Saturday, 30 July 2022 10:15

The opposite of what most people believe.

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Contrarian as always (to the last breath at that, hehe) as I wrote on Twitter, but I left the last breath part out lest people "gasp".

If you get my drift.

But really, it's a good way to live life, the proper way ie if the "vast majority of people" believe it, tell you do it - then it isn't necessarily or probably isn't anywhere near the best path to follow.

Ask any REAL doer, anyone thats achieved anything of note - and they'll be the first to tell you that.

And the other thing, as I was talking to a great customer of mine this morning, all these "sob stories" you see out there, just increasing by the day as people become "more and more desperate".

There's so many out there I couldn't even start to detail 'em here, neither will I since it isn't the point of this dispatch, but it's just pathetic.

As he rightly said, we all have our own crosses to bear, to feel as if you have to showcase your struggles "publicly" (as opposed to simply mention them) and "garner sympathy" (pity party seems to be what so many people want, even fitness wise) just shows you're weak deep down inside.

And you know it.

No, this isn't aimed at anyone in particular, it's aimed at the HERD in particular, because it's just exponentially increasing these days when it should be the polar opposite.

You dont see Sly Stallone complain about his rocky (literally) times all the time, do you?

You DO however see him pimp his stuff all the time, for a damn good reason, "positive attracts positive", whines attract whines and so forth.

Anyway, this isn't about whining and moaning so much as it is ... the opposite of what most people do.

You see even more people these days spending all their money on beads, chains, amulets "hoping for good luck". (I sent you an email about it this morning too)

Since 2020, a lot of these self help gurus and sham-scam artists have literally made fortunes and bailed, leaving their followers "stuck in the mud", in most cases WORSE off than where they started - and when they started the mindless affirmations most people so believe and place stock in except not truly.

I've done videos on it, I've written about it, but I'll tell you this again, saying "I am rich" repeatedly will not make you rich if you're not currently - it could and probably will have the OPPOSITE impact.

Saying "I am receiving X amount in sales" daily - same thing (when you are NOT).

Saying "I'm fit" - when you're not or "its ok to be a little fat" - when you're more than a little - same thing.

Dont get me wrong, you reading this can continue doing it if you want, but results speak, and those dont get results (affirmations done that way).

A change of language works wonders.

But really what works wonders is BELIEF in what you're doing - belief you can feel in your bones, deep down in your CORE - and backed up by unmovvable FAITH!

Faith alone moves mountains - of inventory (and no that is not me that said that). (if you're ready and willing to play the long game which I've always instinctively believed in).

"Accidentally spilling tea leaves" wont bring you good luck anymore than spotting magpies will bring you BAD luck - if you truly don't or do believe in both of those things.

Neither will a cracked mirror bring you bad luck by itself.

Claude Bristol explains this so well in the Magic of Believing ...

None of that stuff the Babas use will bring you good luck - all they do is bring the Baba good luck in that their followers believe it adds to their mystique and aura...

Personally, me?

I believe in SO many of these good luck things that you'd think I'm nuts.

Except, I ain't either.

To me, if I have to believe in something, I'd rather believe it's something good or for the greater good/positive.

This belief has ultimately kept positive flowing to me and does right now even when times are probably "dark" for most people.

Personally I would rather, and I DO BELIEVE that "spotting One crow" or "glass shattering unexpectedly" (ole Steve Austin, hehe) is GOOD luck, not bad.

And that is how I run my entire life, always have.

I dont know why I felt compelled to say this, but I guess because of all the nonsense people believe in these days; "everything is bad", everything is doom and gloom.

It all starts in the mind of man.

Zero to Hero is a great little read on what ACTUALLY makes things happen.


either way.

And back to fitness, the mirror is a great tool to get in shape, or command your subconscious to do so if you do it right.

Most do it wrong.

Do it right, you'll be doing it on auto pilot, some of the things that happen in your life won't even be fitness related, but they will GET you into better shape.

Dont believe me?

I understand...

But it's true. I've done it myself, so can you.

And for those that prefer to just get down to brass tacks and DO - well, I highly second that approach. it works, and gets the message across to the subconscious very powerfully as well.

And to do, do how it's mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System - truly the best and most results producing system in terms of bodyweight exercise; nothing even comes close to it (not my words either).

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Recently recieved a rant from an idiot who claimed "but you didnt do 50 Hindu pushups" in the video (workout video in 0 Excuses Fitness).

Like dude ... (and this is some idiot who thinks they're bad for the back or what not) ..

I did 25, I believe. But I'd rather do 25 throughout the 250 pushup workout which was done, by the way, AFTER 250 pushups in the morning (Cindy showed up in the PM which is fine) than do 50 good pushups and then 5 of everything as I've seen some "gurus" do, that don't cut it my friend. (not to mention FORM - lots of these gurus do them in absymally crappy form).

Not that I need to justify anything, results speaketh, but just thought I'd put that out there ...

PS #2 - If there was ever a time to promote Pushup Central, a bare bones manual that is just nothing short of brutal, both in terms of workouts involving "the world's oldest and most diverse exercise" (again, not my words, John, you're right on that tho!) - it is NOW. Get this book now, real fitness lovers will LOVE it. Strips away unsighly blubber around the midsection like there's NO tomorrow.