Saturday, 31 July 2021 12:09

What the villainous, gluttenous, Barbarous Bozo did get right that night...


Gotta be fair. 

Gotta call a spade a spade - not so much the "spades" Glyn has fetishes about if you get my drift, but the real spade - heavy spade the Bozo could never actually "lift". 

Wow. I seem to be great at double entendre today... 

Moi ... what was that word? 

Hey, Ill take the applause is what I meant. Hehe. 

Anyway, I spoke about Glyn the Glutton for free in the last email, and I've said it ain't just that night either. 

As our old friend Chuck once famously said ... "He drinks all my beer, he eats all my food, he makes a mess, he doesnt clean up, he sits in a room all day long and trolls people! "

Of course, he left out the juicier and the more salacious bits - and yes, I know, you the reader, have a hard time believing some of this but it's all perfectly true friend and can be verified. 

Bozo stole his girlfriend's panties too. 

"I think K had some panties missing", Chuck told me once cautiously. 

Just - UGH!

Anyway, what did he get right that night? 

Certainly wasn't his inanity of "I want to sniff shoes" that he kept saying when drunk. 

I remember asking like "Glyn, what!" 

And he's just blink and grab his beer and say "oh nothing! That was just some thought!" 

My own brain was pretty fogged at that time, so I didnt make much of it other than whatever, some fetish he's got. 

All coming out when Dr Hyde is drunk... 

But anyway, while scarfing down his free meal (though to be fair, I paid for the beer today. Bozo had the sum total of one sad, sorry looking half town one kuait note and some spare change, all totalling up to less than $0.5 in his mangy, oversized, bum-off-the-street like pockets, so Charles and I kept taking pity on him - he even hitched a ride to Dongguan for free, what a fellow! Didnt even pay his bus ride over!) (and of course, a few days later went nuts at Chuck's home - that tale is well told, Ibelieve) ... he did do one thing right. 

Just one, friend. 

And that was this, despite the empty beer bottles and the half full one you see sitting on the table (well, not all of you, for now, just the Ship members see it) - Bozo didnt actualyl drink much during the year. 

Perhaps because he was too scared his rat meat would grow wings and fly away ... 

But whatever it iwas, he didnt guzzle a ton of liquid during the meal. 

That, funnily enough is what he did right. 

And I'm not talking just beer. 

You'll see peopl eguzzling water like it's going out of style DURING their meals! 

You'll see people pouring glasse of cold water down their gullets and eating pizza along with it. 

And so forth. 

Then they complain about bloating, 

Look, fella, I dont know if I mention this in the Simple and Effective Diet or not, but the correct time to drink water, or any beverage - is half an hour before a meal, and 2 hours POST the meal. 

If its execptionally light, maybe one hour. 

But no less. 

And if you HAVE to have something, SIP some water - don't guzzle it - during your meal. 

Simple enough tip, but most ignored, so I thought I'd bring it up. 

And yes, this sort of thing immesnely helps with digestion, and your digestive juices etc doing their job and unleashing their full might and potency as opposed to if mixed in with and diulted with a ton of H20. 

Funnily enough, the tim eyou need to guzzle water the most is when the LEAST number of people do it - it aint post workout either. 

It's during the day. 

And it's first thing in the morning - - I guzzle two liters everyday, and it's KEY to keeping myself in the best shape of my life. 

Yet, folks head for the coffee machine... 

Anyway, thats what Bozo got right - for a change. 

And thats the tips. 

I hope it helps!


Rahul Mookerjee

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