Tuesday, 10 August 2021 08:34

What the Navy Seals know about success.

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Is it any surprise - coincidence (which I dont believe in) - that long before I even know David Goggins wrote anything let alone great books, I put his picture on the sales page for "Pull-ups -from STUD - SUPER STUD within WEEKS!" ? 

I dont think so. 

All I knew about dude was he was a super stud at pullups, and a fomer Seal. I didnt even know he went to Ranger school, or his background or any of it!

I put him there for a REASON. 

And today, as I write to you about SEAL training - or the BUDS - or even the Marines, and their own crucible, almost as tough minus the salt water, hehe ... I gotta tell you, elite forces KNOW about success, and preparing you for it. 

Listen, when you go through BUDS, you think of anything but success - you just ... you're not in a position to sit and think for one!

EVERY muscle andt endon in your body aches like a motha, you just can't think straight - most people. 

They push you above and beyond. 

They understand that when you say "quit" - you're only about at 60 percent of your true quittting capacity - or DOING capacity. It works both ways!

And as for the candidate? 

Physical aside, no sleep aside, those that succeed will have this one thought in their mind, and nothing else. 




I won't even say "die trying" ... 

Remember, my friend, one thing. 

They dont have anything at that point. 

Except their training. No medals as yet, no commendations, none of it!

CErtainly not the Trident either. 

Even after that, the journey only STARTS. 

So to put yourself through all that in the first place you gotta be special. 

They don't choose you until and unless you are, period. 

Then they filter you out!

The MARCOS in India, and special forces globally do the same thing. 

In fact, in many regards the MARCOS (the INdia equivalent of SEALS - truly elite they are!) are an even better "trained" (physically force than the Seals - their training is even more brutal. And the SEALS that have trained with them will tell you this!

They make workouts out of the advanced book on pull-ups and BattleTank Shoulders look pedestrian. 

Wel,l not quite that, but remember, thats ONE PART OF ALL THEY DO!

Mental + Physical makes the elite warrior, friend. 

So it is with YOU. 

It's that DESIRE that Seals and elite forces test the most. 

Do you have what it takes - i.e. do you really, really want it? 

IF you do, you'll know, trust me. 

And as I invite you to join ME on this wondrous journey, friend, true, it might be my goal. But that goal includes several things for you too!

I'm going to keep it all under wraps for now, but remember, an integral part of my goal that I'm not goin got budge from this is this. 

That last copy simply MUST GO NOW. 

I know, myf riend. 

You've heard it four times already. 

So make that the fifth. 

I dont care, I dont care what it takes, how it happens, or what not. 

But that copy MUST BE GONE before several other things fall into place. I wouldn't say it would "jettison" the goal, but happen it must, an dso it shall. 

Only question remaining, who will get it FIRST. 

Because trust me, that Classic Edition - no more reprints!

Rush now, friend. 

And I'll be waiting with that pen, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee