Tuesday, 14 June 2022 07:37

When they called me a sandy nikka. Hehe.

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I remember an incident back in the day when we were standing outside ... well, I believe the Math building in college. 

I believe we just got done with Calculus class, a class I used to ACE half - or totally drunk -much to the chargin and annoyance of those (majority of the class) that attempted it sober - and flunked, or got D's or what not. 

I still remember chugging the Beast Ice before the exam, I still remember a certain Dr K telling me not to take Mickey Mouse classes, and we were standing outside talking about something - Vincent, he of the Italian pizza, hehe (interesting how all the people I know named Vincent, including a good friend of mine - ex Marine - are either Scots or Italians by descent, and they ALL love pizza like ME, hehe) (and beer too!) - Bruce - and myself. 

"Sand Nigger", went Vincent, chortling when asked "about names for me" or something. 

That floored me - for an instant. 

I wasn't offended. 

Well, for an instant I THOUGHT about being mildly offended. I tried. REally. 

"But he's not racist", went Bruce, with one of his smiles. 

I couldn't help but chortle either! Hehe.   (I'm chortling now thinking of PC fools saying "just because he has a friend of a different origin doesnt mean he's not racist. True, Schofield uses that excuse all the time, you fools, but not everyone is Schofield - though most PC sorts are somewhat tolerant of his ilk).

Today, if that same thing had been said to me - I'd ask him for more such names. Hehe. 

He's a good friend till this date, and that was all fun and games to us - not to most I suspect, and I'm posting this here precisely so some PC idiots get pissed off. Hehe. 

Anyway, this here sandy nikka... 

And sand, and mud, and so forth. 

The Bozo used to troll me and still does with that name. I love it, he doesnt so much anymore. LOL. 

But they both have interesting properties!

The ancient Indian wrestlers for one did Hindu squats in the "akharas" - the mud pits where as I teach you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, their fingers scraped the ground as they went down - all the way down - no puns - on EACH repetition. 

EACH - no exceptions!

And when you do it you'll know what I mean. 

And they scraped up mud - supposedly holy the akhara mud is in the Hindu religion if I have it right - and slapped mudfuls on their chests - burly and muscular - with each rep. 

Quite a good massage too that! (self massage). 

And great recovery for sore chests - not to mention the theraupetic properties mud and sand have. 

Now I teach you to do the squats somewhat differently, as you guys know. 

But you can do it that way too, and in the future I'll have videos of yours truly Gorilla slapping his chest with each rep. Hehe. It will be in Squat 101 too!

But for now, why do I bring this here dispatch to you? 

Well, because of this simply - sand and mud - and WATER - are GREAT great tools for workouts!

Brooks Kubik once back in the day had THIS to tell me when I told him about the workouts I did lugging huge bottles of water up in each hand to my fourth floor apartment (ala the Chinese middle aged "tiny pocket dynamos" who did it!) ... 

"Fill them up with sand when it gets harder!" 

And he was right. 

Not only that, you dont need sandbags - or beer kegs filled with sand for a great, great workout - although that heavy to move weight is TOUGH as heck - believe me, it's one thing to lift a heavy dumbbell that you can at least grip, its quite another to lift up a massive moving ODD shaped object (Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness!). 

ANIMAL movements can be done in these too - and EVERY bear crawl, every duck waddle, EVERY sprint - will be made much harder if you're doing it on sand - or in mud - or in water!

My wife when she was a kid was put through her paces in the FIELDS by her father. Hehe. Every morning at 5AM sharp. 

I put myself through the paces at 530 sharp on the hill. 

And Animal Kingdom Workouts while offering you flexibility on the when and where does NOT allow you any flexibility in terms of putting you through your PACES, period, bro (or sis). (or in between). 

Grab this award winning book now, and start to whip yourself into the best shape of your life - either on flat land or otherwise!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Readers of this book (buyers) heads up - in the future we'll have special dispatches, but only on the website for YOUR EYES - NOT for the public. So, grab this book NOW if you have not already.