Wednesday, 13 January 2021 09:05

Why I don’t subscribe to “it’s China’s way (or their way) or the HIGHWAY”

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I’ve been writing about it on the other site, and “write”fully so, hehe.

Trump supporters getting kicked off planes for doing nothing other than support Trump.

People getting pilloried in public for not wearing mask shask (curiously enough the people that SPREAD it get pandered to left right and CENTER).

And so forth.

Its literally become “my way or the highway” everywhere!

It’s one thing living a-frigging alone (for the most part) and NOT dealing with the situation at home (which is so ridiculous that even thinking about it doesnt work – hell, even my wife made this statement “there’s no logic to any of this!” and shes actually right on that one – there is NOT – it’s just full on and idiotic NAZI feminism) ...

But the whole world?

I mean, really, fella.

China can say what it likes. Do what it likes.

But the ROW – on ITS OWN SOCIAL media or any media – cannot /

What the hezey, bro.

What IS the world coming to where everyone has to pander to the PRC?

I’ll tell you one damned thing – I ain’t gonna do it.

China has many great things, but their system of governance ain’t one.

And while they DO have the right to do as they please on their own social media – that doesnt mean FlakeBook and Shitter can do the same thing!

Especially not Shitter, but I guess they’ve teamed up with Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife too . . .


I mean, I’ve mentioned how FB routinely censors my posts on China, but won’t do the same when the shoe is on the OTHER FOOT.

I’ve written about how China and their social media do it too (I believe).

But have you heard a PEEP out of me for the latter?

You haven’t (and curiously enough, even WeChat hasnt really censored anything I said other than “monitor” it. Slippery slope yes, but not as “dangerous” as you might think if youd o things right).

And you won’t.

Because, their playground, their rules.

But Shitter. F***book? Wazzzz-app?

I dont think so, bro.

And I don’t accept it.

I WILL continue to express what my thoughts are.

I WILL Continue to support President Trump, who to me is the best damned president the nation ever had (Raegan is another strong contendor).

I WILL send out emails full of typos, hehe.

I WILL profess my support for GUNS.

The invasion? Violence? Not so much?

Nope. I do NOT support that. 

But other hand, when YOUR freedom of speech is being curtailed and taken away – what are YOU going to do?

When YOU are being pilloried and it’s their way or the highway – what are YOU going to do?

I know that those with any sense would FIGHT against it, and keep themselves prepared for what will happen.

I do.

So do most of my customers.

Especially those that writ eto me saying “you always HAVE to be prepared because guess what. It COULD happen!”

I mean, we never thought the world would be locked down, but locked down it was!

And curiously enough, China is now going back to where it all started last year.

Lockdown shockdown.

The Universe DOES see, and DOES dispense JUSTICE in a manner no-one can escape, not even the PRC.

And on that sage note, I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Always stay PHYSCIALLY prepared my friend. End of the day, that has never been more important. YOU KNOW IT! And thats what it WILL boil down to ultimately despite the bozos who think otherwise . . .

PS #2 – As always – please DO SPREAD the word. This has to stop – NOW. (the freedom being taken away etc). And of course, for the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and all my “great books”, hehe.

PPS – Please leave reviews too!