Sunday, 02 May 2021 07:31

Why you should be careful whose advice you listen to

A certain person, lets just say a "someone" recently was reading a book on "How to be healthy, wealthy and prosperous!"

One of those typical Tom Tomming books written by a wackjob that most likely isn't any of the above - most likely a woman (which dont get me wrong - women can be GREAT writers and great at anything if they truly DO - success ain't limited to men or "third gender" alone, hehe) ... and most likely someone that ain't got a clue.

I dont know where this person got the recommendation from the book, but it's probably some Baba or the female variant of on some social media or Joo Tube or some BS

If I were to tell this lady (the person that is reading) that most of what is mentioned in the book is UTTER ROT - and UTTER BS - she'd look at me say "You! What did you ever do!"

I would't be able to reply, because of course, anything I did do (and a lot!) would be explained away by "oh, you got lucky!" or "oh, someone helped you", or some such rot.

And then she'd reply with "Oh, you're just jealous I'm not following you!"

No I ain't either. In case you've noticed, I do all I can to make people UNFOLLOW ME.

And anyway, proof is in the pudding - if you'd ask "this person" exactly what she's achieved from those tips?


Point and case, or was it the other way around. Hehe. Oh, I remember, the greatest living troll of all time told me "Rahul can't pronounce schedule or pint" (from a guy whose slurred pronounciation is so hard to understand even his Mom who didnt like his face when he was born would not understand!).

Hey, what can I say.

I'm a Twain fan. And I aint got nah yooz for a man that can only pronunce or spel a certain wei.

Anyway, back to it. Why me?

So, lets see.

Off hand.

Got to fitness levels and levels at bodyweight exercises that most people couldn't ever dream of.

Yes, I'm Tom Tomming, you could say.

but it's true.

Started more than one business - more than 5, I'd say - many others too - and failed at COUNTLESS ones - picked myself up - tossed away the garbage thrown at me continually - and MARCHED ON.

Most nutjobs don't start even ONE.

I didnt make excuses for my failures at the businesses, and Tom Tommed my successes roundly.

I didnt mince words - ever. In alone, being politcally incorrect and brutally honest is a skill most don't have.

And dont care to pick up.

Made sales - more than "Croesus" - at THAT company, so much so that the next employer made the statement about me bringing the company from Zero to Hero.

Pulled Houdinis in life, work, fitness - just when no-one expected - without hours of idiotic deliberation or more.

Wrote books in DAYS - one day - 20k plus words in a sitting.

And this is all just off the cuff, off the top of my head my friend.

(Created brands).

And of course, if "this person I'm referring to" - if I'd list these out and tell her I'm WAY more qualified to give her advice than any of the wackjobs she follows, she'd say I'm a Bozo and an idiot.

Such as it goes, my friend.

Those supposed to be the closest to you are often the ones that will do ALL they can to tear you down and want you NOT to follow your desires - and this is NOT because they "hate" you (perhaps in some cases, but NOT all) - or dont "want you to do this or that".

Simply the crabs in a bucket mentality and the subconscious fear most have of "Oh, he'll succeed, but I'll be left behind!"

Anyway ...

Exercise wise, I've proven my credentials over and over again, which is why (barring a few brief spurts on social she-dia occasionally) I rarely get on there .

I don't bother proving my creds anymore.

If they dont trust, well, you ain't gonna verify ME, hehe.

Of course, if you want to trust but verify, you're more than welcome to do so!

Anyway, Zero to Hero contains some of the best tips you'l ever read on success - practical, actionable tips with NO tom tomming

If you're in any way interested in success or motivational reads, this one is a must grab.

and I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee