Haven't heard from him in a while - that last trolling he did for Shoulders like Boulders had his name written all over it, though ... 

It's supposedly Diwali in the subcontinent today, hopefully Bozo hasn't shoved firecrackers up his wazoo or something. (last when he was drunk, I remember him posting a video of him - NO KIDDING - with "fireworks hanging out his tail" if you get my drift, and daring others to do it. If you've seen Tik Tok, you'll believe there are folks idiot enough to do these things, Bozo included). 

So glad I ain't on Tok Tok ... 

Anyway ... (Tok being "sour" in Bengali, hehe) ... forgetting presents, and such. 

Good news is, HERE? 

At 0 Excuses Fitness? 

Always a party, my friend, and I NEVER forget to hand out the presents. 

They're all there here anyway!

I view YOU as the invited guest, and do what I can - my best - to make checking out the most fun and comfortable process ever - checking out i.e buying. 

And online makes it all the more easier, of course.

So, to recap - 

It's November now. 

And I've updated the rewards page accordingly - be sure and check it out NOW. 

Some great, great rewards and discounts in the offing, including for Animal Kingdom Workouts, and Battletank Shoulders, two courses it seems nigh EVERYONE wants. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee