Sunday, 25 July 2021 04:38

Why walking to me, is an activity that cannot be replicated along with SQUATTING

The past couple of days - well, Thursday and Friday have been somewhat annoying and hectic around here. 

And while I won't get into the whys and wherefore's here, let me say this - last night, or more accurately, for a lot of yesterday, I was feeling a strange "pain" in the joint connecting the foot to the ankle. 

Yes, THAT joint I keep telling you to strengthen via the "foot circles" in Isometric and Flexibility Training. There is a REASON!

Now, I've been focusing heavily on the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat in that book as of late, so haven't done a lot of the rest of it (as of late) - other than the hamstring stretches that I do EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL. 

But anyway, despite all the intense Lumberjack training making my shoulers POP - trust me, brand new XXL T - shirts - I can barely "get into them" if you get my drift - despite all the handstands and pull-ups, despite all the HIndu and other squats, rope jumps etc ... there is ONE thing I haven't been doing a lot as of late, that one thing we were all meant to do. 


Thursday an dFriday was a lot of walking. 

None of it really intense, and when there were stairs? 

I just bounded up them like nothing - didnt even feel it to be honest. Heart rate barely went up AT ALL!

But the wierd sort of tendon "soreness" I had yesterday - well, that reminded me of a fact that I've always known, but need keep being reminded of. 

One, leg training - intense leg training - you cannot beat it! 

And two - training the feet - and the ligaments of the feet - again, a must do - along with WALKING!

There is NO activity, my friend, that can replace walking. 

But the very motion of putting one foot in front of the other is a natural one, and no-one should overlook the health and mental benefits of walks. 

Those long walks up the hill in China did more than just reduce fat - they built mental strength and toughness like nothing I've ever done. 

I sent my wife some pictures (you'll see one I believe on the sales page for 16 Inspirational FItness Recollections) and her comment was along the lines of "walking will get you FIT!" 

True, that was up hill walks daily in extreme heat and humidity. 

But still, walking is something along with squatting - that YOU, my friend, should do your entire life -and keep doing anyway even if you're super fit now. 

Squatting of course, Ive gone into the benefits before, so I wont do so again ... 

But these two simple activities will keep you fit and lean until the day you pass - and if you combine them with the tips, techniques, and the workouts in my other books - well, you'll become a fitness phenom very shorly too!

Well, my friend, thats it for now - but wait. 

Before I leave ...

In Advanced Hill Training, a book that is sort of like the pre-cursor to Animal Kingdom Workouts - I tell you HOW to walk. 

No, "just walking" isn't the key here. 

Neither is power walking ... 

There is a way to connect with the ground as you walk, there is a way to breathe, there is a right way, and a wrong way. 

And that small section in the book which most people seem to ignore - well - don't, my friend. 

That section is truly GOLD!

And if you haven't already, of course, then get the book now - you'll truly be transported "back in time" to 2018 as you read and watch me train "almost like I was there with you"! 

Truly worth it, must grab!


Rahul Mookerjee