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Die if you have to, but never say "I quit". NEVER!

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I wasn't going to write about this to be honest, but with all the Pity Party Central going on, this constant back and forth with a certain whiny "Ben" I gotta really stop doing (if he knew the OTHER BEN I so admire, another cranky "bear" like me, hehe - he'd have kittens!) ...but really, Benny isn't the only culprit by far, there is WAY too much "aww poor little baby feel good" crap going on in this world today, and I'm sick and damn tired of it as I always have been. Not to mention, if there was NEVER a time for that - it is now, when cold hard deeds and ACTION - and bloody minded CUSSEDNESS - and gumption, not feel good crappy "bask in this or that glory" is required in order to WIN - and SURVIVE - more so than ever before.

You know what I just saw?

Some idiot actress whining bout being "skinny shamed" because she had to "pad up for a photo shoot".

I mean grow up lady, real men want real boobs, that was all there is to it, its a goddamned business is the move industry, it ain't Pity Party Central now is it.

I wont name her here, in fact I would but I cannot recall her name to be honest.

Then of course the phat phocks and their sob stories of "inane justifications for not being phat but "big"". I've debunked this crap enough times, logically, emotionally, every other way possible, they know it, I know it, the world keeps revolving, and so forth ...

Then of course all the nonsense about "say I loooooooooooooooooove you" and so forth ...

I mean, all of that is great but it does not replace action, neither does it by itself rectify shortcomings either personally or business wise which are FACTS. Everyone has a sob story and pity party, but when it comes down to brass tacks, few "really" DO.

(speaking of which, I just asked Gorilla Girl to send me some of her ... I hate to say it, but I will, "cleavage". Hehe. She says she's put on more weight, I'd love to see it! Hehe).

Anyway .... before the Nazi fems jump on me (Sophia just ignored me in her girlish manner, hehe).

(which is fine, I love the games she plays)

... where was I?

Ah yes, this pity party central shit.

Look, to me, growing up, I've had plenty of reasons to want "pity" - more so than the average Bubba sitting around drinking beer whining about "how tough it's gotten" would in a lifetime.

If I had - and sometimes I did - I got hit with more shit.

Which if you think about it, pity attracts pity, not something "good" per se. Like attracts like.. Bozos attract Bozos, success attracts .. well, more of it and trolls  ... and so forth.

But anyway, I've always been one for the "bring it!" sort of attitude.

"Let me tell you something, Jack" a sneering Mickey Rourke goes in Get Carter, fighting with a half amped Stallone.

"You're going to end up like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest".

"Your brother, your precious brother Richie was no goddamned saint. Everyone's into something, Jack, plain and simple! He got drunk, he wrapped his sorry ass around a tree, end of story. NOw you still wanna do this little dance for old times sake, Jack? Then BRING IT!"

And he truly ends Jack Carter's sob story there. Hehe.

I like the movie, but I loved the original too - the original movie "Get Carter" - a hard ass looking for revenge in that one, no pity parties there for sure! BRUTAL! And he ends up that same way too - shot in the head by the sea ...

Anyway - I've also been a huge advocate of the "if you can take it FIRST - and take it a lot of times - you can THEN dish it out".

To dish it out, you have to be able to take it - multiple times.

I still remember Marc's punch SMOKING Off my left pec (he's a damn good boxer by the way) - snake's tongue. Hehe.

"You're a man, you can take it!" was what he said. hehe.

I knew I could, but still!  (later on I asked him if he really gave it his all, I knew he had given it about 80% hehe - and his reply when I said "you probably didnt really hit hard" -

"No, I clocked you pretty hard back there!"

And thats good. Hehe. )

And a lot of idiots think what I write is "one sided", favors me and so forth.

Maybe, but it's also TRUE.

Here's the thing - I've been torn a new one plenty of times, but I have not whined about it one single time.

I've reverse torn x 10 these people a new one when the situation warrants, when it often does.

As Marc once said -

"You'll tear them apart!"


He was also the guy who once said "you're acting like such a loser I dont even know where to begin".

Maybe I was. So I never argued that point. (he was just sending me directions "off the top of my head", I was going to write them down, didnt have the time or inclination right then or what not .. and well, that misunderstanding then occured).

I was having a rough, rough day - and I've always been one for whom directions - I WRITE things down - I'm the guy who back in the day drove around with reams of "" (remember those days?/) even if the directions sometimes ended up wrong i.e. "drive over a cliff or into the sea", hehe - and he was wanting me to meet him someplace, I was pre-occupied, and well, maybe he was right.

Maybe I did sound kinda whiny in my reply to him.

John Walker, a great customer of mine once made the comment about "I have to say something very difficut to you, but you look FAT!"

I've written about that publicly before too, and at the time he said it - well, he was RIGHT.

"Glad to see you take it like a man Rahul , you never know how people will respond!" was what he said (again, I'm not going to elaborate on that one yet again here, I just bring it up to give you a BALANCED viewpoint of how I do things) ...


To me, if someone is brutally honest - and he's given me SUPERLATIVE (and TRUE) reviews for so many of my books that I so deeply appreciate (because they're heartfelt and TRUE) - then he's got the right to be as brutally frank and hand out an ass kicking (figuratively) when the situation demands it too. Hehe. Simple as that.

Goose and gander, if a certain Benny is reading this, you'll understand what I mean now Ben.

Aint nothing personal, just the way it is!

Funnily enough most of the people I consider my friends - are bigger, stronger, and better in SOME regard than I am.

I wouldn't associate with people that aren't better than me - I'm always looking to LEARN.

I'm better in some regards, but physically, a lot of these dudes have skills that I dont have (and probably never will).

My buddy from the Marines, fighting him is like going up against a T 72 - or the Abrams Tank - what have you.

Marc, the African Silver back Gorilla sometimes reminds me of a charging, angry rhino ... Hehe.  (I doubt you'd want to tangle with him in that mood!)

And so forth.

To me, its about never giving up.

NEVER saying I quit.

Remember that iconic Steve Austin Bret Hart Match?

Steve never quit, and a legend was made, bleeding, limping, he walked back (I still think Bret is a FAR superior wrestler, but Steve got it made there, kayfabe or not!)

Thats basically how I live.

Knock me down, I'll take it.

If you give me pain, I'll take it x 10.

If I can't react now, I wont - but I wont forget it either.

And so forth.

Bottom line, you wont hear me say I quit - or I give up - or anything of that nature. You certainly wont hear me whine about it, and if some comments are warranted, even if they show me in a somewhat poor light, I'll go to the ends of the world to point 'em out - much like I would if they weren't warranted.

I dont hide who I am.

Phat pictures are there on my site for a reason.

To motivate YOU, simple as that.

But I can only motivate DOERS, true doers - it has to FIRST come from within YOU.

Keep going, pick yourself up YET again, and keep going has always been my motto, always will be.

And THAT is something most of you need to hear TODAY, not the mamsy pamsy sob stories "emotional crap" people so love to tell you.

Toughen up.


Man up, nikka. (Alonzo, hehe).

Anyway ...........

The thing people keep babbling on about "saying good things and so forth".

To me, I've always been one for the "actions speak louder than words" mentality.

Look, I've always agreed with what Emerson said about "if your work affects even one person positively and they remember you well, consider it job well done".

I think Jeff Bezos has that quote (Emerson said it far more eloquently than me, hehe) - pasted on his fridge "sticky note". Jeff didnt do too badly for himself did he?

"General" Michael said it best about our work on Dongguan Expat too.

"The guys processing our visas dont know this, Rahul!"

(he was referring to the work we did together on there, work that benefits people TILL this day, and that was in 2003...)

When I started the business, hell, even these days when I write new books, THAT thought is uppermost.

Sure, I'd love for it to sell big time, most of my books do, but even if it helps ONE person ... I'd feel great about it!

"I'm 63. This one exercise has made me feel better than anything else I've ever done!'

(Pushups - Reverse Pushups - the best darn exercise out there!)

"You motivate thousands daily!" (I got that in 2020).

And so forth.

To me, DOING is what its about.

Daniela, a Spanish lady that translates for me asked me for a recommendation, I gave it to her, I had no inkling if it would help or not.

A month or so later, she got a new job, and she's BUSY with it - and that recommendation DID help.

You won't hear me crowing or Tom Tomming that.

But I helped the girl out, thats what counts (to me).


Perhaps Paula, a lady that has done just superb work for me in the past and continues to to this date on the other business says it the best ...

Congratulations Mike! You are a man who while you appear to be weak, you
are totally strong in reality and with that you have them all the time, without them
realizing it.

Dear readers! If you want to be like Mike it is. Do as they say “Follow the leader”,
“Just do it”.

And I wrote about that before … (remember, she said “Just do it” without knowing this was the tagline I use HERE on this business. Truly  a case of thoughts TRANSMUTING!) 

Anyway .. more on that here -

But I wanted to talk about this a bit, I wanted to say it because THIS is the sort of thing everyone needs to be hearing these days, not the mamsy pamsy feel good flimsy crap that doesnt last.

DO you have it in you ?

CAN you do it?

Sink or swim, my friend, there is no other way out. Brutal, but true.

Anyway ...

Time to pimp the 0 Excuses Fitness System before I end this one.

And that is that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee