Wednesday, 09 December 2020 08:55

Am I too extreme?

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Funnily enough, although this word features on that very long list of names I’ve been called and continue to be called (over a 1000 now – yes, I’ve kept track – maybe I’ll sell it one of these days, hehe) ... it hasn’t gotten the amount of tom tomming it “deserves”.

Even Bozo Schofield left that one alone.

You dont mess with some things, hehe.

Because you know what ...

But anyway, its long been a bone of contention between family and me, and sometimes friends.

“You’re too extreme!"

Or, “Calm down, Rahul! You’re a guy that just... “

(He trailed off, but the import was clear. That was a friend Charles telling me to “stand back” and “take it easy” when a lady that I paid to do my visa in China was NOT doing it, giving me all sorts of retarded excuses and the deadline BE approaching.

Of course, it was Him in that situation he’d be shitting bricks, but I was supposed to “take it easy”, hehe.)

(The visa never DID get done. I had to spend double of whatI normlly would, and then some. I had to ... ah, thats an entire story unto itself. But so much for not being extreme!)

But she DID return my money. Thank heaven for small mercies, hehe. Probably because she came through a known contact as opposed to the next joker who just took off with my dough and I never heard from her again.

Ah, life.

But anyway, YES.

They’re right.

I AM “either this or that”.

But, as Marc the African silverback Gorilla rightly said.

“With you, at least I know where I stand!”

True dat, bro.

And often times I’ve heard people telling me to “go easier on myself” for a variety of reasons.

I probably SHOULD!

But in general, I dont.

And I expect more out of OTHERS TOO, hence my annoyance at inane excuses (and lame ones too) people make about not getting her done, about life in general, about not being able to do pull-ups because “WAH!” or being too fat, and yet not ADDRESSING the core issues ...

And so forth.

Other side of the coin though is this.

What I expect of others is FAIR.

And to do the right thing.

And not everyone does, of course. 

And the third and hidden side to all this is this. 

IF someone wants to do the thing, but doesnt know how (lets say pull-ups), well, I’ll take you by the hand and SHOW YOU.

(The above course WILL turn you into a BONAFIDE STUD at pull-ups bro. Believe me! A STUD!)

I won’t molly coddle or baby sit you.

I’ll be a coach though, and I’ll SHOW YOU. And I DO!

And those that truly want to do the things will do and will learn.

And the rest will piss and moan about it being too extreme.

Newsflash – it never ever is. This is coming from “Mr Ironman Triathlete” as I was called last year by a couple of gals.

Or “very very strong?” by "Madam" Christina, her of the “I want your books for free”

(Upon seeing just ONE photo from Pushup Central which shows me doing a fingertip pushup in a way most of you out there couldn’t BEGIN to imagine, and which builds INSANE strength in the digits.)

You can work up to it, bro. And I SHOW you to how to in my products and courses!

For thos ethat want it, of course.

And are truly serious.

And that, my friend is that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up Pushup Central NOW. Truly the best course ever on pushups and I challenge you to find one better!

PS #2 – Bozo Schofield (without reading the book) pissed and moaned about “A book dedicated to pushups. Really! How boring”.

LOL. That in itself should be enough for YOU, the serious fitness enthusiast to get going on this! Hehe.

PPS – The song at the end of the Bourne Identity. “Extreme ways”. I can relate. Perhaps thats one more reason I love that series! (and Damon, despite having seen very little of his other work)