Tuesday, 23 February 2021 06:40

Why YOU should use the power of the subconscious

Picture the following, my friend. 

You wake up in the morning after a night of "drunken revelry". 

You want nothing more than to wake up in PEACE and QUIET and calm - and yet, your wife, significant other, or perhaps your neighbor upstairs chooses that very moment to start clanging pots and pans, or drilling HOLES right above you. 


I've had that happen many a times - wake up in the morning, and some Bozo decides 7 AM in the morning is the time to let 'em drills run amok!

Or the pots and pans, or what not. 

Of course, telling them not to do won't accomplish squat. 

"How dare you". 

"Thats life" they'll yell, before going back to their natty little desk jobs and their perception of LIFE. 

OK, great. 

But there IS something you can do, my friend. 

Anyway, continue the picture. 

You're pissed. 

You go about your day, and suddenly everything "starts to go wrong". 

You meet people, and they react to you negatively. 

Even though you didnt say anything to them, or do anything, and they didnt either. 

You wonder why. 

Whats up, you think. I woke up in a great mood, and now . . . 

And now, befor eyou know it, YOU are DOWN! Big time. 

Suddenly, you do something that makes you feel great. 

Could be anything, really. 

Going for a brisk walk. Jog. Reading something motivational to the extreme (I often do this if I have to!). Visualize. Or just I dont know, whatever works for you. 

Suddenly, the birds CHIRP outside. 

And the world suddenly "looks to be a better place". 

You walk into the same room again, and these same people greet you differently!

What was different, you ask? 

Consciously, nothing. 

But subconcsiously, is a different thing. 

Now, picture yours truly in China in ... I can't even remember when - but I was broker than a .... I dont know, I never use the term broke, but "the reservoir" wasnt half full at that point if I might say so!

(I dont use the term broke for a very good reason). 

(neither should YOU, even if you ARE). 

Off I went to climb the hill at 11 Am in the morning. 

A gaggle of schoolkids showed up with their lovely teacher "Sophie" (I think thats her name, but I'm not sure). 

They took one look at me, and scattered like the wind. 

"Mei Guo Ren! Mei Guo Ren! USA! USA!" 

What they were saying was "Amercian! American!" 

(as if there is any need to say that. There's plenty of expats now in China, and foreign devils are hardly the center of attraction as they used to be once- unless you're in the Boonies, which I was NOT). 

But that isn't why I am telling you this. 

Their entire vibe was (and they didnt say this, but they did later) - - MONEY! 

"Here comes the rich foreigner". 

Curiously enough, many times, they saw OTHER expats - dressed nattily, to a T, with bling on them, girls hanging off them, and all that. 

(when I told my lovely wife about that, she scoffed, of course. "you have no money!' was what she said! "Nothing in your pocket, and yet they follow you!) 

(My lovely wife didnt realize how well she explained the power of the SUBCONSCIOUS. Maybe I'll write a book about it some day with that being the title "Nothing in your pocket, and yet they follow you in DROVES) 

Yours truly used to climb in an old "worn" T shirt andshorts. 

I still have those Domoyos shorts! 

But (and this hasnt been mentioned in the book on fitness recollections) - they didnt give THEM the same "look". 

I got it - regardless of the "outer". 

This, my friend, speaks volumes onto many things ... but for now, this is the KEY to attracting what you WANT in your life. 

And it's a key I explain in Zero to Hero, as soon as you dive into the book - it's right there. 

It's also mentioned in the 10 (should I say 20??) Commandments of Succesful Sales, and yes, sales - anything - any result is possible!

And YES, you CAN influence how other people react to you WITHOUT SAYING A WORD TO THEM!

In fact, you could outwardly do NOTHING. 

(You dont even need to write an email if you don't want). 

And they'd still do it. 

Sound astounding? 

Maybe to you, but not to me. The power of the MIND is unparalleled, my friend, and if certain Laws are followed, and YOU harness the POWER - innate power of your MIND - things will flow for YOU like never before. 

Anyway, before I end this one. 

People have had just that reaction (well, a lot of people) when they read my stuff. 

"Great stuff!" 

"But he's going to charge me for it! And he's going to charge a LOT for it". 

They're right, actually. 

And I plan on continuing to do so. 

For the life of me, I cannot understand why these same people would happily fork over money for (lets say) the "brew of their choice" or "restarauant" or other "passing fancies" which really are a "one time dopamine satisfy thingy" - - but pass up on the same "price" for something that will last 'em a LIFETIME and bring results like nothing else. 

Not all people, of course. 

There's plenty that get it!

But there's plenty that don't - and it's to them I am writing this. 

To those people - the unsubscribe button is there for a reason. Do use it! 

And I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul mookerjee

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