Thursday, 22 September 2022 09:51

"Chubby is not fat" (now I gotta explain THIS one to an idiot)

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Of all the "butt hurt" comments - this one caused another chuckle.

On Twitter, some dame asked about "why do guys like chubby girls".

We all know what she meant by that.



And so forth.

Women, when they're slim they're too slim, when they're chubby they're not happy with it, and so forth. But this isn't about that, this is about my reply.

As some of you no doubt know women "claim" to love something to "hold on to".

Reality is this - friend, what women really want in that area? Isnt a large wanker or everything people talk about, it's strong arms, back and a TONED midsection with very little no fat, especially around the lower abs.

This goes for whether she "loves you or not".

But if she "loves you" (translate - if she's getting a lot of money, hehe) - she'll be more than happy to hold on to that pudge wudge around your midsection and say "more to hold on to".

Truth is, nah, it aint just about money either, sometimes ... well, with yours truly, I've had that happen a lot with girls that paid my way (not that I asked, but they insisted, how can a dude refuse when it's offered that nicely, hehe) on most things ...

But I always knew I was FAT (when I was).

Anyway, I replied in brief (NO puns) to the girl explaining all this.

Some butt hurt dude showed up saying this -

"chubby is not fat so not getting your point!!!!!!!!!!!"

Like dude, yeah, "plump" as a certain very happy Carol once referred to herself as isn't technically fat either is it?

Phat isn't either.

Gargantuan isn't technically fat either, is it - or is lard ass?

I mean, the extent to which people go to to be either politically correct, or butt hurt, or a combo there in never ceases to boggle the mind does it.

Look, if you're fat you're fat, bottom line, aint no two ways around it pally.

So says the hombre that ALWAYS delivers.

And to get your delivery of the fitness system that resolves any fat, pudge or "chub" issues you might have nigh quick, get the 0 Excuses Fitness System right NOW.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee