Wednesday, 22 September 2021 06:32

Why I "shake a tree and money falls out - sackfuls of it!"

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I've been experiencing an exponential increase in the number of idiots coming up to me about two things. 

First, my products being too expensive - a rant that is SO OLD that now when I hear it I either yawn - or I just direct them to one of the numerous pieces out on it. 

Sometimes I increase the price a bit more just to piss these people off even more, hehe. 

Gotta have fun while you can ... 

And second, the common refrain of NO gratitude - i.e. shown towards me for what I do, and I dont even mean fitness wise. 

I wrote about appreciation in the last email, how I show it ... provided there is GOOSE AND GANDER applicable!

But a lot of the idiots that keep getting back to me "oh, life is so easy for you!" 

"Oh, he has all the money in the world to stay there!" 

"Oh, he has a lot of money!" 

From a certain standpoint,I just applaud myself - both for my results and the fact it's ticking of the idiots and Bozos galore. 

(though to be honest, they told me this even when I did NOT have money - years back - lesson learnt right there for some people, I'd say!) 

i.e its about a rich mindset more than anything else, you attract the rest or figure out how to. 

Or both. 

But anyway, in the past I'd get irritated and sometimes fight with these people. 


I just grin back - my best Cheshire Cat Grin!

And tell them the following - 

"I just shake a tree and money falls out - the money tree". 

And then I smile in my nicest manner at them - really, and tell them this. 

"Nooo, I'm NOT EVEEEEEEEEEEN being sarcastic" ... 


From a certain standpoint I'm not, actually. 

I just do what "Steven California" on Dongguan Expat did all those years ago i.e. "shake a tree and see what nuts fall out" - usually a lot of them do. hehe. 

Christina, that gorgeous chick I keep talking to cannot understand it. 

She once told me "I was a foreign loser and part time worker!" (because I wasn't running after houses, cars or money). 

I grinned at her, thanked her. 

Of course, she later got back with this. 

"I forgot how world is, my English so poor, I no mean so direct!" 

She meant every word of it. At the time. Hehe. 

But the other day, she was mystified. 

"How can you not be tense, Shenzhen and everywhere in China is SO TENSE about money now, and you you just enjoy!" 

I giggled back at her. 

"Hey, I'm the foreign loser with no money"

.... And I let it hang. 

And she finally laughed about it too, realizing she "trapped herself" in that vortex. Hehe. 

Look, obsessing over or worrying about something will only drive that something further away from you. 

Times are only as tough as we MAKE them, my friend. 

And this money tree thingie? 

I'm sick of how these idiots dont appreciate the time and effort - learning - often times in a brutal manner "school of hard knocks" it takes to plant the seeds I do, wait for them to sprout (not all do) - maintain a positive outlook amidst Bozos - and more. 

It doesnt just happen by magic, my friend. 

Nothing ever "just happens". 

And thats just the business side of it. 

What about the time and effort, and YEARS UPON YEARS spent "in the trenches" learning my craft, doing what I do? 

These idiots would never acknowledge or appreciate any of it. 

"It's so easy". 

So I smile back. 

"Hey, why dont' you do it too!" 

The look of RAGE in their eyes is just priceless, hehe, and I thrive on it so! 

Anyway - had to say that.

And heres a final reminder - or maybe the second last one. 

Today is the LAST day for the GlynBozo sale - a lot of you have responded - kudos - and thank you!

But those that haven't - those that are just clicking and saying "no" (but clicking away anyway - believe me, I can track these things down to a very minute T - nothing if not a fan of how Amazon mines its data for one, hehe - they've got it down to a point where they know - sort of - what your mindset is even AFTER you leave their site! - and they use that to get you to come back to theirs, and sell to you!) .. well - the clock is ticking. 

Sale ends today my friend. 

So make haste while the sun shines!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Or hay, I suppose, hehe.