Friday, 16 April 2021 07:53

The one sentence that caused a conflagration!

This morning, I uttered ONE sentence 

All I did was ask - very politely. 

ONE line. 

6 words. (in a language still apparently "20% alien to me") 

I didnt demand. 

I didnt ask. 

I didnt ...well I DID request, and what I asked for was paid for by me, I'm the one that has always been "using it", and ...well, the specfics aen't important, and they make nil sense, so much so that Bozo Schofield for once would agree. 

But lets swtich tack!

A couple of years, or maybe more ago, the Trumpinator made the following comment about a (I believe at the time over the hill) German model "Heidi Klum". 

She's no longer a 10, or something like that was ALL he said. 

Thats it. 

And the social media FRENZY that one line whipped up - oh my!

SJW's, bozos, white knights, virtue signallers, Nazi feminists, regular feminists ... oh my!

It was like he started WWIII for something he said, and then forgot most likely. 

Same thing with me this morning, and the aftermath. 

"The one sentence that caused a conflagaration!" 

It's always been that way with me, my friend. 

When talking to idiots and morons, I rarely use more than  a few words, if I talk at all. 

Guess why Bozo Schofield was so pissed at me? 

Because I complained to Charles at the time (his friend) that he was "driving me insane with his beat around the bush nonsense". 

Of course, Charles despite knowing the looney tune Glyn is had to tell him. 

And there starteth that "war" - though I dont want to dignify the term with the Bozo. 

I'd rather fight a war with equals, hehe. Or those BETTER than me. 

In which case if I lost, I'd learn!

But anyway, this is about what ... you ask? 

First, a treatise on the mind I suppose if you can understand what I mean. 


Well, that ok. 

"I'm a toxic male", I hear the women cry, while unsubscribing in droves. 

Fair enough, sis. 

But maybe the INITIAL section of Zero to Hero will explain it all - for those intelligent enough to read between the lines and those that want it. 

Other than that, my wife made the following comment the other day I believe (or for the past few years). 

"You keep going on about Trump and Modi!" 

Well, I do dole out high praise when it's warranted. 

(and actually, I rarely discuss politics or anything with her to be honest because anything remotely halfway logical "I'm now in a bad mood because of you!") 

Not so much the latter as the former, though the latter is likely even more of a marketing genuis in many ways, and many ways not. 

And I've been knowing for crisp criticism when it's warranted. 

Thats it, my friend. 

You either love me, or hate me. There's never been any "in between" from the age of 5 (so I've been told, hehe i.e. the minute I was old enough to actually SPEAK). 

It's a natural thing ... to an extent. 

ALL of us can develop this skill, and this, my friend is one of the keys to unlocking powet of any nature within yourself if you get my drift. 

Some may say I'm speaking with forked tongues ... 

So be it. 

The upcoming book on Nazi feminism will (or should) explain it all. 

In the meantime, in all the madness, remember the 30% discount code is STILL active and valid. 

For a change, Mr Mercurial hasn't pulled it as yet. 

But I might soon, so rush now and get your thang on while you can, because once its gone ... it truly is "gone with the wind". 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Once they're gone, they're truly GONE.