Thursday, 04 November 2021 11:37

I done forgot my manners again ... hehe.

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Well, after that last email I sent y'all, a rather long one I believe (short by my eye watering standards though) - I remembered. 

I was going to just put this out as email, somethign made me post it here too. 

But anyway, much like one never forgets to take presents to birthday parties, hehe, one shouldn' forget to wish others happy whatever - even though I might not necessarily "celebrate" any of it myself. 

So, a very happy - and prosperous Diwali to ALL Of you reading - and may 2022 bless you with ... well, whatever your heart may desire - wishes, gold, Bozos, whatever you want, hehe. 

Freedom to all is what I really want to say, I realize all may not agree, but that is my take on it. 

And, while yours truly doesnt celebrate Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Eid, or any of it - I believe in the Universe, Universal spirit, and I damn well enjoy the holidays. 

And "Glutton Papa" as I keep telling my daughter, hehe, she never fail to crack up "my FAT FIT Papa" she calls me (she LOVES the fat me, and the fit me both hehe) (when she was young, I literally used to hold her on the then burgenoning and humungous tummy, hehe) ... surely does his bit of gluttoning on all festivals. 

come to think of it, I do it damn near every occasion I can. 

Eating up, drinking up, living life kingsize, the only way to do it. 


Along with king size bouts of WORKOUTS!

And, before I forget my manners again - well - Happy Diwali! 

Whether you celebrate it or not ... 

And remember to check out the rewards page too, bro. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If there is a discount you WANT, but do not SEE on that page, email me, I'll see what / if I can do about it. 

PS #2 - Daughter is more right than she knows, you CAN be fit - and "fat" at the same time - but you can't. Hehe. 

I dont know if this makes sense? 

But a lot of people with normal body fat - that do 0 Excuses Fitness - are FAR, FAR, fitter, stronger, and healthier than the idiots spouting 12 packs at the gym and pumped pecs, yet, get them to climb a flight of stairs and they drop dead from heart attacks when trying to fix photos on walls. 

Not EVEN kidding you. 

That isn't an excuse to be "Glyn the phat phocker", but I'm just saying, there is a Corrugtated Core, and a healthy core - and an unnaturally waspish NOT healthy one. 

In other words, NOT all about looks. 

But then again, if you're on the list, you know this by now, eh!