Thursday, 06 May 2021 15:05

Urban suns, hoo haa, Bozos " and more .... !

I just saw a coupla interesting things on Pinked-Out ...

Here's the link  - I dont know how "good" or bad this idea is of using "lights" to artificially stimulate growth in plants, personally I think the sun does just fine, but who I am to say - they seem to have hit upon an innovative idea the Dutch!

And then there was something about an "artifical sun" providing (according to the video shared) - "beneficial light that kills 99.99% of germs".

I, of course just HAD to respond with this - (always up for a bit of Trumping, hehe, but it is WARRANTED)

Interesting how now that the Dutch are saying it, no-one says a word. In 2020, Trump said the same thing ie. UV kills germs, and look at the hoo haa it created!

That, of course brought the Bozos out in packs.

One fine Bozo responded with this -

Well, Trump's idea was to place things up your hoo haa to clean you out, like a child asking if one could just swallow soap. Here is a link to his childish, no offense to children, and unhelpful comments.


I must admit, thats the first time I heard the usage of the term "hoo haa" that way, and it made me laugh for a good five minutes or so.

But here's the thing.

Trump never SAID that idiots like Schofield for one should be putting bleach up their nether regions - all he said was what the article here says i.e. that UV light has been shown to kill germs, and "what if" the light could pentetrate human skin and kill the Wu Flu. Thats all!

And of course, idiots globally went to town - and then the emergency room - globally - by testing this out by dumping bleach and househol cleaner up their backsides.

Really, how stupid does one have to be.

But Trump is a classic case of (like yours truly) getting flak for something, and then the same thing being Tom Tommed roundly later by the left. (because another leftist said it).

Trump closed the borders with China - he was one of the first to do so in the US - and he was called a racist.

Then when the ROW did it, they were applauded!

The current Indian travel ban (to the US and many other countries) - I can just imagine the (excuse the pun, hehe) hoo haa if Trump had insinuated the ban. Of course, it's Hiden Biden now, so anything goes...!

Anyway, I must admit I love using the word hoo haa, hehe.

And hoo haa aside, there'll be a LOT coming a certain Bozo's way (in Brum no less) over the next few days as I've upped the ante considerably after recieving more complains of him harassing folks.

I'll keep you posted on that!

But hoo haa, my friend.

I've continually made noise about bodyweight exercises that were derided as being too tough, and not for everyone, and for "professionals only" and so forth, and yet TODAY, with the lockdowns everywhere, guess which exercises are being used as the bedrock of most fitness programs (apps etc).

You got it - the Rolls Royce!

The book on isometrics caused a great deal of consternation amongst various circles when it was released.

But people all over the world, and more than a couple on THIS list are now writing their OWN books on it - no doubt inspired by others wanting it, and/or in part by my efforts, if just for the fact that I've written one on an immensely useful topic, so why not them?

Then of course, SPRINTS.

Sprint training and the concept of brief workouts throughout the day - I've been parading the benefits of the same since forever.

And a month or so ago, even the CHO (China health organization) recognized the worth of this concept by referring to it as something like "exercise snacks during the day".

And so forth.

Such, my friend, is the life of a pioneer - a fitness (and many other things) pioneer too!

Anyway, remember that my first and perhaps (in some ways) MOST pioneering book Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition - the last book is still sitting pretty.

First come first serve, because once gone, I won't reprint it.

So, if you want it - jump on this now.

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Check out Fitness Pioneer too while you're at it.