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Saturday, 14 November 2020 12:21

How to (instinctively) stop gorging like a BUFFALO.

Or a pig, or a hog, or whatever animal you prefer. Hehe.

It can be hard to do at times, especially during holiday times and especially given that much of the World is currently under China plague lockdowns – and that during Thanksgiving, Christmas etc when you should be moving out MORE than less (due to the amount of food most people stuff down their throats at this time of the year).

And again, can be hard to do sometimes (not overeating).

Hey, I know it.

I've been guilty of this on several occasions and still AM.

And this ain't even about when I'm obese.

Or was ... 

This is about the past two days when yours truly has admittedly been gorging on certain”ethnic” delicacies yours truly picked up ... that yours truly should NOT have been doing.

Big time. No. Tons of sugar for one, and tons of other stuf fI normally don't even touch.

Including “milk tea”, that new rage everywhere in Asia. UGH!

And I had it!

But really, it's simple to stop doing this – if you know HOW.

And this ties into the SECRET – the secret right in front of you and out in the open that I mention in the Simple and Effective Diet for one – a secret common to MOST high achievers, and a secret that the medical fraternity in general is vehemently against. Something we've been brought up NOT to do.

And yet, if you DO it, watch out. The results are nigh mind boggling.

And again, while the book is free if you buy the 0 Excuses Fitness System off the website, it can be bought solo as well if you prefer.

Herschel Walker, for one talks about and LIVES this secret daily, and so do other BEASTS.

Other “unstoppable forces of Nature!”

And back to knowing when to stop gorging. IT's got to do with how you FEEL my friend.

Thats right.

Something you already knew?

Not really brah.

Its about something you DID NOT think of (though perhaps you knew deep down inside).

That being not the physical “how you feel”, but how you feel MENTALLY.

Those that live in the flow, or us successful writers, and really, anyone that gets it knows what I mean.

If you feel RUN DOWN And lazy while eating, or after eating, you've overdone it, and you've eaten the wrong stuff.

If you feel full of VIM VIGOR and GUSTO like I do while writing, for instance, but the exact opposite after eating?

Well, you got it! Either overeating or the wrong stuff and usually BOTH.

Folks say they can “feel” a certain something (reference the last “you're always so positive” comment from Madam Tracy) coming off my writing.

And if THIS cannot be felt by you when you do something (and it was there before, but not after eating ) ... well ...

Sounds esoteric, I know, but this sort of barometer works far better than trying to judge “how many plates” and CERTAINLY WAY BETTER than the most idiotic calorie counting and “diet fads” out there.


If you're Mr Fast like I am, then your stomach likely doesnt have the 15 minutes or so it needs to signal “I'm full” to your brain before you over-eat.

But if you notice how you feel mentally ... well!

Last, but not least, back to ME. For once. Hehe.

(Bozo Scofield will probably have a corollary, but hey, hehe).

I plan on rectifying my mistakes starting NOW. I just ate, and I looked the offending items in the eye, and pushed them away.

I may have some later on, but only a tiny bit.

And probably not even that, but that will be THAT in that regard.

I've done my overeating.

And as I recommend in the Simple and Effective Diet, it can be GOOD to let GO once in a while and over-eat, drink, or whatever fancy you have, but don't do it DAILY, or else.

As for me, I've got workouts that will keep the fat away .... even when I do overeat, but wait.

Yours truly with his shitty genetics can actually FEEL the pounds piling on when I eat crap.

And though It can't be seen, I can already feel it in my obliques for one.

Bad choice, hehe, but sometimes we make 'em.

And I'll be HARD at work blasting away that fat with the very workouts that got me to the point where I ATE MORE – and literally weighed LESS!

Really, my friend. Proof's in the pudding!

Check it out yourself right HERE.

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – That last bit shouldn't be taken an as excuse to literally gorge more and workout less (it's about weighing less, but naturally most people will workout less if they eat more). But you CAN do it – thats how efficent the workouts are. Now imagine if you followed a halfway decent diet – AND the program?

Well the results will beggar BELIEF – I'll say that much!!

Get on the program NOW my friend. YESSSSSSSSSSS!

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Thursday, 30 December 2021 06:54

"I'm going to tell you something you already know".

I just interrupted my jump rope workout to tell you this, 1000 reps in, I'm barely warmed up, but I have to tell you this, friend. 

I can just hear Rocky telling his son ... 

"I'm going to tell you something you alrrady know. 

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place, it will beat you to your knees, and it will keep you there if you let it. 

You, me, nobody will hit as hard as LIFE. 

It's not about how HARD you can hit. 

It's about how hard you can GET hit, but still keep moving. THATS how winning is done!

Now if you know what you're worth, go out and get it. 

But you can't keep blaming people, making excuses . 

Thats what losers do. 

And that in't YOU!": 

Old Rocky is almost in tears as he finishes (I quoted him almost verbatim). 

But I feel his pain!

His son knew it, but needed it to hear it anyway. 

Thats my whole point for this email. 

A lot of what I say - you know. 

But sometimes all of us need to HEAR it - from another person, if just to validate and emphasize the truism of the statements. 

The wise will always preface advice with "as you already know" or a derivative therein, instead of trying to "teach upfront" or lecture like a Bozo. 

I've had this said to me back in the day, still sometimes happens when I need it. 

We all do. 

And we all need that kick up the ass sometimes. 

Speaking of which ... 

How high and hard can you kick, friend?

Simple question, but most cannot do it without tearing a quad - or hamstring - or more. 

I keep saying this, you probably know it, you will find it inscribed on my very large tombstone when I go ...(with everything else I keep repeating). 

Hamstrings are a CRUCIAL and critical part of the body to stretch, strengthen and train. 

In Isometric and Flexibility Training I give you a "hamstring" stretch (though it stretches the entire core, lower back, shoulders, traps, sides, all of it) which is simple - you put your feet up on a high surface, one at a time. 

You keep both legs STRAIGHT while doing it!

(I can almost hear and feel a certain Carol slapping my then loose thigh when I was doing it. 

"Hey, Michael!" (she got the "hey" from me. Hehe. So cute). 

"Keep those legs straight!") 

That was at the top of the hill. 

That is a great stretch for your hamstrings, you could work them your entire life and never go wrong. 

When you open - loosen the hammies - you literally TRANSFORM your life with all the GOOD that flows into it!

You feel better, you perform better in all your exercises and workouts , if you've got tight hamstrings like I do, many of you do too, you'll just feel awesome, like you accomplished something. 

In the advanced book on isometrics, I'll be talking about an advanced version of this stretch I did yesterday. 

oh my. 

this one takes that previous stretch to a higher level - literally. 

And you'd be best warmed up well before doing it, unless you're already loose and limber - it's martial arts level (advanced) - this one. 

Look for that in the upcoming advanced book on isometrics, for now, as you know, but you need to hear it, a lot of you AGAIN - GET THE BOOK on ISOMETRICS! (the one out now)

Do so now. 

And something else you need to hear, as I finished my cross over jump ropes this morning (an advanced variation I did not put in Jump Rope Mania!) ... 

Cardio - the right form - I cannot overemphasize just how important it is. 

Lots of you think "pah, I just need muscle and strength". 

Folly, friend. 

You need BOTH. 

One doesn't go without the other. 

And you ain't gonna look like an athlete if you've got a huge belly spilling over "the cup that spilleth over" - simple as that. 

And jumping rope is an ancient technique that has been used by martial artists, wrestlers, swimmers, nigh everyone who does it to get in top shape - and quick. 

And you'll get all the cardio and muscle building you need with this one workout - especially lower body. 

It leaves you with no excuses either - how many do you need to pull out a rope and start doing the thing? 

None, I bet .. 

So get that course NOW too, my friend. 

Really, now. Lots of you keep putting it off - please dont. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - you know it's important, when I interrupted my workout to tell you this!

yes, another one of those "you already know it, but you need to hear it anyway". 

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Sage question indeed, my friend. 

I posed one earlier too I believe about "the most vulnerable spots on your body". 

But anything, when I ask you this, I dont mean insanity i.e. I don't mean running away from wild animals or trying to outrun an actual Ferrari or Jaguar, or even Henry Ford's 1940 model. 

I dont mean cheetah or gazelle. 

That, my friend, despite the pictures on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page simply wont happen regardless of which traning programs you're on or will be on, because until we get genetically modified if that happens, humans can never outrun a grizzly for one. 

But, there is a very good reason it's shown on that page...

This is not about Animal Kingdom Workouts, so back on topic we go for a change. 

I'm talking run as fast as in .... 

Well, perhaps my little girl running for her dumbphone the minute it's allowed hehe (not the slow waddle back once times up). 

(I wrote about kiddie dumbphone addiction yesterday, and it seems my "prayers" have been heard. Whether or not my comments helped, I do not know, but hey, the end result counts eh!) 

(And I'd never get credit even if it did help, but I'd get the blame if it didnt. LOL. Sound familiar guys??) 

Or, me running for the bathroom fresh back from a trip to HK - literally off the bus, tearing up the stairs. 

I had to GO if you get my drift, and while I had am empty botlte handy, I couldn't take a leak in front of all in the bus. Glyn might but I wouldn't!

Though the Chinese, some of them have no problem doing it, but then again, in a culture where women putting their dirty feet up on Starbucks tables is accepted ... and takin gcraps in subway stations is accepted (all true stories - reserch if you not believe me) .. what can I say. 

Or, changing diapers on airplane and other trays. UGH. 

But anyway, thats another example. 

Or, perhaps the one and only Bozo "on public welfare in Birmingham" infesting poor ole Blighty Glyn Schofield when he (she?) seems rear ends "open" in front of her. 

aka the Oxford Bozo (he claims he now goes to Oxford). 

I truly, truly feel sorry for Socks-ford. 

Even dirty socks have their limits ... 

And no, that ain't me indirectly commenting upon Oxford, which is, has been, and continues to be one of the most prestigous educational institutions in the world. For a reason. 

It's me commenting on Bozo's "School of Hard Knocks and Dirty Socks". 

Hard knocks being ...well, you get the drift. 

But anyway, all this jovial stuff aside, you understand what I mean now, no? 

And if you had to do it - could you? 

For most people, the answer would be if you answer honestly - NO. 

And these same people would give me an angry retort. 

"Why would I ever need to do that"? 

Well, my friend, you might well need to down the line given how the world is going, but even if you didnt the fact begets that - 

One, most people, even advanced trainees would be well advised not to do this right off th ebat.

And two, if I had to choose ONE method amongst all my superior fat smelting methods and techniques and exercises and what not - it would be this. 

Three, it ain't too simple. 

Four, it's only for super advanced, and even those people cannot just "work up to it" - you do it a certain way. 

Don't believe me? 

Think anyone can do it? 

Well, yours truly when he was a phat phocker (I dont know why, but many Chinese use the "phock" experession and replace "u" with "o" - could it be Bozo Glyn "round posterior" influence?) once tried, and remember this was when I was "thick" and could still do pull-ups and pushups like no-one's biz, and DID do 'em - - - and ended up with a nasty calf strain that lasted for not days, but weeks. 

I could barely hobble home, and I Was driving home!

Anyway, my friend, we all know and are intereste in smelting fat off our bodies at record speeds, about eating more and weighing less, and NEVER worrynig about what we eat (in terms of weight loss). 

And that is why I put out Advanced HIll Training in 2018. Right smack dab middle of Chinese New Year, no less. Year of the OX that time? Not sure! 

some memories are the best!

And I renamed it from Eat More - Weigh less to what it is now to keep the Bozos away. 

And that, my friend truly is a SUPERB course that you MUST invest in. 

Do so now, and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - There is a reason I wrote about "most vulnerable part of the body" shaking workouts a while ago!

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Sunday, 28 February 2021 11:11

What you CAN eat - while working out!

This might come across as a surprise to many of you on this list, and indeed many that are reading it - given my preference for NOT eating "when most people tell me to". 

Given my GREAT gains on an admittedly (so the idiots and experts) say a shitty diet, and breaking cardinal rule #1 of eating (I mention this as the SECRET - or one of them - to super fitness and even "ripped" if you want that in the Simple and Effective Diet - which by the way is GRATIS with your purchase for the 0 Excuses Fitness System). 

And on that note, some free entertainement first. 

The "Glyn Files" as a friend of mine and REAL STRONGMAN - and a DOER in life -a nd FITNESS put it, hehe. 

Latest on that is that the Bozo apparently gave up after his bender last night, but apparently not. 

Seems to be on a weeklong bender (poor UK, hehe). 

And though his stuiff, signups etc go straight to "trash" I occasionally check Trash, because some of my best customers are from the UK and I dont want email signs up etc landing in the "trash". 

Many reasons why folks don't get emails ... And NOT all of them are because they dont want to get 'em (but yeah, if YOU signed up, and don't get the email, and do NOT ask me WHY, then you WILL be deleted, because it shows you dont WANT to hear from me bro). 

More on "repelling what you dont want there" (from me). 

But anyway, the Bozo is ready to implode into a fat, chubby, bloated mess of "eww". 

Latest names he signed up for with? 

Other than "RahulisafitnessGod", of course, which I mentioned last night. 


It's absolutely hilarious - given the next name he signed up with for was "Bozo Schofield" (he copied and pasted a customer name to an email address which of course went straight to junk because it's a non existent email, hehe) ... 

The Bozo truly IS projecting. As he always does. LOL. 

Funny part, even if he meant that for me, I'm not exactly the most favorite, or even close to it, person on my own Mama's list. LOL!

Anyway, I was chowing down on corn between sets of pull-ups, and I remember my wife once telling me the following back in the day (she picked up some roasted corn on a cob for me). 

"Don't stand upside down!" 

(this was said in Hindi!) 

"After eating! Your stomach won't magically digest it! I'm not cleaning up the puke!" 

Now, I can understand why she said that - I often tell my little girl not to do that. 

And yours truly does NOT workout on a full stomach, or ANYWHERE NEAR IT for reasons I've specified a lot of times. 

But, SOMETIMES, somethings ... 

Look, I was mid way through the workout, first off. 

And second, if it's a couple of bowls of boiled corn, that digests pretty quickly when you're doing the REAL thing. 

I dont think it would have made me puke (though yeah, I stopped doing handstands because my wife then would have a coronary, lol - and immediately switched to)? 

That old favorite - and a KILLER exercise that makes men out of gym bimbos, bozos, preeners, posers, pumpers and the like REAL QUICK. 

It's mentioned in the Animal Kingdom Workouts course, a course that will (according to a customer) truly make you join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS. 

And, according to me, you'll never have erectile dysfunction and "I want a stud in the bedroom, not just GYM!" complaints and snickers about "women only want men who can do THAT thing well!" problems again once you get on that course, but for now, this ain't about putting the big V outta biz, this is about YOU - and the bear crawl. 

And I remember telling my daughter, grinning from ear to ear. 

Well, the bear eats - and ends up shitting at the same time, and moving, doesnt it? 

And look at monkeys. 

Chowing down on bananas all day while swinging from limb to limb. 

BIt extreme I know. 

And no, I dont advocate YOU to jump into a workout while or after a heavy meal, but sometimes, a bit of a snack if you need one? 

(I dont - I did not then either - I just love me some roasted corn on the cob!) 

Go for it. 

The Earth will still revolve, hehe. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Be sure and pick up the course on isometrics and pushups as well - both complement the above one perfectly, as does the compilation on pull-ups

I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Had a great conversation a while ago with a great guy "Dejon" . Shout out - kudos to YOU bro! 

(yes, yours truly DOES get on the dumb phone sometimes, hehe). 

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Not that I have many of either one of the last two categories (well,not as of this moment, hehe).

The Bozo is no doubt itching to know “how many girls asked for my WeChat today”, and truth be told, some did.

I didnt give it to any though.

Yours truly caveman “gets a lot” yes, but he does so in a manner that would confuse most .. but the results count!

But anyway, that ain’t the point.

A long time, back when my wife and myself were still on speaking terms (now it’s “get away from the other person as quick as possible” and make sure to make the other person’s life a living hell if IC an (for her, not me – I just want to be left alone and I am, hehe)) I discussed biz with her.

How much was “coming in”.

Biz costs. Etc etc.

As I would a partner, actually ...

What happened from all these discussions?

A big fat ZERO.

That was when I was just starting out and had plenty of moola in the bank, so she wasn’t making my life hell.

But business wise, she wasn’t giving me any ideas on how to ADVANCE the biz. It was always "oh, we have money, so it'll be there later", and when it wasn't well ... 

Not how life works my friend. 

More to the point though, it ain’t just HER. 

Don’t expect others to understand, my friend.

Dont expect ANYONE to understand simple facts of life and biz such as “you get what you put into it”.

My own cardinal rule (one of them) of doing biz is this.

INVEST back into the biz.

I’ve been following this rule for a few years now and oh boy. You’d think it was day and night, the difference in my results!

Sounds silly that I didnt do it from the get go huh.

But we ALL live and learn, my friend. And for someone thats always been dissuaded from doing his own thing, from “not selling” because “sales people do nothing” (what an idiotic and inane comment that was – speaks tomes as to my family’s thinking on MONEY – I mean, sales brings home the BACON my friend, and more often than not gets to deal with crappy executions etc. Not me, of course, but I’m just sayin’....)

End of the day, everyone I grew up around saw the “here and now”, but the words “do it differently” and “potential for HUGE gains”

Was NOT there in their version of Oxford, or Webster, or what not ...

Until it “happened”, of course. When I wasn’t fit, they said I’d never get fit. When I was, they hemmed and hawed, and never admitted that I was. And so forth. And we’ve all dealt with it, and back to business?

Many other little things which even most so called “Seasoned” businessmen don’t do.

Anyway, this isn’t so much about business as fitness.

I recently (and I wrote about this) received a note from a man – a warrior -whose wife doesnt get it in terms of “training”.

She keeps telling him “not to train” and that he should have stoppe dyears and years ago.

And that he’ll get a heart attack from all the training he does (this to a man that has been doing just that his entire life).

And so forth.

And I’m sure she’s not the only one saying that either, hehe. My own Dad kept telling me “I had a huge belly” (when I did) and that I “overexercised” (I didnt).

Huge belly.

Exercise less, not more?

I give up. And this from a person who hasn’t done a pushup in his entire life most likely, and would not just collapse, but likely have several heart attacks if I put him through ONE minute of what I do in Advanced Hill Training, for one.

So I haven’t, hehe.

But anyway, thats the point.


No-one will understand, my friend.

Do it yourself – and enjoy the results YOURSELF.

Because, as Major General Michael once told me.

“YOU did it, Rahul!”

“Now YOU enjoy it!”

(and I did. I was having a few cold ones when he called and told me, hehe. Ah, them days. I miss 'em! )

True indeed my brother. Sage indeed.

Is it any wonder I chose my “English name” to be Michael?

I think not ..

Anyway, enough on that. Those that haven’t taken advantage of the $799 offer for the SHIP – do so now bro. The clock runs out very soon indeed.


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – HERE is where you can pick up the best compilation on pull-ups. But remember, keep it to yourself, hehe.

PS #2 – My Dad once asked me if I have “more than one wife”. I still remember him looking at the babes “out of the corner of his eye” when they went to China ... LOL. I best not go there though.

“You only have one as far as we know” ...


A customer recently told me that “Anyway my friend I envy you as you seem to have figured out how to live on your own terms and very few men can say that, especially the married ones”.

Yes. I have. So can you, bro – maybe not at “my level”, but in terms of training, business. Oh, YES, you can!

(and for those reading, yes, I WILL continue to live life on my OWN TERMS).

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Friday, 18 December 2020 08:04


This morning, I chanced upon the news.

Which I do NOT read.

I repeat, I do not read most of the garbage out there thats put out for news. Denzel was right in Training Day about it being 90% B.S., and people reading it for entertainment, but yours truly caveman has other things he does for entertainement.

Like writing these typo ridden emails to YOU on this list.

OR talking about something MEANINGFUL.

Or, writing books. And usually very unconventional ones!

Dr Bisland, a great professor of mine for “databases class” if I remember right had this to say once about an instance when the grader literally TORE me apart on an exam.

Now, getting D’s and F’s was nothing out of the ordinary for yours truly.

Including a summer where I believe a friend of mine did nothing but drin kbeer all semester, and ended up with three D’s and a F, and yours truly made A’s that summer, but made up for it with an F the next time around (although to be FAIR, that was more Dr. Burgess going hard on me, hehe, I didnt really deserve that F. Well, maybe if you were to follow the letter of the law – but I digress!).

(I went rough on Burgess too tho with the "Brit" jokes, so even stevens, and NO hard feelings now, hehe. I'd shake his hand if I met him today!) 

Anyway, I took the paper back to the good Prof for re-grading.

And upon looking at it (it was a question related to relational databases) - - well - - the prof “hmme’d” and laughed.

“You have an unconventional way of doing things”, he went. But hey. If it works, is what he said, while reversing the negative points.

“Thats why I wanted to bring it back to you”, I said.

He shrugged. 

By all means son, if it works – then you get the grade! (he didnt say that, but that was his import).

I still stay in touch with him!

One of the BEST profs ever, despite the INANE rants about him being “racist” and so forth, while the real racists sometimes got a free pass ...

Anyway, where was I.


Saikar Majumadar, an author I HAVE NOT heard from ADAM until today, popped upon on some news today.

I ignored it initially.

But something told me to go check i tout, and I did.

Guy is a Bengali. Hehe.

Just like yours truly (perhaps thats why I love the Bengal TIGER so much, heh) – but yours truly never really grew up in Calcutta other than a few visits.

(And yes, I said Calcutta. I did NOT say Kolkata. Some things should be left as they are, much like I’m against renamining military bases etc with “confederate” sounding names or what not – history is history, and thats the bottom line, folks!)

But anyway, it’s funny. I still remember an instance in Hong Kong where a guy just walked up to me and started speaking a language I had NOT IN YEARS – Bengali!

God knows how he knew, hehe, or Goddess perhaps since a “Goddess” seems to be the reigning deity in that part of the land!

But anyway ........ this dude has written some unconventional books apparently.

And on topics which in conventional India, which back int he day was the MOST OPEN society ever (and YES, they DID EAT BEEF AND PORK in ancient India – it’s the modern day Modi inspired religious BS that has put all that to paid and more) are best left undiscussed 

Homosexuality. Class barriers. And such.

All taboos topics apparently.

I write about them!

Yes. Thats another one of those businesses I do, but hey.

Yours truly has ALWAYS BEEN called out for being unconventional.

“Why can’t you do what everyone does” , goes the chant.

For ANYTHING. Life. Work. Business.

And fitness!

I go by GUT, and gut often seems miraculous and unconventional and it IS, and guess WHAT. It ain’t changing!

My fitness books are some of the most unconventional ones you’ll ever see, with workouts that would make most strongmen puke within the minute or couple.


My TECHNIQUES of doing things (specifically how I teach th ehandstand pushup) is UNCONVENTIONAL to a T!

Everything about me is.

But does it WORK?

And BETTER than the rest of the junk out there?

Well – you be the judge, my friend!

Unconvetional should be embraced, my friend.

And truth be told, if all of us paid heed to intuition and less on “logic”, then the world would be a far better place TODAY!

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of the pushups in Pushup Central are the most unique and unconventional ever. Check ‘em out NOW!

PS #2 - I still remember Vincent telling me once "your not like most people from India!"

And in terms of Bengalis, we're (and truth be told, sometimes I wonder if I have INdian roots at all, hehe) SUPPOSED to be intellectuals, and great poets and that but NOT physical, hehe. Perhaps that explains my up bringing and Mom's "he thinks he's so strong" jibes. Hehe.

And how did it turn out on BOTH fronts?

Well, you be the judge - and read what Gautam, a customer from INDIA no less had to say right HERE !


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Matty Hayden a legend in world cricket, and a guy I’ve always loved.

A guy that wasn’t given a chance to succeed in India on their OWN turf and yet did it in a manner that boggled both expectation and imagination while the rest of the team fell around him like ninepins.

In cricket, you have THREE (well, mostly) sort of batters.

One, the technicians. The current Indian skipper Virat “hustler” Kohli probably falls into this category.

Then you got the swashbuckling pirates.

Sir Vivian Richards. Kevin Pietersen. Probably Glenn Maxwell in the current Aussie team, though I wouldn’t quite put him in that league just as yet. But I WOULD put him in another league I’ll mention below ...

(And Ricky Ponting, Aussie captain of yore. BOY THAT BOY COULD BAT!!)

Then of course you got the sheer MAGICIANS.

Steve Smith in the current Aussie cricket team looks closest to a magician than anyone else in the world right now!

(I’ve always loved Australia and especially their cricket team, hehe. And it looks like they’ve recovered very well from the bruising ball tampering scandal at the Newlands...)

Speaking of bruisers.

Thats the 4th category.

Massive, well built batters that just stride down the track, INTIMIDATE the bowlers, and simply smash the damn thing out of the park – or BLUDGEON would be a better word!

Matty Hayden falls into THIS category.

Big Matt the bat he was called, and for a good reason!

I dont know if you’ve seen him in his prime, and probably even now, but one look at his upper body – especially that massive chest and shoulders – well – I dont know if he knows who Doug Hepburn was, but damn – he could give ole Doug and some of the current WWE wrestlers some serious, serious competition me thinks. 

Naturally strong man, BRUTE strength like my buddy from the Marines ...


And he smashed many a cricket ball out of the park!

I still remember a “lasting visual” of him getting into it with the Poms, James Anderson I believe it was, hehe.

And while Anderson and Paul Collingwood aren’t exactly “small characters” – well – Hayden positively DWARFED the three of them in that “stare down” (Ricky “Punter” Ponting looked positively TINY in comparison).

Anyway ...

Whats thepoint of all this, you might ask.

This (yet another) trip down memory lane. Hehe.

Especially those of you not into cricket, and more into the “Red Sox”, hehe.

Well, its this my friend.

To build that sort of shoulder strength and POWER – like Doug Hepburn – or ole “Big Matt the BAT” – then you TRAIN that way.

And you dont neglect the mental!

Hayden would often sit on a cricket pitch for hours before the game, VISUALIZING and meditating, exactly the same as yours truly and many others who “get it” do.

Not what youd expect from a man known mostly for his “strength” and batting prowress.

He also cooked “dal” (lentils) in India I believe. I think he also has a cookbook out! Hehe.

Great guy overall – and a legend of the game.

And while I dont think he has an inkling of 0 Excuses Fitness and the lot, my point is this (back to it, yes).

To build shoulder strength – SIZE – and POWER like that – well – you follow and do what the greats did.

And I’ve outlined it ALL for you in Shoulders like Boulders, and Battletank Shoulders.

Grab this now, my friend. It truly IS the “best thing” in terms of developing those imposing shoulders, grizzly like pushing strength, and of course barndoor like “bat lats”!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – Here is what a customer recently had to say about Battletank Shoulders.

Another BARNSTORMER, Rahul!


Yet again the bodyweight guru smashes it out of the park with "the book" on building shoulder size and power.
Like Rahul's other books this one is elegant in it's "simplicity" (simplistic not easy).
If you like to "train savage" this is must have book!!!
Bravo Rahul bravo.


Indeed, my friend.

Indeed! (Review is on the Amazon UK page for you amazon fans out there).

PS #2 – Why this sudden trip down memory lane about Big Matt of all things? Well – that story about swimming with the sharks and the post I did on it – will never go away from my mind! True MACHISMO, and true “ do it yourself and save your life” kinda thang. Ole style Aussie, like it should be!

PPS – And while I have no idea if Matty Hayden did handstand pushups, I would NOT be surprised if he did. I repeat, I wouldn’t be a damn bit surprised if that wasn’t one of his favorite exercises.

And I’lltell you one damn thing – Doug Hepburn DID do them and has gone on record saying that THESE were the secret behind his prodigious STRENGTH and SIZE!

Believe me, it’s not just strength and size – it’s feeling as well! They make you feel like a BRUISER, like a KING amongst men when you do it right.

Get on the program right NOW, my friend.

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Quite a few many “why's” there!

But the point begets.

What point, you ask.

Well ... if you've been on my not-so-conventional list for any length of time you know what I'm talking about right off the bat, and won't need to read this (but might enjoy doing it anyway).

But anyway, on with it.

“Nice to meet you!”

(out of the blue, seemingly random, willy nilly)

But they don't do random, my friend. Theres always a plan, always an objective. ;) Sorry, but I borrowed that from the Bourne Supremacy ...

“You too, uh, where did you find me?”

Blah, blah, blah (or so it seems like to me).

And then it comes. And always has.


“So, what do you do Rahul (or Michael, as the Chinese like to call me)?”

“I'm a writer”, I reply.

“Great! How many people in your office?”

“Don't have one”

“Um... where is your office?”

“Don't have one”

“Um...where are your products?”

https://0excusesfitness.com/products”, I reply.

“Um, but where are your products” comes the answer ten times out of ten, or perhaps 9.


And it's at precisely this point that I lose interest, and the reason I said “Chinese” up there is because I've spent most of my adult life there.

No, I don't necessarily buy into the myth of “gold digging Chinese femme fatales” either. They're more practical in general yes. But in all regards!

Anyway, intelligence is all for me, along with an open mind.

And for whatever reason in todays uber practical (so called) world I haven't encountered much of that, either romantically or in terms of what you'd consider “regular” talking.

For instance, I predict certain things will happen.

They do. Like clockwork.

I'll tell people about them before they happen.

They say I'm an idiot (or that I “dont know for sure”).

And yet it does. (I never say anything without reason ...)

And when it comes out in the news a day or so later, the “credibility” attached to the news channel (or not) makes them “believe” whether it's true or not (or not).

And so forth.

'Tis how the average human brain has been trained to function my friend

And I wouldn't say it's necessarily “wrong” either. If that works for the masses, so be it.

But yours truly would rather tune in, and talk to people that get it, and truly DO tune in too (such as you on this list, for instance).

And that in part explains my caveman like lifestyle, athough there are plenty of other reasons.

And now that I've got that off my chest, here cometh the (of course!) SALES pitch.

A blatant pitch as any.

For the best damned fitness system ont he planet, that works just fine whether you're a caveman, introvert, frolicking extrovert, Casanova, Juliet, average couch potato, or simply a pumper and toner looking to change thee wicked ways.

Here is where you can grab it – 0 Excuses Fitness.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – and yes, it truly DOES deserve the moniker of “best damned fitness system” out there. Check out our testimonials for one on that!

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Saturday, 03 October 2020 12:51

The recruitment riddle my wife once posed . . .

Or I should say one of her candidates was asked, and being the bozo couldn’t answer a simple ‘un like that, she posed it to me, and I answered it, and . . .

Ah, but wait a minute.

Let me back up.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but my wife’s a recruitment agent. Both full time and part time, mostly part time now from what I gather, but I’m not really sure.

But I AM sure on the “what she does part”.

As opposed to what she says when people ask her “what I do”.

“I have no idea”, she says. “Honestly!”

And then the other day (to me). “I wonder how much you write about me!”

Well my dear, lovely, other half probably doesn’t know how much I write about her. Quite literally and not just here. On other sites as well, other businesses, and . . . ?

And she doesn’t know what I do either in that regard.

Sometimes, certain “Secrets” are best kept, even if they’re OPEN ONES!

Ok, salaciousness aside, whats up you ask.

Well, this.

“If an ant walks three miles up a wall (hypothetically) in one hour, and goes down two in another, then how long would it take to walk ten miles?”

(The question was posed in Hindi, of course, being the candidate was in India and being her language of choice is, well, Hindi, and being she thinks . .  ah, but we’ll get there. Hehe).

And this was a while back, I think, but I still remember answering promptly.

And No, I’m not going to reveal the answer here, but apparently the candidate got this wrong.

And was dumped.

Funny thing, memories . . .

I once remember (when Imet my wife) her asking me to “be formal and act professional in a job interview”.

For reference, she called me out of the blue (I was at the job before THAT Job at the time! ?) and told me the following (when I told her I was NOT going to wear anything but jeans, and that was that”).

“Rahul, come on! How can you even say that! Do you realize what a huge company you’re going to walk into?”

(again, paraphrasing)

“Uh . . . “( I was about to tell her I could give a rats ass less, and the only reason I was talking to her about it was, well, HER but hey . . . )

“No ifs and buts!”

And that was that.

Of course, I didtn get the job.

And of course, it was a job where she just sent me without reading my CV at all.

When I quizzed her about it and the fact the job was as much a fit for me as supporting Joe Biden currently is (NOT!! Ugh!), of course, no answer.

Gotta love them recruiters, hehe. Most about as useful workwise as a screen door on a submarine, especially if they’re ESL recruiters, which thankfully my wife refuses to deal with, period (smart girl – I don’t blame her one damn bit either ?).

Anyway, just where was I and what was I gonna tell you.

That both this and what she (apparently, if I heard right) tells my “siesta loving” lovely daughter (who loves to sit over meals for hours forking at her food, much like they do in Spain for one – or did, pre China plague anyway) have a parallel to fitness.

“The brain sends a signal to the body in 20 minutes that it’s full, and if you don’t eat before that!”

She trailed off (again, if I’ve got this right).


At least it’s better than what “Twinkle” Khanna married to the famous Indian actor Akshay Kumar told her kid apparently (who was the same).

“The butcher will cut your fingers off and fry them!”

Ugh. Now is that what you really want to tell a kid?

And no I ain’t lying either. Google, and you’ll see (and her husband’s response to it too, hehe, and can’t say I blame the dude!).

Anyway, point of this ramble?

Is to do things FAST my friend.

And do them the right way.

In terms of fitness, way too many people get on pushups, for instance.

They get good at ‘em.

Start cranking them out like there’s no tomorrow.

People comment.

With jealousy usually (well, jealousy and a mixture of “how dare he! I can’t!” – kinda like the CCP right about now . . . ).

And of course, the comments come in thick and fast.

“You’re skinny!”

“Pushups do nothing for overall strength” (usually from people who can’t do a single one in proper form, and I ain’t talking handstand pushup either!)

And pretty much soon, he decides to mix (back) in boobybuilding with GOOD stuff.

Two steps back my friend.

Don’t be one of those people. Get on the GRAVY train, and STAY on it!

And do things FAST.

100 pushups done RIGHt should take you NO LONGER than 12-13 minutes, preferably 9 my friend.

And you can see proof of this in the 250 pushup workout I take you through in the 0 Excuses Fitness videos. Hey, I even throw in bridging and handstands at the end of it for good measure, though the book doesn’t really cover the latter, and yet, total filming time as the lovely and redoubtable Miss Cindy would tell me, less than 25 minutes tops!

And that’s how it is with life too.

Keep moving ahead. No regrets.

Do the right thing.

If you screw up, so what. Who careS!

IT’s about the steps you take forward, not necessarily those you take backward.

Last, but not least, remember what I once wrote about, and what the great Vince Mc MacMahon had to say on this.

“sometimes, in order to take one step ahead, you gotta move THREE backwards”.

And that, my friend, is the final spanner and monkey wrench into all this. I’ll have more on that too soon!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Pushup Central is truly the very best in terms of conditioning there is, my friend. Pushups will WHIP them saggy butts into shape like there AIN’T no tomorrow! Get on the gravy train right NOW, right HERE! , BOYO! Hurry, my friend. Time waits for no-one, and it ain’t gonna wait for YOU EITHER. Invest NOW. And be prepared to be GOBSMACKED. IT really IS that damn good, the best (and your FAVORITE) course ever on the mighty and one and only PUSHUP, and I challenge you to find one better on pushups on it ANYWHERE on the Internet!  

PS #2 – and I just remembered. ESL, and recruiters. I wrote a lovely story on that back in 2014 I believe, the protagonist being a certain Jessie, and a fat, unfit yours truly. What exactly was that about you ask? Wel l- stay tuned – will reveal all shortly!

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Monday, 08 March 2021 08:00

Do fingertip pushups "hurt" the fingers?

Do y'all remember the tale of the Korean dude (I dont know if I said he was Korean or not) that back in the day my college buddy and me talked about? 

I DID mention the time I was knocking out pushups, and my buddy showed up an hour or so early to drink, saw me working out - grinned - and then we got together at the original appointed time? 

His look of approval said it ALL, hehe. 

And I mentioned how he thought doing 50 pushups at one shot was great - but anyone that can do 50 pull-ups at one shot - now that - is - SUPER STUD!

He didnt use those terms, but he meant it, and he was right. 

(And to all the idiots out there who claim it's just pushups, well, question for YOU. 

How many can YOU do at one shot - even the simplest pushup? 

How many pull-ups can YOU do? If at all?) 

The answer to the above, my friend, will say it ALL. 

But then we spoke about Korean dude, heavily into martial artists, and doing them on his fingertips - 50 at one go. 

Now thats good going! 

I can do 'em - that many, yes. Perhaps more. 

And as the great Charles Mitchell once said, this course is great because it kicks BOOTY. 

He hates workouts that dont challenge him. 

And he's right to do so! 

Too many of the books out there give you mamsy pamsy flimsy "this that"progressions, and cater to the whiners and moaners. 

I dont. 

I get straight to the REAL DEAL (which Charles said I was, and he's damn right). 

But anyway, last I spoke to him, he was still working hard on some of the fingertip pushups in Pushup Central - variations you do NOT see in my other books (for a good reason) - and said they were "almost impossible to do". 

He's right, hehe. 

But anyway, cement ... 

I've seen people do pushups on CEMENT Blocks. 

I dont know if was the Spetsnaz I saw, or just fitness people in general, I can't recall. 

But there it is, dude pounding out pushups - on fingertips - on cement blocks. 

Let me tell you, that HURTS. 

And will make a MAN - a REAL MAN out of you. 

It's hard enough doing 'em on a paved cement floor, so for you guys - i'd advocate a carpet or perhaps mat, or grass (so long as it isn't WET - nasty injury waiting to happen!!) 

There is a reason though that martial artists do these all the time. 

two reasons. 

One, well, see the "chair pushup" I mention in Pushup Central. 

An oldie, but goldie. 

Too easy? 

DO it first - and then YAP, bro. 

And second, because the fingertip pushup is one of the keys to super strength and a rock solid CRUSHING grip. 

APE like grip. 

I mention this as a secret in Gorilla Grip,and all the courses on pull-ups. 

While yeah, pull-ups work the grip like there's no tomorrow, for the ultimate, you simply MUST mix them in with fingertip pushups!! 

And as for the idiots that don't believe me? 

Well, there was a lengthy blue flame review left ont he Amazon UK page for Gorilla Grip in 2017, and I've mentioned that enough times, but part of it I'll do so again here. 

"I did pull-ups and chin-ups for years, but it did not give me a grip like steel and fingers like iron pliers". 

RM - Don't know what style of pull-up or chin up this Bozo was doing. . . 

"Something that particularly annoyed me was he (yours truly) seems to link his workout with the cachet of the Marines. He says his grip got better and stronger without doing a single pull-up for months but he doesn't mention what he did!" 

RM - This idiot apparently never read the first (opening) part of the book where BOTH things are mentioned and explained.

"He mentions Bert Asserati and the one arm handstand, but there's no proof! Maybe it's only strong people - naturally strong people ..." 

RM - Amazingly enough this nutjob never offered any proof for HIS assertion. 

And I've gone in depth ENOUGH on this genetics and "naturally strong" crap. 

No-one is naturally this or that, my friend. 

Those of us that want it work for it - fight for it - and get it. 

And have been doing so all our lives, some more so than others in all regards. 

Enough with the idiot though ... 

Last, but not least, done RIGHT - fingertip pushups won't hurt your fingers. 

They'lld o the opposite. 

Think building up your fingers to the point you can thrust them through BLOCKS of cements. 

Think the MOTION with which these experts do it. 

Think crushing cans of Coke with your bare (bear) hands - or like Dan Hodge did at 80 plus, crush APPLES!

THAT, my friend, is what fingertip pushups can and will do for you. 

Move over bozos, I'd say to anyone that complains about 'em! 

And thats it. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Lots of you haven't gotten Pushup Central as yet - do so NOW. Truly a must have and masterpiece, along with Animal Kingdom Workouts!

PS #2 - The idiot also said this. 

"The author has written a lot of other books, most even more expensive (remember, at the time, Gorilla Grip on Amazon was priced at a throwaway price ) making similar claims. I have a feeling he gives out minimum information for maximum gain". 

Emphasis on the "expensive" part and what I said about "blue flame central". 

And that, my friend says it all, hehe. 

(Not to mention what this jackass says about minimum info. Clearly he hasn't DONE any of the workouts I've mentioned, more comprehensive than anything else out there in that regard). 

But he, of course is nothing compared to the one and only Bozo Schofield, who reviews Animal Kingdom Workouts by saying "I have so much money to burn, so I keep coming back to Rahul's work!" 

Sage, in terms of incompetence, and sheer "idiocy" (not to mention BROKE as a you know what) shining through. LOL. 

Anyway, enough on the jackasses and moron-jobs. Back soon!

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