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Why length ain't the only thing that matters.

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I know. 

But really, thickness ain't either. 

Chuckles again. 

I mean, really, I know ... 

But it doesn't - not when we're talking books, and especially my books written by yours truly "erudite" (that word just popped into mind) and "a man of few words". 

True reding this 1000 plus word dispatches, reading like 10-12 of them a day when I promised one short 500-600 word email, hehe (and thats another thing - overdeliver while underpromising - always been my mantra, always will be!) might not make you think so. 

But even those 1000 words. 

Can you find a WASTED word? 

Something that doesn't convey feeling, emotion, paint a picture or what not? 

True, I could say "just buy it and be done". 

Or, I coul dtell you a story too. 

I choose the latter option. 

But again, no words are WASTED - or MINCED. 

The latter is why scores, hundreds, and indeed thousands as "the man" once said follow me globally. 

They know they can count on me to give it to you STRAIGHT, no punches pulled, and thats also why the Bozos sneakily follow me too. 

Bozo just tried following me with an alter on Insta. BAN TIME!

They just can't resist. Hehe. Those juicy dollops Glyn for one knows so much about... 

I am truly irrestible in that regard. 

OK, I'll stop. Hehe. 

But anyway, an idiot, curiously enough again "Keith from the UK" "Keith James", I believe?? wrote three long whiny reviews about Shoulders like Boulders!

(prime example of what I said HERE i.e. people are more than happy to whine, moan, rant, piss, groan, moan, but not DO). 

his main beef was two things. 

The author doesnt look like he's ever trained!


(clearly this idiot hasn't ever seen me in real life or the pictures). 

(and the phat phocker picture is there where it is for a reason. One, it draws the Bozos out and filters them, like it did him, two, it tells you that YES, even if you're a phat Phock NOw - you CAN do these exercises if you stop being "Charles the fomer friend" and making whiny excuses).  

And more - "this book is only x number of pages!" 

I think it was like 50? I dont know, maybe around that. 

It retails for around $90 (if you buy off the site, you get the FAQ, another golden gem of a book thrown in for FREE). 

Battletank Shoulders, that retails for $300 - the paperback. 

IT's not much longer than Shoulders like Boulders!

My latest book "Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands" - again - power packed little ditty I never even advertised. Folks love it though!

"I almost fell over" was what a certain "Amy" (YES WOMEN CAN DO IT TOO!) commented... 

Well, thats the point, its the next step up to freestanding - except not in the way most people teach you. 

I teach yo uwhat works. 

And if it works for a "klutzo" like me, it'll work for YOU. Period. 

But anyway, thats an ultra short book too. 

Some may have thought "nothing different!" 

Oh yeah, there's a hell of a lot different in it, bro. 

Those MINOR differences make a HUGE difference. 

Tiny hingest swing massive doors, friend. Bottom line. 

And if you think the changes in foot positioning, the way you criss cross the legs, the way it works the LOWER ABS ain't nothing, then you won't get to freestanding handstands, period. Let alone the freestanding handstand pushup (holy grail). 

Let alone do it on dipping bars like ole Doug Hepburn at a mammoth 300 plus kilos, not pounds, did... 

Holy Grail x 100. 

You dont need to sure. 

But you won't get past the basics is my point, and you ain't going to really get titanium proof SHOULDERS. 

(if you feel that way that is). 

But again, lengths and girths... 

If you're talking down under, maybe they matter, or they dont, whichever your perspective is I'm fine with that. 

Alix, a guy I once knew sagely said the following about "his". (there were wackos and Bozos spamming my group with dick pics - unasked for - inane - then they claimed "they weren't into it" (if you're thinking that was Schofield and a certain other nut that did it, you'd be RIGHT) - so he probably replied to that before leaving the group - and he was right to leave at that point "This group is no longer serving the purpose Rahul created it for" - it wasn't, friend. Bozo for one was going bonkers every night on it ranting about roaches and washing machines, pestering dudes (Americana, anyone - that dude, poor chappie!) and dudettes galore, and being a royal pest - and others too) .. 

"Its about how you use it, not the size". 

Which can be applied here too. 

I mean, look. 

I can tell you how to get into a handstand with excruciating detail like "get your hands and knees first" "make sure there are no glass shards around" "make sure you dont rip your pants as you bend forward" ... and other rubbish. 

Or, I can tell you - "get on your hands and knees, and walk your way up the wall" - and I can show you how to do it i.e. a picture here is worth a thousand words. 

Those workouts I give you in my books. 

"Do 100 squats" is often how I proceed to step #3. 

I could drag that out into "how to do a squat" each time I'd write a different workout. 

It would make those 50 page books 500 pages. 

And the long ones (like Pushup Central and animal Kingdom Workouts) even longer than they are now. 

But why do so. 

Because the wackos will say "ooohhh, what a long book, it must be worth it?" 


If it's needed, sure. 

But if it's not, no way. 

Thats how I am in life. 

I can say "leave a review". 

Or, I could send you 1000 screenshots on how to do so, but it should be obvious... but it aint... but ... ah. 

I think yo uget the point, my friend. 

It's not about the "thickness of the book". It's about the INFORMATION therein!

Power packed can come long - or short. 

Its about being ...whats the word? 

Ah yes, pithy. 

And that I am, friend. That I am. Brutally so, to a point, to a fault, but I am!

And last, if it's a fiction book, yes, perhaps those can (somewhat) be judged on thickness. 

But even those, really, although more words are required - I keep those pithy (but obviously much longer, 120 or so pages seems to be the average length of books in that regard for me). 

But info products like the ones here? 

The shorter and more power packed the better. Hell, especially if youre lugging them around your gym as some of you do - why want "more weight"? 

And that,buddy boy, is that.


I so love the term. Like "Sunny (sonny) BOY!" Hehe.  

Back soon!