Saturday, 01 October 2022 05:38

Package delivered to security guard

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Awesome experience as always, even though the delivery guy labeled me as the security guard, but thats OK-hehe. I dont mind! I was wearing my sleeveless "cut off", so I get it, hehe. Looking kinda menacing. !

cheers guys, y'all made my Saturday already, hehe.


Thought I'd start this one off with a quote - what I just sent Amazon.

Although the term "security guard" probably evokes images of menacing burly men with automatic weapons in some parts of the world, in others - like India, and china for one - it's merely "mortals" - sometimes just carrying nothing but a huge stick - and often times pot bellied or even obese from sitting around all day.

The very guards supposed to guard your property probably couldn't run an inch to save their own lives if they had to, in most cases they ain't armed either. Hehe.

But anyway, this morning I ordered two sweatshirts off Amazon, received them with usual gorilla grunt of "appreciate it" - and then got the following message on my phone.

"Delivered to security guard".

That made me smile. I Dont know if he thought I was the guard - I doubt it, I was in my house - or apartment, what have you - so probably a basic error on his part, which is completely fine and alright, but maybe he did!


I was wearing my sleeveless cut off - with arms out, in all their vascular glory, not that I give two shits about any of that.

But there was a lot of physical stuff going on yesterday, so the vibe permeates!

Only a 100 squats - but I did some sprinting outdoors while my daughter was learning how to ride a bike - now this, my friend, my wife has apparently been trying to teach her for donkey's years, it didnt work, the bikes she bought were gathering dust - go figure - and she had one of her good ideas the other day "father and daughter riding together" - and presto - within the space of two hours, my daughter can now ... CYCLE!

A skill she should have done learned years ago.


She knows a bit, but I regret not being able to get in the pool with her as I did years ago, I could really teach her some good stuff.

All of which I picked up myself, including cycling, scrapes and all, but anyway the little girl's smile is back.

She's a CHAMP.

If you let her be!

Precious few idiots do ...

Anyway, that led to a lot of running and then almost - Bourne style - SPRINTS!

Almost, not nearly as quick or for as long, but getting there. Try doing what ole Mickey did in Rocky III as a workout for Rocky, i.e. tie a cycle to your back and run while he's on the bike behind you - NOT pedaling, and do NOT let him fall off.

If you dont want to do that, then tie a stone around your neck and do squats like the ancient Indian wrestlers, and even Till THIS DAY! - do.


Not quite so extreme?

Well, try sprinting alongside or in front of a bike while someone rides full tilt, see how long you can keep it.

Or, do what I did later, chop up thick pipes meant for carrying GAS - with a somewhat blunt knife.

Talk about a grip and forearm workout, those veins were PULSATING.  (not even by the end of it).

Anyway, all lots of fun, capped off by being Mr Security Guard as well, yet another name to add to that burgeoning list!

Now, where does all of this lead?

Of course, to a sale - and to promote a product which will have YOU feeling like nothing else can.

Advanced Hill Training, my friend, shows you the proper way to walk - run - and sprint - and get in super shape, the best shape of your life - within 2 minutes flat if you can last a quarter of that time (dont even go "there". hehe).

but it's true, a lot of guys cant...

But anyway, I'm talking sprints!

Outdoors... Hehe.

And this is a product a lot of you have not got as yet, yet need to pick up NOW.

ALong with that, for workouts that will have you building muscle like nothing else you've ever done before - Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness with all it's brutal, old school and unconventional (they all go together) workouts - coupled with the MODERN (i.e. I dont actually require you to dig pits or do squats with heavy circular stones around your ole neck as they do in akharas till today) is the TICKET.

And thats that - remember as always though to build a proper BASE and start off with the much vaunted, one and only 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee