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I gotta write that long overdue book sometime ... Book #6 or perhaps more on the pending list, there are so many now I have literally lost track. 

Maybe I need to hire Alexa to keep up. Hhee.

"From 120 - 60 kgs, from ZERO TO HERO ... " - went my FIRST - and never published, never seen the day of light under that name book - most of it, or a lot of it subsequently got released as a very good next book "Zero to Hero!". 

It's definitely a book all of you should have on bookshelf, even if you aren't specifically looking for advice on success or motivation in general, there is so much more to the book than that. 

Anyway - I've never been huge on numbers unless it comes to results or sales. 

I believe I still dont know my exact height - somewhere around 5'9" is all I know, when the Chinese ask me 

I also know I look like a giraffe with my "long lissome legs" as Carol once said. Hehe (minus the lissome part - I hadn't taught her that word as yet. She was still getting to terms with "plump", hehe. Hey, Carol. That plump look SUITS you - you look so damn cute that way!). 

I still remember her picking up on the "Hey", "Hey Michael", she'd often say slapping my at the time fat thigh when I was not stretching right. Hehe. Memories! 

More fitness related memories here, anyway, I'm going off track again - or am I? 

At the end of the day what do we really have? 

When we go? 

Smiles and cries, if you're an Alonzo Harris fan. 

Or, to me, memories. 

I'll always remember what Carol said during that once in a lifetime adventure that just happened - years later, I still can't believe it, but happen it did! ...

"We may or may not be together in the future, but these memories will last, good memories!' 

True that, memories last a lifetime if you let 'em, both good or bad, and they are often the catalyst for occurences of either nature much later on in life when you would never "expect" it. 

Dont expect every experience to be a blockbuster tho, I've done made that mistake in the past. You hit a home run once, maybe twice, but even that home run, ask any champ player, duplicating is often nigh impossible. 

Much like you can't ape my writing and hope to succeed, or my style as I said yesterday (and as so many idiots continue to do). 

OK, back to the weighing scale. 

Once it was when I was literally ... I believe 117 kgs. Hehe. Fat as fuck according to me (but I still did pull-ups, as evidenced from the cover of Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks! which doesnt just show me getting my chin over the bar - it shows me doing a mid point pull-up, one of the toughest to do for most people!) and handstand pushups, and jumping rope ... 

I dont mention any of that to brag or tom tom, I Specifically promote my fat pictures - and why? To inspire YOU, to show you what is possible, but it only is if you're honest and not a believer in the extremely lame excuse of "I'm big, but not fat" - when you are - or "we all come in different sizes and shapes" - when fact is, no matter what you're size wherever, hehe - you're FAT, period. The mirror dont lie. 

Neither do the scales, my friend. 

True, BMI's etc often aren't accurate but thats only if you're super fit - or someone like maybe Herschel Walker (super fit x 100). 

For the average Shomoe on the couch chugging a six pack a night - whether they admit it or not - the scales usually dont lie.


Anyway - second time I'll never forget, in China. 


Weight of 65. Resting pulse rate of like 40. That was when I had an even more intense workout routine - https://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training details it ALL. 

That resting pulse rate was what I really enjoyed! 

I should actually say three times. 

A few days ago I weighed myself again. 

And bingo at the age of almost 42, I'm at 65 again. Hehe.

Effortlessly, almost. 

I think it was only last year that I was called both skinny and "fat". Hehe. 

Fat as in, "you look fat" - and a DOER said it, and I took it very seriously indeed. 

Maybe I did look sort of out of shape then, and I've mentioned this doer by name, I've written about how he predicted I'd be in my best shape overall in 2022, and with every passing day that prediction holds truer. Hehe. 

Know what the big deal is, how this applies to you? 

I dont have a crazy strict diet now like I did in China (at the time by chance, not choice). 

While I dont chug beer every night, I'll drink every so often. Vodka, beer, the lot. 

I sit at the 'puter almost all damn day. 

NONE of my workouts take more than 15 minutes at a go IF even that. 

And yet, I can run up flights of stairs effortlessly, people say I look around 26 years old - still - and more. 

I FEEL that way too. 

THAT, my friend, are the cumulative benefits of hard training your entire life damn near and still counting- or starting - and going strong, or all of it. 

And THAT, if anything shows you the sheer value my fitness programs deliver, the results they can deliver you, and will - not just fitness wise, and life. 

I'd be wrong to say you're a fool if all of this doesnt make you jump and get 0 Excuses Fitness NOW (those that haven't, there's still a lot of you on the fence). 

But damn close, my friend, damn close... 

And thats that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Take that above bit as constructive suggestions/feedback, not so much criticism as some people love to whine about... 

That alone will determine if you're a doer or not! 


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Sunday, 05 September 2021 05:58

Tai Po Central

I've often gotten hilarious responses on some of my Tai Pos - most of the time all unintentional. 

And lots of Bozos have trolled me on it too, which I quite enjoy (for obvious reasons. Hehe). 

Look, when you're writing in the flow, friend, the only way you SHOULD write - it happens. And if it is 't happening, and you're obsessing about every single mis-spelt word or punchooation or what not, then you're not doing it right. 

Really, you aren't (if thats you). 

Sure, I dont put typos in emails on purpose, and often times while writing I'll fix them, but most of the time I don't 

They're there for a reason. 

I'm here to WRITE. 

Not fix bloody tai pos that hardly matter anyway. 

Like John Walker said in his review for Animal Kingdom Workouts ... 


This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one's own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you're a clown and quite clearly you've never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you'd know what's important in a "training book" which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, "I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style".

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

And he's right. Hehe. Glyn is indeed what he said and more ... And it truly IS one of my best books ever - literally a behemoth. 68 exercises no less then, you get to the workouts which most people, even advanced gym trainees and crossfitters give up after a couple of rounds. 

Like Charles Mitchell said (I dont know if he has this one, I think NOT) ... 

"The only reason you're not as rich as Jeff Bezos is because most people look at your books and say F that! 

Never become a pussy trainer so you can sell more books!

Keep challenging us!" 

Showl will, my friend!

As you correctly said, thats me. 

And always will be. 

As for the Bezos comparison, hey - I've got time on my hands. Hehe. ;) 

But anyway, yeah - taipos. 

Like who CARES. 

Especially in emails ... 

In books, I do my best to ensure that there are no mis-spellings and some slip through anyway, so be it. 

Now, last night, a guy - a great guy, I believe - was translating one of my fiction books about a lady called "Pooja" (a vegetable seller I wrote about) (another one of those REAL stories) into Portugese. 

Which is great, but ... then I got this from him. 

His initial email to me mentioned somethign about tai-pos which I ignored ... 

I shoudn't have. Hehe. 

Looks like I'll bother you a lot.
Page 3 line 14. odessey
Page 4 line 12. an dfeeling
Page 4 line 18, thats
Are these up to what I've already done. As more come, I'll tell you.
Now, one doubt. Page 5 line 21, he switched back to A.M. I couldn't figure it out.

I guess the first is understandable - he did not know the meaning of the word, so asked - and hey. I love that! 

It shows he's INTERESTED in doing a great job, and not a run of the mill job "winging it" via Google or what not, and trust me, the cultural thingies and "figures of speech I use specific to English" - you cannot just Google them and translate. He seems to k now this too. 

But the rest? 

It's obvious to me... 

And three hours later (it was 3 AM then - and midnight when I received his first email) ... he canceled the job. 

Ok, fair enough. Seems he got ticked off or whatever, or maybe he wanted a book he could work on on his own time without having to ask for feedback, but still, canceling because of that? 

I dont know, I've sent him an email ... 

Hi Nelson

Sorry to see you canceled the translation! I'm happy with you "bothering" me - but if the book is something you feel you cannot translate, thats OK as well.

Odessey - basically means a "long and adventurous journey": "And feeling" "That's" I write in the flow, so typos occur, but those are fine - my readers don't particularly mind them. This particular book was written "even more in the flow", hehe, as you can probably tell. Switched back to AM - if you could paste the whole line, I'll be happy to explain it! Dont worry about "bothering me" - I use complicated words sometimes and many figures of speech unique to English, so many people ask me what things mean while translating - I enjoy that, because it shows the person is interested!

Let me know if you can / want to continue working on the book, if not, all good.


We'll see what Nelson says... 

But focusing too much on taipos is a sure sign of either being overly fastidous or a Bozo, flat out. 

Which he might be the former, I dont know ... 

Anyway, on that front, I got an email this morning which was so suited for Bozo Glyn in Brum.

When you are 33 years old and not earning a single penny and you keep on trying to earn but not getting success, what should you do?

I take this back - the FIRST part of this is so suited to Glyn. 

This was a post about people giving up etc "because they did it for months and saw no resutls" or what not, and persistence ... 

But for Glyn, he never TRIES in the first place. 

True, he tries to scam and does it - then gets found out, and booted back to curb. lol. 

True, he's the best damn troll out there - bar none. I'm yet to see one better!

Other than scammer, troller, racist jerk and utter fool (and everything else ya'll know), I'm yet to see anything GOOD being said by anyone about Glyn - let alone productive. 

He recently sent me a note about "I scammed the nation" i.e. glyn. 

Anyway ... thats the Bozo update for the day, but there was another Bozo who sent me this on Twitter. 

Bandar ki shakal, ghade ki aqal aur naam hai Mock-er-jee Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Chup kar be bhsdk

My Hindi BE weak, but basically he called me a monkey face and "donkey brain" or something like that. 

I've been recommending Glyn to him. Hehe. 

Anyway this was my OP - 

HEre we go again. LOL. Seems Bozo is drunk... Ah wait, hastags... #drunkmuzziebozos lol Did the Prophet show up as yet? LOL

You might wonder what the discussion was about? 

Well, he was claiming I hashtagged my posts to increase visiblity and that "no-one cares".

Apparently he does for one. Heh. 

And the INITIAL discussion was me responding to the dastardly attack in NZ. 

A terrible, terrible thing to happen and sad that these bloody extremists are targeting what used to be one of the safest places on earth, truly an oasis (still is in many regards). 

That was what I said on Twitter, and apparently this Bozo responded complaining about racism. 


But Bozos, of course love to play the race card. 

Absolutely! Every single nation in history should have fought against their White, 3rd world colonizers who came and stole everything from minerals to their culture and their land. Find a mirror and take a good hard look.

Weird, these idiots. 

I mean, let bygones be bygones - move the fuck on - we aint exactly in the Jim Crow era no more! 

I should have known, some Bozo would come and classify a terror attack as fighting against racism or some BS. Really, get a grip dude. Playing the race card ... such an old and STUPID technique. Not to mention, it hasn't been applicable for ages!

He then sent me this gem - 

Race hasn’t been applicable in ages? Wow! You’re so far from reality it’s shocking. Since you can use Twitter, I’m sure you can google, but then again, that would need a few grey cells which you clearly are missing.

I then made the comment about Prophet. 

As expected, that got his goat. 

And as these trolls do, he reverted back to his "own language" as he was clearly unable to respond cleverly in English - not just that, but he reverted to "type" i.e. vile abuse because he knew what I was saying was right. Hehe. 

Typical Tom Tom, just like Schofield, wonder if the two would get along. HEhe. 

Always fun to bring 'em out of the woodwork, or the rocks they crawled out of (popped out of as this nut tells me). 

And that, my friend, is the update for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - A couple of my other "consternation inducing tweets" ... 

Tony Greig was indeed a class act - and classic - two in one. hehe. Yes, those Sharjah matches, now that you bring it up. CLASSIC!!

Unfortunate, but true - there are cities (or towns??) in the UK that pretty much follow Sharia law! Must stop immediately, this pandering to terror and extremism of any nature!

And, a sensible one ... 

Amazing how many oppressed people's gained education, improvements in health and sanitation, which leads to better quality of life.

And my response to it ... 

Which I basically responded by giving him the example of the Brits in India, true, they did terrible things and NO-ONE is supporting or advocating colonialism, but they did give the country the railways which are being used till this date... 

Anyway, now that y'all know, yet again, my position on all this, I'm out. 


Enjoy thy Sunday... 


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Wednesday, 11 August 2021 05:29

Why length ain't the only thing that matters.


I know. 

But really, thickness ain't either. 

Chuckles again. 

I mean, really, I know ... 

But it doesn't - not when we're talking books, and especially my books written by yours truly "erudite" (that word just popped into mind) and "a man of few words". 

True reding this 1000 plus word dispatches, reading like 10-12 of them a day when I promised one short 500-600 word email, hehe (and thats another thing - overdeliver while underpromising - always been my mantra, always will be!) might not make you think so. 

But even those 1000 words. 

Can you find a WASTED word? 

Something that doesn't convey feeling, emotion, paint a picture or what not? 

True, I could say "just buy it and be done". 

Or, I coul dtell you a story too. 

I choose the latter option. 

But again, no words are WASTED - or MINCED. 

The latter is why scores, hundreds, and indeed thousands as "the man" once said follow me globally. 

They know they can count on me to give it to you STRAIGHT, no punches pulled, and thats also why the Bozos sneakily follow me too. 

Bozo just tried following me with an alter on Insta. BAN TIME!

They just can't resist. Hehe. Those juicy dollops Glyn for one knows so much about... 

I am truly irrestible in that regard. 

OK, I'll stop. Hehe. 

But anyway, an idiot, curiously enough again "Keith from the UK" "Keith James", I believe?? wrote three long whiny reviews about Shoulders like Boulders!

(prime example of what I said HERE i.e. people are more than happy to whine, moan, rant, piss, groan, moan, but not DO). 

his main beef was two things. 

The author doesnt look like he's ever trained!


(clearly this idiot hasn't ever seen me in real life or the pictures). 

(and the phat phocker picture is there where it is for a reason. One, it draws the Bozos out and filters them, like it did him, two, it tells you that YES, even if you're a phat Phock NOw - you CAN do these exercises if you stop being "Charles the fomer friend" and making whiny excuses).  

And more - "this book is only x number of pages!" 

I think it was like 50? I dont know, maybe around that. 

It retails for around $90 (if you buy off the site, you get the FAQ, another golden gem of a book thrown in for FREE). 

Battletank Shoulders, that retails for $300 - the paperback. 

IT's not much longer than Shoulders like Boulders!

My latest book "Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands" - again - power packed little ditty I never even advertised. Folks love it though!

"I almost fell over" was what a certain "Amy" (YES WOMEN CAN DO IT TOO!) commented... 

Well, thats the point, its the next step up to freestanding - except not in the way most people teach you. 

I teach yo uwhat works. 

And if it works for a "klutzo" like me, it'll work for YOU. Period. 

But anyway, thats an ultra short book too. 

Some may have thought "nothing different!" 

Oh yeah, there's a hell of a lot different in it, bro. 

Those MINOR differences make a HUGE difference. 

Tiny hingest swing massive doors, friend. Bottom line. 

And if you think the changes in foot positioning, the way you criss cross the legs, the way it works the LOWER ABS ain't nothing, then you won't get to freestanding handstands, period. Let alone the freestanding handstand pushup (holy grail). 

Let alone do it on dipping bars like ole Doug Hepburn at a mammoth 300 plus kilos, not pounds, did... 

Holy Grail x 100. 

You dont need to sure. 

But you won't get past the basics is my point, and you ain't going to really get titanium proof SHOULDERS. 

(if you feel that way that is). 

But again, lengths and girths... 

If you're talking down under, maybe they matter, or they dont, whichever your perspective is I'm fine with that. 

Alix, a guy I once knew sagely said the following about "his". (there were wackos and Bozos spamming my group with dick pics - unasked for - inane - then they claimed "they weren't into it" (if you're thinking that was Schofield and a certain other nut that did it, you'd be RIGHT) - so he probably replied to that before leaving the group - and he was right to leave at that point "This group is no longer serving the purpose Rahul created it for" - it wasn't, friend. Bozo for one was going bonkers every night on it ranting about roaches and washing machines, pestering dudes (Americana, anyone - that dude, poor chappie!) and dudettes galore, and being a royal pest - and others too) .. 

"Its about how you use it, not the size". 

Which can be applied here too. 

I mean, look. 

I can tell you how to get into a handstand with excruciating detail like "get your hands and knees first" "make sure there are no glass shards around" "make sure you dont rip your pants as you bend forward" ... and other rubbish. 

Or, I can tell you - "get on your hands and knees, and walk your way up the wall" - and I can show you how to do it i.e. a picture here is worth a thousand words. 

Those workouts I give you in my books. 

"Do 100 squats" is often how I proceed to step #3. 

I could drag that out into "how to do a squat" each time I'd write a different workout. 

It would make those 50 page books 500 pages. 

And the long ones (like Pushup Central and animal Kingdom Workouts) even longer than they are now. 

But why do so. 

Because the wackos will say "ooohhh, what a long book, it must be worth it?" 


If it's needed, sure. 

But if it's not, no way. 

Thats how I am in life. 

I can say "leave a review". 

Or, I could send you 1000 screenshots on how to do so, but it should be obvious... but it aint... but ... ah. 

I think yo uget the point, my friend. 

It's not about the "thickness of the book". It's about the INFORMATION therein!

Power packed can come long - or short. 

Its about being ...whats the word? 

Ah yes, pithy. 

And that I am, friend. That I am. Brutally so, to a point, to a fault, but I am!

And last, if it's a fiction book, yes, perhaps those can (somewhat) be judged on thickness. 

But even those, really, although more words are required - I keep those pithy (but obviously much longer, 120 or so pages seems to be the average length of books in that regard for me). 

But info products like the ones here? 

The shorter and more power packed the better. Hell, especially if youre lugging them around your gym as some of you do - why want "more weight"? 

And that,buddy boy, is that.


I so love the term. Like "Sunny (sonny) BOY!" Hehe.  

Back soon!



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And even if you don't hehe. (since a lot of Bozos dont, lol) 

This is going to be short, sweet and simple - if that is the case, either way, please do two things. 

One, please leave a review via the review link you got in your email post purchase (from the website). 

If you have bought off Amazon etc, please leave a WRITTEN review there - in addition to the rating. 

And two, another great site to leave reviews? 


You can find Rahul Mookerjee on there too ...  

And that, friend is that. Back soon - oh, and if you ain't taken advantage of these huge offers we've got going on HERE - https://0excusesfitness.com/rewards, then please - do so NOW. 

Again, I'm not going to keep repeating myself on this one. Some of these offers will end like tomorrow IIRC ... 

Get in NOW, my friend. 

And please do the above - and please let me know! 

Thank you! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In addition to the 10% auto discount you get for leaving reviews, I'll even do up another special offer for all of you that leave reviews - please leave one - and then let me know! 

PPS - I'll share a great review from there shortly - stay tuned!! 

Oh, and before I FORGET -

A quick question I gotta ask - with all the whinging and "sqawking" about prices as of late ... (and no, not ALL of you getting this email have been doing that, but a sizeable portion has, as you can tell from the last email I sent out on Bozo Flix) ... 

It beggars the imagination - a lot of these people have not signed up for the Ship - and they have NOT partaken of any of the offers we have going on, despite them being REAL discounts, real offers ... 

Some are tyre kickers and Bozos in general, and thats fine. 

But for the rest of you - WHAT is the reason??

A LOT of you have not taken advantage of the offers, left reviews, or done much at all to be honest. 

Friend, 'm not sure whats going on, but this is highly unlike you. 

So do write back, let me know... 

We'll listen, as always! ?

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021 10:24

My two favorite James Hadley Chase novels!

... That I'd highly recommend to YOU, my friend. 

Now, I dont know if you the reader is a James Hadley Chase fan, but I am. 

And much like all the other writers I sometimes recommend (with good reason, I might add), no, I dont get anything from mentioning Chase, or Napoleon Hill, or Claude Bristol, or.....

They're the greats!

Anyway, without further ado, two of my favorite Chase books - 

"Believe this, you'll believe anything!

And "Consider yourself dead!" 

I think I've mentioned both before - yes, I have, on the other site. 

But briefly, the SECOND one is the one I'd choose if I really, really had to choose my friend. 

The first one is a prime example on ...well, women and their "follibles" if thats even a word. 

And if you're eagerly waiting for the book on Nazi feminism which a lot of you are, you might do worse than read what "Vidal", the "ape like tycoon" in the book says about women, when he does, and how he does. 

When she's complaining about some inane stuff, he ignores her. 

When she's ranting about "illness", he tells her she needs to spend more time exercising. 

And while the soft sop Clay Burden does his best to be a "cuck" and put up with all this, eventually he realizes he's been played for a FOOL. 

A prime sucker!

The story of course is something else. 

But the book is a great read even if you're just interested in women in general, hehe. 

And the second? 

It's even more brutal!


The Italian tycoon who'd do anyting for his daughter, even one that is mentally sick in certain regards. 

And Frost, the tough ex army, ex cop ... six feet something lean and mean machine who does NOT scare no matter what. 

Lu Silk, the hired gun ... 

It's a classic - but for me, the way Grandi goes out of his way to do ANYTHING for his daughter, his PRincess, his little girl - that resonats with me!

Big time. 

Anyway, James Hadley Chase wrote books with tough men, beautiful women, flashy cars, lots of booze and cigars, fist fights, murders and more. 

Those were different times. 

Not sissified times like now. 

Those were times when men were REAL MEN and women were real women as opposed to the parody of either they've become now (I mean either!). 

And it was a "get tough or else" time. 

My workouts, my friend, are a throwback to THAT era. 

Yes, you either love me or hate me. 

And my workouts are a throwback to that era. 

Brutal, down to earth, simple, and do they work? 

Heck yeah - and they'll make MONSTERS out of MEN if you let it!

And on that note, if there ever was a course like that - it is this - Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

I'm still feeling it, a good half hour or so after my shower!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Tuesday, 16 February 2021 06:23

Digital VS Paperback?

It's no secret that yours truly does EVERYTHING he can .... "awwwwnnnnlinnnnnnee" (as a family member once sarcastically remarked way back in 2003, i believe). 

That was back when India barely had any high speed Internet at all ... And the dial up didnt work too well!

And it would charge by the minute or something, I believe. 

Anyway, yours truly was from the US and he did everything online. He had a cable connection back "there" so obviously old habits die hard. 

And, the whole thing about me being a caveman and so forth... 

(which a lot of other people have called an "artificial lifestyle":, but hey, I'd rather that so called artificial than Shitter, Freak-o-book, Shacked-In and the other garbage out there). 

There is a reason those that get it say I THINK very clearly. 

The more you write, the more you think - and better. 

Anyway, we've gone over all that before. Ole Freddie, and that ... and back to online, YES, it's no secret I prefer digital downloads over just about any other format. 

Recently I bought an audio book, and while listening to voice can be great, I kept thinking - it would be so much FASTER if I could just read - assimiliate - absorb, and implement. 

The sheeple might disagree with me on that one, but you on this list well know my dislike for VIDEOS, audio notes and so forth - if it cannot be WRITTEN out, I ain't doing it. 

But anyway ... 


I love 'em. 

But I dont know why, every time I want to read something, I usually turn on the laptop. 

But I love paperbacks, and one of my goals - this one I WILL tell the "world" about, hehe, because it's not a secret is to get a massive, mammoth LIBRARY - filled with the books I love. 

And I doubt there will be any fiction in there. 

But anyway, more on SO's and why I do digital - digital eliminates the need to have anyone - significant others involved in one's business. 

And doing paperback with Amazon is a fairly reliable option. 

Not that Bezos and Sanchez - the "senorita" if I may say so are involved with yours truly personally, but I love Bezos - and you on this list know that as well! 

No more dealing with SO's that "take the money when it comes", but then barf when issues occur. 

Anyway, as I recently told someone I'm dealing with "bringing wives and signifiant others into business is generally a recipe for utter and total disaster - and CHAOS". 

And it's part of the reason - oh, another reason? 

I can sit at home ANYWHERE in the world, and still run my biz and make money. 

Lots of it at that. 

Truly a business I OWN! 

Can't say more than that, hehe. 

I'm out - back soon - in the meantime, remember PAPERBACKS are very much an option on the site, so you CAN order 'em - they'll be shipped out via Amazon to you within 2 weeks of reciept of monies (or or thereabouts). 

If you've been waiting on a purchase, the time to do it is NOW my friend. 

Do so - and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Which one of you would like to fill a library with my books? I know a couple of my customers would! 

PS #2 - Remember that thing about feeling grateful? I just paid some bills, and my first thought on looking at 'em? I'm glad I can pay 'em, and I'm glad for them to be here so I can PAY 'em! Same thing for YOU, my friend. When you buy a product, be glad you can BUY it - and remember, the Universe provides to EVERYONE provided you follow a few rules . . . 

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