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Why YOU have to fight back - and keep fighting BACK!

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This wont go out as a blast to the email list. Apparently there was some issue with the auto credit card renewal or something - which will happen "tomorrow" - so for now, this is a nice little test to see how many of you come here to read "without the daily email blast" (well, the email will still go out, but it might not hit ALL your inboxes this time). 

I bet most people will be reading. Hehe. 

I can feel it. 

But really, I've been talking to a great customer, Charles Mitchell, ex cop from the US. 

And we've been going back and forth on what an utter disgrace what is going on right now is - I mean, cops on horseback for one automatically racist because some guy slipped int the river, while the horse was doing what it does best - i.e. run? 

Like Mike Pompeo said, it's a matter of soverignity - bottom line - an d certain things, despite what Hiden Biden thinks - need to be made clear. 

I've said this before, I'll say it again. 

NO country wants illegals with no skills overrunning it's borders willy nilly, with NO due process, during COVID etc - and most gallingly, stretching an already stretched to the BRIM system!

NO country wants that - other than Liberals and Biden worshippers (my own family is that for the most part except my little girl, truly a CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK!) ... what they want? Votes! 

Illegal votes, and given how they stole the election the last time I dont even think they need to get illegals in.

MOre like Bill Hates and the lot wanting cheap labor for the future and their dastardly plans - and of course most likely China pulling the strings behind the scenes... 

I've said before you simply cannot kow tow to terror, that is exactly what is happening!

And this liberal disease has spread EVERYWHERE - and Nazi feminism in general is a natural outshoot of liberalism. 

And it's just getting worse, friend. 

Women can get away with bloody murde.r 

I was talking about the insanity in my family where "if the sun doesn't rise", it's Rahul's fault. 

(No wonder I went to China, Charles, to escape that lunacy!) 

My so called wife, or ex wife, or whatever the term is can break things all day long, and it's Rahuls' fault. 

She can always be in a bad mood, minute yours truly is, he gets threatened with bullshit. 

She can complain about not having money when I send plenty - and when I send it , she never does what the money was intended for in the first place. 

Nazi feminism is truly a DISEASE, my friend - and a natural offshoot and outshoot of LIBERALISM which is even worse, but at home, it's Nazi feminists that really "irritate", 

And you, my friend, unless you're cuckolded Bozo Schofield - need to fight, and keep fighting. 

Sometimes, you can fight directly. 

Often and most of the times though, if you're dealing with Nazi feminists, the best way is indirect - to make it look you're not fighting at all. 

So the idiots and morons will think, while you yourself "laugh all the way to their demise". 

Sounds dramatic, maybe melo dramatic I know, but THINK - for yourself - in terms of what is happening with this world, you'll know. 

And get the course on how to combat Nazi feminism right HERE

Trust me, you guys - a lot of you will benefit like nothing else from this. 

I truly speaketh from a place of experience. 

And now, since I've spoken - lets let Charles speak - 

It's not incompetence, or even stupidity.  Joe and the democrats are doing exactly what they planned to do.  Flood the country with illegal immigrants from impoverished and war torn countries and turn them into democratic voters!  Joe is just a puppet and whoever is pulling the strings knows exactly what they are doing.  Why do you think no congressional democrats visit the border, Why do you think the vice president(that's a joke) who is supposed to be in charge of the border doesn't go to the border?  And the corrupt lying media does everything they can to protect them.  Now they are trashing cops on horseback who did nothing violent to these people, not one injury!  Saying they are acting like slave masters!  It's a joke!  This is to take the heat off of them for what they are doing or rather NOT DOING!  And that pathetic excuse for a homeland security secretary is a joke.  Look, they all lie right to your face and don't give a shit because really, what are you going to do about it???  If the republicans in office aren't doing anything about it , what do you think you are going to do?  Joe Biden could drop his pants on national TV and take a dump and tell the public "this is what I think of you all" and the mainstream media would say that was single greatest act of presidential leadership in the history of this country!  I don't understand what is happening to this country but it is obvious that this president and his administration is working hard to bring it to it's knees.  I believe there are forces at play that no one even knows about.  Time will tell.

Said lik e a sage, Charles, said like a sage. 

Exactly my feelings, and ... well, I'll say it - what I Told him - (replied to him) 

Hey Charles

Thanks for the email, great to hear back from you! How are things going for you - hows "life in general" in the world that seems to be getting loonier (I mean loony, not just crazy, haha) by the day? Seriously, some of the stuff going on...!

(my own "family" is a perfect example, hehe).

they're ALL rabidly anti Trump and worship the very ground Biden walks on, think Modi is a fool, and so forth ...

(when I told my Mom and wife about China starting this mess - remember, one can "feel" things, and no-one knew about this, but the "something is fixing to happen" feeling was there! - I mean, I lived there for years, haha - they claim "it's just politics and a theory", of course, when it's the panixine lunacy, then "you have to take it" (which I haven't, lol)).

My Mom once made the comment of "Hillary Clinton" would make the best US president, and my Dad nodded his head in agreement.


'nuff said, so I dont even try and deal with them, like a brick wall if you get my drift, utter insanity.


So, you can well imagine the dysfunction and chaos there (hence why I lived in China for so many years, it wasn't ideal, no, but their lifestyle etc as I mentioned before, and these lunatics I deal with family wise in India - hehe).

Gotta say though, and another customer of mine said this - my daughter is indeed a chip off the old block. Eight years in all, every bit as smart as you and I are, perhaps even more in some areas. THE ONLY POSITIVE, but boy is it a huge one!!

Back to Joe - yes, I'm not sure who is behind Joe - I dont know, Bill Gates and some of the other liberal wishy washy sorts?? Those are the guys with the money, and as you know, money is ultimately what talks in the US system as opposed to China where you can be a multi-billionaire, but that money still has to be spent per CCP rules. Of course, theres no way I'd take their system - but yeah, perhaps some of the huge property developers, perhaps some of these Bill Gates sorts that "want to own the planet" (outlandish as that might sound) . . .

Yes, it's indeed a shame the way the media takes these acts of utter "sabotage" (ie just letting people in willy nilly, releasing them - all ILLEGALS! - willy nilly into various parts of the country) - and then spins them over and over again into how "Joe" is doing the right thing by the country - if you look at his Twitter, he's even got live feeds from video calls or something he did with (apparently) random people urging them to take the panixine (and dont get me wrong - I think it's personal choice, if someone feels they need to take this vaccine - which to me isn't even a vaccine, because it ain't been properly tested, there are side effects, most of all, it doesnt do what vaccines normally do i.e. keep the damn plague away - you can still GET the damn thing after being panixated - but these vaccine mandates etc are not just unconstitutional, they're utter BS. India is a deeply flawed democracy for one, but end of the day, vaccines are still not "mandatory" in India - and they never should be either! (of course, even if it was, enforcement is lax in India, but really, Biden - China's wet dream in terms of dictatorship, the way he so called leads).

All a massive game for securing votes, I agree, but truth be told, given how the Dems secured the last election, I dont even know if they need more illegals in there to do that - unless it's for "cheap labor in the future". Yes, sounds crazy I know, but anything goes with these guys!

(and I won't even get started on Afghanistan. Haha - now THAT?? Pandering to terror, literally, the way I see it, leaving behind equipment etc (granted, all decommissioned, but you can bet China will reverse engineer them in a jiffy too...)

Yes, what really "got my goat" is the way those border patrol agents were being potrayed as racist slavemasters. Typical Liberal Bullshit, never gave the cops a chance to explain their side of it, just put together some hastily doctored images of horses running into water, and some guy slipping in the mud, and then thats racist. Just retarded, and it's insane people even believe this BS, but then again, given the level of thought the majority of people have - not surprising is it. Haha.

I mean geez, horses are used in police forces worldwide, not just in America - and NO-ONE is pointing out the fact that these guys show up ILLEGALLY - and when you tell them "nicely", they dont listen - so obviously, as Mike Pompeo rightly said, you have to show them it's unacceptable! Of course, anytime someone says that about US sovereignty, they're racist, if China and North Korea detail and shoot illegal immigrants, then they're protecting their borders, and neither Creepy Joe nor Hyena Harris will utter a word...

It's just lunacy, the way people think these days, I mean EVERY country wants legal immigrants - they're qualified and bring a lot to their "new" homes - but why would ANY country want (beyond purposes of charity to an extent) illegals with no skills, and likely criminals as well? Its sad whats happening in Haiti and other places yes, but that doesnt mean you ruin what is good to "help what is not good" - not like the US had anything to do with the Haiti mess anyway!

Lunacy, man, lunacy, unless of course China's pulling the strings behind the scenes for all this, given how Bill "Hates" and LinkedIn and the rest (I got banned from Linked In for some BS I was censored for once, I said I wouldn't say it again and then didnt - but then mysteriously three months later I got banned anyway because I wasn't going to give them my passport to send to the CCP, haha. I believe I sent several emails out about that).  .  .

As we discussed before, and Trump kept saying this too - everyone talks Russia, Russia, Russia, but the REAL threat is China - Russia I truly believe wants to be left alone in its massive corner of the globe - but its China that is the real problem.  (but China's fixing to get theirs - it's been coming for years - the impending Ever grande collapse will truly set the cat amongst the pigeons big time. Of course, and unfortuantely, it might also lead to increased chest thumping and more chance of actual widespread war etc...)

Oh well - back to you - how is life treating you?? The UK is currently in a bit of a mess in some regards (of course the loons on the left are claiming "Brexit" did it - no it did not - Brexit was the best thing to happen to the UK in years, this EU idea was deeply flawed, I've always said that from the get go), but the rest of the world is too - how are things back Stateside??

Stay safe - train hard - and keep thinking for yourself - best thing you can do!

Politics etc aside, thanks for your support - replies, etc! You've been with me for years, so that counts for a lot.

So - thanks - and - keep me posted on how all your TRAINING IS GOING!


Rahul  (i.e fingertip pushups - HAVE you got to the magic 25/set as yet? Hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee