Tuesday, 13 April 2021 11:12

More about why I am RUTHLESS about blocking (certain) people - and why we do NOT accept article submissions.

 I really had to say this ... 

Really had to!

But with inquires like the following - 


I use a wheelchair so my home has to be wheelchair-accessible. Unfortunately, finding accessible homes on the market can be challenging. That’s why when I decided to buy a home, I opted to do new construction and design a home that would work for my own and my family’s needs.

I’d love to write an article for your site on what steps to take when you decide to build an accessible home. I’ll include key factors to consider and tips on how to find the right contractors for the job.

Any interest in posting an article on this topic on your site?

Or, this - 

Hi there!

Recently, my wife’s parents moved to be closer to us. My father-in-law, Dan, has been ill and my mother-in-law, Barbara, needed help caring for him.

The first step, of course, was selling their old home. It was full of years of memories, but also a lot of junk. We helped Barbara sort through it all, and now, they’ve settled into their new home with less stuff and more peace of mind.

Throughout the process, I’ve learned a lot about what goes into helping senior parents downsize. I’d love to share what I’ve learned on your blog.

Can I write an article for you? It will offer tips and advice on downsizing for seniors--how to decide what to get rid of, how to find the right place to live for your golden years (for some it might be a smaller home, while for others it might be an assisted living facility), how to make the moving process go smoothly, and so on.

Please let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks in advance!

... I gotta talk about that, and why I am getting even more ruthless about culling folks off my contact list, blocking people etc - by the day. 

For those wondering, I haven't blocked either one of the folks above - - I just replied to them and told them they're bulk emailing, and obviously I'm a fitness guy, and therefore ... 

Basically, I stated the obvious that they'd have known if they werent bulk spamming their stuff out. 

"What I've learned on your blog" 

Other than a sum total of zero, I dont know what he's learned! LOL. 

"I’d love to write an article for your site on what steps to take when you decide to build an accessible home. I’ll include key factors to consider and tips on how to find the right contractors for the job."

Jesus, why, dude? LOL again. Why would I ever build accessible homes for myself? Ever heard of the Rolls Royce of Fitness programs that will keep all those "Demons" away from MY doorstep, hehe. 

I thought it was only companies in India (IT) that did that! Maybe they've hired one of those companies, or ...well, who knows. 

The DESPERATION shines through in certain cases ... 

Anyway, I have NEVER EVER accepted article submissions so I dont know why folks ask. 

Yes, when I started out it could have probably gotten me more site views etc, but thats not the long term vision I had for the site, or have. 

The last thing I want any of the sites I own and do business wise to become is a "smorgsboard" (spelling, hehe?) of advertisements on various niches - no way - ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Definite line in the sand there. 

Even if it's fitness guys - no. 

I'd rather it stays just me. 

The only exception I may make is for CERTAIN people I'll feature in my emails etc - but even then, I will be the one posting what they say, the feedback etc - but certainly no mass article submissions! 

Heaven only knows why folks think that would interest me. 

Anyway ... blocking, you ask? 

I've made no secret of the fact that the more you remove what you dont want out of your life, the more that you DO want comes to replace it. 

My recent WeShat list cull which is down to single digits now on most of the accounts, and less than 30 on the main account is proof of this. 

I keep getting badgered daily by people who say "hey" and nothing else (hoping I'll reply, and I don't, so they can't push some junk on me or try to) - - or people that mass advertisment on the phone - - or, as I recently noted on Pinked-In, "marketing agencies looking to work with health coaches loking to double what not in x number of what not days on the planet Venus, or Mars, or I dont know which one!" 

Men are from Mars, women from Venus. Hehe. 

But anyway, Venus aside (I've written a lot about her!) ... 

(and I gave her the name - both Venus's I've written about, so I do get to write about them, hehe). 

I blocked the latest healh coach on Pinked In that kept relentlessly badgering me. 

"X Marketing Agency" (I'm not going to give him free publicity by posting his name here)

He private messaged me a couple of times. 

I didnt reply. 

He kept up. 

"Rahul, how about it!" 

"Rahul, lets arrange a call!" 

"Rahul, are you ready to scale! " 

And other inaninities. 

He took the maxim of (which I dont agree with fully anyway) "makin decisions for the client" to  a whole new annoying level. 

Like dude, really. 

The desperation shows for one, and more than the annoyance, that is what I really cannot stand "desperate for business" vibe. 

Not to mention the bad vibe which came off his post in general (the other two "seemed OK"). 

But even then, I figured my silence would speak volumes - but apparently not. 

Obviously he's got piegon holed as a "coach" and he hasn't bothered to read anything I have said, written or done. 

Both of which are attributes I dont particularly admire ... 

So while the pioneering troll Bozo Schofield was the first to get roundly blocked everywhere, there's plenty of his posse, known or not that are as well. 

I mean, really. Common sense. 

Personally, I do all I can to not just stay away from these types but aggressively cull them off my list. 

In some cases they sign up AGAIN with different emails, like the Bozo was doing for a while, and they get blocked again. 

Now, on another great note - guess what! 

Isometric and Flexiblity Training joins the very long list of books that is being translated into other languages - this time, Portugese!

A great guy in Brazil just sent me a few pages, and he's doing very well indeed!

And he'll be sending over a review for the book as well, which I'll be sharing with ya'll "by and by". 

All happened today, so that pretty much proves "cull what you dont want, and invite what or who you DO". 

And, on one last note, a customer recently sent me the following. 

"I used to think MGTOW was a dumb idea --  but now I think they're the smart ones!" 


I can understand why he said that, and he's right in most regards, but MGTOW sometimes takes things to extremes too, but given the extremes that feminism has morphed into (its pretty become Nazi feminism) - I dont blame 'em! 

But some of their principles I dont agree with i.e. staying "completely away from women", using dolls etc (dont get me wrong - if you dont miind that - all good - but for me, nothing really beats a live woman as it were!).

But, I'm WITH them and have been forever, actually - even before MGTOW became popular in terms of "living alone and trainig alone" like Mr T. 

Far less hassle, that I will say! 

(and I do agree with their "pay for it" if you want it maxim, since at the end of the day you "pay for it in one way or the other anyway", hehe). 

Personally, if you were to ask me, I'd want the good ole days when MEN were REAL MEN and women were REAL WOMEN. Not so long ago, there was a time when ...!!

(I know that dates me somewhat. Does it? Hehe)

And I'm out. Back soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee