Sunday, 26 September 2021 07:26

Why I'll always be a nomad of sorts ... even when I get as rich as Jeff Bezos, hehe.

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I will never forget the comment Charles Mitchell, a great customr once made about me... 

"Your courses are not for the faint of heart! The only reason you're not as rich as Jeff Bezos is because most people look at your books, and say "F that!" ... 

Never become a pussy trainer just so you can sell more books!" 

Now this, to me - is what typifies ME!

I am NEVER EVER going to be, act like - or become something I'm not at my very core - money or no money doesnt come into the equation, friend. 

But a lot of us nomads, or nomadic types or semi nomads (China) - I've noticed we all have some things in common. 

A crappy family life back home - or not at all. 

Overbearing, domineering Nazi feminist mothers and fathers that are either not there, or pander to the women willy nilly. 

(hey, that is fine i.e. pandering if thats what gets you off - ever thought about the effect it has on KIDS????) 

The usual guilt trips, jealousy etc - as Uncle Bob once told me "that sort of thing can really fuck a kid's development up"). 

And many other things - but where I truly believe I stand apart? 

A willingless and WILL to DO MORE WITH MY LIFE - SERVE OTHERS - through my outstanding books and products - MAKE PEOPLE's LIVES BETTER, not just my own (and my own by extension) as opposed to the Bozo schofield nomadic types who just drift from place to place like a feather, or perhaps bump on a log at sea...

No goals, no aims, (other than be a cuck and lick ass that is) - no money, no real intentions of doing anything other than be a monkey and drink the next beer. 

Anyway ... there's more reasons. But first, lets take a look at an email I got. 

Thanks for your reply.  It's nice to know there are some intelligent people left in the world, including your daughter!  Nice to know there are others on the same wavelength.  You lead an interesting life with the way you move around a lot.  Wish I could be a nomad like you!

Now, he was replying to what I Said in my last email (posted on this site since it didnt go through to everyone). 

My response - 

Trust me, buddy - If I had a "normal" family, I'd probably be happy staying put in India or wherever it is. I mean, a family that talks about aborting a three month old (in the foetues) baby - then claims all the nonsense they do, then after the baby is born they forget it all, forget all of what they did - in short, a Nazi feminist family, then you do what you have to do to SURVIVE - and THRIVE.

I guess I could bow to their whims and be a cuckold the rest of my life, work some crappy minimum wage job "because Mommy deemed it so" and "stay in one place". But thats not me as you know, haha. I'll never stop fighting for what is RIGHT. And I'll never bow to anyone's whims - always been one to do my own thing - which you know, hehe. COmes with problems not faced by most people, but hey - thats life - and in any case, I'd rather surmount problems myself than bitch and moan like the Libs do, end of the day, CONQUERING TOUGH TIMES is what real men and true survivors and winners in life are MADE OF!

And therefore...

And - you're welcome - hows the training going by the way - keep me posted on them pushups, especially the fingertip ones, hehe.



Trust me, that ain't even scratching the tip of the lunacy in terms of family. 

But really, I come from a place of deep, deep knowledge in terms of Nazi feminism, and am definitely THE Person to learn from in terms of combating it. 

No, it aint just another book. 

You won't find anything and another one like it out there - much like with Pushup Central, my friend, and my other fitnes courses. 

And really - think about it. 

Why would someone be a nomad if all was good at home? (wherever home is). 

To me, its always been where I hang my hat - with certain conditions. Hehe. 

But even if things were "excellent" back home, I'd probably have a yearning for more. 

I'd never accept the status quo on anything. 

Dreams, desires, aspirations - most of all, you ask? 


My personal freedom to me is numero UNO, my friend. 

This so called sham of a marriage that cost me money, years, all of it - I never wanted it in the first place. 

And of course, my "naiveity" in that regard - though to me, it was more about being in the flow, and doign what I do in life - take a decision, then see where it goes - hey, I learned a lot, so I'm happy for it! - ensured years of chaos and turmoil. 

All I asked her to do? 

Live together. 



Anyway my personal freedom to me is the most important thing, friend. 

By far. 

And life's too short to be a caged beast - or have dreams and aspirations you never fulfiled. 

I've done more in my own life thus far than bozos and cuckolds (a lot) globally have, and I'm not even "getting started" as yet. 

Why tie yourself down to one place - when there is som much to experience? 

Yes, having a base is one thing. 

But what when - which is what has happened most of my life - that base is pretty much taken away? 

What NOW - given whats happening to the world - what would you choose, a base - or the ability to move anywhere, work from anywhere, be your own Master (or Mistress, if it's Christina reading this, hehe) - work on your own time - and so forth? 

Well it doesnt happen overnight, but happen it does. 

I've worked at it for years. 

So can you, and no, its never too late to start - ask Colonel Saunders, hehe. 

And a lot of others. 

It's about doing, and doing now, and starting, and not postponing ... 

Anyway, I'm out. 

From yours truly nomadic, "until the next time"! 


Rahul Mookerjee