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Why I have ALWAYS been a massive believer in living life “carpe diem”, have always done so – and WILL ALWAYS do so!

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And with the China plague showing no signs of going away, it’s interesting – but true – to see more and more people come around to this way of thinking on a daily basis.

Por ejempelo, Madam “Dani” as she calls herself, a lovely translator for one of my “other” books. (not fitness, though those have been and are being translated into various languages as well by other folks).

(All good folks!)

(and I especially love the latest Spanish translation for Pushup Central).

But anyway, here is what she told me when I asked her how the China plague was treating her in Spain (not literally obviously).

Life in here is going good... I mean "the plague" is still here and every day getting worse but people just do not care anymore. Everybody is living their life "carpe diem" 

Ah. Finally!

Finally people realize that life is meant to be lived IN THE FLOW.

The HERE and NOW matters the most!

Ricky, a friend of mine (and I think I brought this up before) once made the followign comment about yours truly “footloose”.

(He’s a college buddy, and knows me very well indeed, perhaps better than MOST).

And he’s a good man at the end of the day, though we don’t agree on EVERYTHING. Good man, biz partner, and ...well, can’t ask for more!

But anyway.

“Tu thehra mast banda! Na aage ka socha, na peeche ka!”

And in English that means “you live in the flow! You don’t particularly give a rip about plans, the future etc …”


I don’t.

Yours truly Lothario and footloose never has. But life also has and always has had a funny way of working out for me when all was said and done and it was needed the most!

Without me even trying most of the time.

My wife often refers to me sarcastically (well, this was back last year – not sure about now – it’s probably a worse name now, hehe) as “Yukit”. 

Apparently tthat means something in Hindi to the effect of “careful planner”.

I gawked like the Bozo with his head up you know where the first time I saw her use the term.

Me??? PLAN???

I’m the last person you’d expect to make formal plans, stick to them, and so forth.

I truly live life kingsize - - and in the FLOW. I do what my MOOD NOW tells me to do – not what a plan drafted up years ago tells me!

But hindsight is 20/20, and that grand plan LIFE makes for us if we LET it – I can sort of understand why my wife would feel it was all carefully planned.

In the subconscious, hehe. Certainly NOT consciously!

Now, does that means I’m against plans, or those that make ‘em and swear by ‘em?

Nah. Not at all.

Napoleon Hill amongst other has stressed the importance of proper plans in terms of achieving success in any endavor. He was right.

But even he acknowledged the importance and sheer NEED for communicating with and being in harmony with Infinite Intelligence when in Outwitting the Devil and all his other courses, he stressed the importance of “going to prayer with a positive mind and letting the plan be decided by those that KNOW more about the overall planning than the person praying”.

Intentions, belief, and FAITH are the most important my friend.

The right plan will appear, if you let it!

As opposed to consciously and well meticulously “logical” plans. If I had to choose between faith and logic, and the results from each?

I’d choose #1 ANYDAY regardless of the path it took me on.

Then of course, Mike Tyson and his famous quote on plans. And he was RIGHT. SPOT ON!

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

So sage, so crisply said, much like a Tyson blow to the jaw. Hehe.

He’s right.

And workout wise, or life wise, or financially, does this mean you shouldn’t have a plan? Goals? And what not?

NOT at all!

Have ‘em all you like. WANT ‘em. Work upon ‘em! Make plans if you so choosE!

But end of the day, remember one thing.

All we really have is the “here and now”.

Our next breath. What we’re thinking NOW.

We can control NOW. Not the past, or the future. And if there was ever anything more logical than that, I’m yet to hear it.

Workout wise, you got a plan to do a 100 pushups daily.

Right now, you can barely do TEN.


Does this mean you stress over the ultimate goal every time you get down on the floor?

Does this mean you show up with a carefully planned itenary and “all hell breaks loose” if something doesn’t go according to plan?

Or do you show up with a “lets enjoy the workout, give it our all” attitude while bearing in mind that no plan is ever “100 percent” and numbers are just that, numbers?

I adopt the last method in ALL areas of life.

It’s paid rich dividends.

Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes “planning” (strange as that might sound).

But living in the moment, carpe diem - - is so, so worth it!

Oh, and just to be sure I googled the meaning.


  1. used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.




Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Get cranking on a few workouts RIGHT NOW, my friend. Invest NOW. Stop thinking about if’s, but’s, maybe, and so forth. The time to invest is NOW – there has NEVER been a better time. Opportunity is usually where you see it the least, and right where you ARE, and fitness wise, you’re at the right damn place!