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Not so much to catch a glimpse of Sly's rugged forearms again ... but because, well, it's old school, it's ACTION - REAL action, not the make believe action they show these days - real stuff I love - from the old guys - done old school style!

As a certain Vince Palko once told me back when I still got on FB - "good to know the old guys are still around!"


He's right. He's one of them!

In a world where old school values are rapidly failing, where you're either a third gender or not - (as opposed to men being men and women being women and God forbid anyone says "that is natural!") ... well, Sly is often called a dinosaur.

But he's also the "last man standing".

In cricket, in life, sports, business, movies ... the dude (or lady) who takes it to the LAST ball, the LAST over, the LAST scene, the LAST ... well, chapter if I may - he - or she - is usually the one that ends up getting the plaudits, money, success - and rightfully so - the rest fade away ultimately.

Truly great people stick it through thick and thin to get to where they want to be.

They know, like a certain "Ms Dhoni" in India - that if you take the damn match to the last over, the last ball, then ANYTHING can happen - and if you're well set by then, which you are, if you've taken it that deep yourself, then chances are you will pull off the win, a stunning one at that.

Dhoni pulled off many for India!

I know I was dreaming of a certain Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly, another dynamic opening batting pair in India that broke, set and shattered many a record this morning ... anyway, WHERE the fuck was I.

ah yes, the Expendables.

So, I dont even know if it'll get mae. But hey, Rambo V got made - maybe this will too!

And the one guy I'd really like to see in the franchise - and I'm sure they've thought of him too?


I remember a great interview, lots of fun that Steve Austin once did (he's ALWAYS fun) - it's probably floating around on Youtube or something even NOW. And in there, he mentioned the Expendables (first movie in the series) - and how "great, now I'll be known as the guy that broke Sylvester Stallone's neck!"

Which apparently happened because sly is huge on making his stunts look real, punches "for real" (Dolph Lungdren reportedly once punched him "for real" during Rocky IV, and he had to be taken to hospital!) ...

Which is how it should be, and so, well, accidents happen, they did during that series, and many others!

Dysfunction and chaos at it's very best - producing great results. Hehe.

We'll get to dysfunction later, for now?

I'd say Iron Mike definitely deserves to be in there too with all the other old school guys!

"Your kicks vs my fists", and then that famous peekaboo style he has STILL Got ...

That was in one of the IP man movies he did - and damn, dude gave a pretty good account of himself against the top martial artist in Hong Kong.

Which is to be expected.

Give me a top level boxer that can MOVE - predict how the opponent will throw a punch, or kick and react before that - and I'll take a boxer anyday over a martial artist in a street fight.

Not always, but most of the time - all else being equal, you can't beat boxing (and wrestling).

Martial artists will be the first to tell you that as well.

Those kicks look great, but they're also great to get someone off balance - IF you can see it coming, of course!

And I dont know, maybe bring back Jean Claude Van Damme too! He did GREAT I thought in Expendables 2 as a believable villian - I love most of his work, so what can I Say (not so much Steven Seagal though, I've never really liked what he's done).

Chuck Norris, Van Damme, and Iron Mike.

And hey, in his prime, I'd bet on ole Mike ANYDAY in a fight against either one of those two (which is NO disrespect meant to either one of them, both top level sold martial artists till this day, but Mike Tyson in his prime, man, that was something else altogether! A certain Brad Pitt lived to tell about it...)

Anyway - random thoughts from me.

Some more -

If you really want to know what people think of , or maybe "associate with you" or see you as, or what not ... see what they save your name in their dumbphone as. Hehe. Or even on the flip phone

I'm different in this regard in that I've always, and still, save names of people by their first name, and thats that.

If they're there for a reason then I put something else after the name like "visa guy" or something like that.

But it's always interesting to see how others call you "Yukit" (supreme planner in Hindi) or "Ma'am's husband" (which was downright hilarious, dude that does my visas, I mean OK, "Ma'am" was the one that was doing all the co-ordination when I was in China (well, until 2016 or so), then happier times ended, I did it myself, I still do - OK, she found him at some agency, and so forth, I got her to do some business through him, so from all those angles it makes perfect business sense - and no, despite what some idiots might think, nothing else going on - but still, I was like dude, at least save my name as ME, I've been paying you for damn near seven or so years now straight...hehe).

Not that he meant bad.

He didnt.

But it's hilarious often!

Random thought numero two - or "dos" for our amigos reading this?

Well, if you ever get to know people's passwords, which obviously I dont advocate hacking into etc, you'll know what is REALLY dear to them - whether they know it or not.

Ditto for what they sing in the shower, the words they often use, and so forth. The mighty subconscious manifests itself in different ways my friend.

You just have to be agile enough to spot it.


On the Pushup Central page, Iron Mike is one of the guys I mention - a LOT.

And with damned good reason.

If there was one exercise that he did repeatedly, ONE exercise that turned him into a BEAST incarnate during his hey day - one exercise that Herschel Walker did, and still does - and MOST doers do - it is the good ole pushup.

Nothing replaces it.

Do it enough, do it daily, do it multiple times daily, do it often, you'll feel a POWER you cannot get from ANY other exercise.

Truly, the oldest exercise around probably, and for a damn good reason.

If you want to be a monster, a human BEAST - then you have to do what is mentioned in Pushup Central, period, no two ways around it.

As a certain customer once said about the book "you'll truly build INDESTRUCTIBLE humans" with this course!

So it is, my friend. So it is.

But agility - Tyson was as agile as a mother goose as well my friend.

And Jump Rope Mania - and some of the hidden tips, tricks, techniques and of course the damn WORKOUTS in the book are a great way to getting YOU there too.

Pushups and jumping rope just go together, I dont know why, but they DO.

Next, remember to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System too, it's a baseline for damn near everything, much like wrestling is a baseline for any other combat sport you engage in/practice.

Unless you prefer putting the cart before the horse of course...

And since this has gone on for long enough, I'm out.

But hey, I've been thinking about it since last night!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oh yeah, dysfunction, this morning I was thinking about my family, the number of rapidly burgenoning nieces and probably nephews too, hell, I dont know - that "Uncle Rahul" has .. (I prefer Rahul, hehe) ... and never gets told about.

Not that anyone in my so called family tells anyone anything, the father's side of the family is never even mentioned, no-one knows what goes on there - mother's side, well, always mentioned, but always kept secret too - ah well, families, dysfunction, I'm sure y'all reading this can identify to an extent, but I really doubt most people have dealt with the level of dysfunction that is present in yours truly's "family".

Except the real doers, they have, and then some.

OK, enough for now.

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021 11:22

Why I love Pradeep Rawat - and GHAJINI!!

The first an actor you've probbaly never heard of, let alone like, dislike, admire, follow or not ... 

And the latter of course an Aamir Khan (we've all heard of him!) starrer - Bollywood potboiler - and though yours truly doesnt do Bollywood, Tollywood, or Holllywood - quite frankly I dont care for the crap coming out of ANY of these (these days) - if you ask me what my favorite Bollywood flick of all time is? 

I'd choose this one. 

Why ?

It's not one of Khan's most acclaimed works, for one. It was panned by the critics big time. It's a remake of a Telegu movie I believe, or Tamil, and THAT was a remake of the Memento, I think ... 

But it's a massive box office GROSSER (was, and still is). 

It brought the masses to watch it like nothing else did! 

And while Pradeep Rawat might be and often is mistaken for his damn near look alike in Taare Zameen Par (now the critics loved that one!) and while Dangal and 3 IDiots are  Khan's more acclaimed works - for me? 

Ghajini forever!

I hope they do a remake.

Sequel, I should say. 

But anyway Dangal is the wrestling movie ya'll have all heard of, where he makes his daughter wrestling champions in uber traditional India, and 3 Idiots - well, I didnt quite "love" the movie to be honest - just normal!

Taare Zameen Par was the first one I watched while dating my wife (and groping her apparently  - naughty me). 

Great concept I thought, but again, not a movie I'd remember - the critics did tho, and still do! 

But Ghajini, and Rawat - the latter brings menace to the role of the villian like NO-ONE Ive ever seen before in Indian cinema, not even the great Amrish Puri (famed villian of yore, no longer with us on the earthly plane). 

I dont know how. Maybe it's Khan's famed perfectionism shining through there. Goo don him!

He's a legend in India. 

But Rawat, especially when he  keeps getting pissed over the "patient with short term memory loss trying to kill me - I'll SHOW YOU!" flanked by menacing looking burly GOONS (apes) is one to watch!

The sheer menace he brings to the role is in my opinion unparalleled, except for Anthony Hopkins in the "Silence of the Lambs" series... 

And back to the movie - it's non stop action from the word GO - and it's BRUTAL - right from the moment Khan sticks a pipe into a baddie, and finishes off by smashing the chief villain's skull in - literally. 

Gory, yes. 

Visceral, yes. 

Not so much that you can't watch it though - and again, thats why I loved the movie - ACTION!

And, as a friend said about Rambo II when he first saw it 

"Perfect Movie! It has romance, a little, not too much, and plenty of masala action!" 

Thats Ghajini to a T done professionally like only Aamir can. 

Right down to the 12 packs he sculpted at the age of almost 60. 

I must admit, though Aamir looks great in the movie, I'm not a huge fan of that look. 

He did a fine Sly STallone I'd say - but he missed the crucial "work the forearms and traps like nobody's business", while focusing on the FRONT of the body - and dont get me wrong - maybe thats what he wanted to do!

But Sly is Sly - and in my own unhumble opinion - on a different plane altogether. There is NO-ONE like him - man's a true legend - and no, before you ask, I don't support Rambo being remade with an Indian actor Tiger Shroff in the lead, because - not because I dont like "Tiger", but because ... legend cannot be duplicated, and I believe my words will be proven when and if the remake occurs. 

Anyway ... 

In Ghajini, the man is a "MOM" man on a mission. 

Much like Denzel, another legned in Man on a Mission ... 

And he's out to catch the baddie, and thats all he thinks about, eats, sleeps, dreams and has tattoeed on his body. 

He wakes up. 

And what he does next? 

He jumps into pushups!

Then treadmill sprints!

Then pull-ups. 

Some of them are done in a way I wouldn't advocate. 

But still, you dont see him boobying around at all in the workout scenes. 

And that, my friend, is part of what he did in REAL life to get that look too - along with a solid diet. 

So thats that on Ghajini - if you're into action - find it with subtitles - and watch!


Rahul Mookerjee

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