Sunday, 25 April 2021 06:45

Why I dont prefer being called "Sir" or Uncle

You on this list have probably got the idiocy a certain nutjob from God knows where (I wonder if it's Brummie Bro-field on drugs or what not, could be, from the nature of his messages!) about "sir can I please you" - and "Sir what do I do next " - all in response to a few auto emails the system (not me personally) sent him. 

It's bloody obvious too those are auto emails ... 

One to confirm his signup, the other to confirm his email address (I only want the most committed and serious people signing up as I don't like to spread my fitness seed to plants that dont want it). 

If the above sounds like a strange way of saying it, this guy who sent me the bove emails would identify, because what he is looking for is a "male dom". 

Bozo Schofield was drunkely pestering Josie to be his Domina. (female dom). 

That extend your body, hands , "unmentionables" and humiliate you, and do everything that (as Glyn claims) "I'm not into that at all!" (so vehemently did he deny it when I asked him in 2015 - an innocent online question that I knew I had my sissy, hehe) or you'd never admit you want done to you "in the bedroom". 

That thing I wrote about ONE line I say without thinking causing a conflagaration, hehe. 

Its true!

Because it hits home. 

And while I could speak tomes on the Bozo's compatriots here, I wont. 

The point is, this Sir bullshit. 

Half of the time its crazed, sex starved, attention starved lunatics like the above. 

And the other half, it comes from the subcontinent where everyone is either Sir or Ma'am, regardless of whether or not you actually respect the person (in most cases they HATE the person). 

I've never understood the logic behind most colonial hangovers, and while some are quaint and funny, most aren't. 

"English Wine and Beer shops" for one are a pestilence. I'd rather have 7-11 as opposed to government controlled prison like liqor stores where you toss money in through the bars and they rudely toss whatever they want back at you (unless you're luckly enough to actually, you know, select what you want...). 

And so is the inane Sir or Ma'an nonsense that goes on. 

I mean, I get it. Respect and all that. 

but to me, it's about two things - VIBES - and what you feel (one and the same thing actually), and all the honorifics in the world or lack thereof don't disguise and never will and can disguise VIBES. 

There's plenty of ways to be respectful by using my or anyone's first name. 

Sure, if it's someone like a cop stopping random dude on the street for whatever, then I get it. I totally do!

But something like this, where I'm "up close and personal with you", much like if you were shooting the bull with me over a few cold ones - Sir??

I dont know. 

I've never called anyone Sir in my adult life as far as I remember. 

Not friends, not customers, not anyone. 

And I prefer "Rahul" above all, or any of the other names on that almost 2000 list, hehe. 

Call me an A-hole, but not "sir". LOL. 

Ditto for "Uncle". 

Carol the student kept asking me what her daughter should call me. 

I kept saying "Rahul". 

Carol kept saying "Uncle" (at first). 

Uncle Rahul. 


I'll take Rahul, hehe. 

Ditto for my daughter. 

It's DAD which is fine ... and if she wants, I guess, after growing up, Rahul. 

And that, my friend, is my view on that. 

More soon!


Rahu Mookerjee

PS - And Sir doesnt do video calls, and Rahul the A-hole forgot to link his premier flagship product in the email above, so I'm doing it now. 

Here you go, fella. 

The Rolls Royce of Fitness.

PS #2 - Uncle Bob didnt mind the "Uncle", lol. But it was funny, a gal "Rohini" and me going "Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob..." 

(I coined the song)

(it's one of those things. LOL hard to explain!)