Tuesday, 04 May 2021 11:32

Why I love "Auntie" Gong Li

Gong Li, for those not in the know is one of the best known Chinese actresses.

Though she says "no matter what others say I am Chinese", fact is she's Chinese born - but Singaporean NOW.

Take that for what you may!

I cannot for the life of me understand or support Tom Tomming of any nature, even if it's just so she can continue making her millions in China.

And admittedly, she's a good actress I feel. Better than a few others I've seen ...

(nothing to me though, beats Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, and nothing, not even Gong Li, would disguise the fact that Mulan and "The Meg" were both biased, tom tomming piece of trash "perfect exampe of Hollywood ass kissing" TRASH).

 But anyway ...

So I dont like Li because of her comments about ...well, I said it above.

I dont like the tom tomming, and the way she pussy foots around "sensitive issues".

I dont particularly like some of the characters she's played, and indeed, reading a list of top 10 quotes by her, I must say I cannot find anything I particularly agree with.

But there's something about the gal.

I gotta say it.

She's ... NATURAL!

And I suppose that, along with her cute "Hanneeebal" accent (natural again, hehe - she ain't that great at English) in Hannibal Rising is one reason I love her!

More than all the fake actreses out there, there's natural about her and then some.

She turned into a lard ass at a certain point years ago.

And hey.

As Carol said, when a woman is in love - two people deeply in love - they, especially the woman, puts on weight.

Aint that the absolute truth, hehe.

And Li was with a husband or something, or a male lover at any rate at that point.

And again, her look.

I've made no bones about the fact that this asinine Chinese preference for bone skinny women is WAY OTC.

Beyond limits.

Chinese men, from what it seems like SKELETONS -not real women.

Dont get me wrong.

I'm not a Bozo Schofield style "junk in the trunk" fanatic, but a woman - and a man's gotta be natural!

(That current trend, that I spoke about - Uniqlo or what not where Chinese babes apparently have to fit into clothes meant for teens.

JUST - UGH!And retarded to say the least).

And Li seems to have reduced her weight some, and now, on her current Wiki page?

I dont know, flat out gorgeous is what I thought!

And NATURAL - which is what I like, despite disliking a lot else about her.

That, and she's a poor girl that finally made it big.

I dont know how she did it, or who helped, or what not, or any of that jazz. Fact is, she did it ... (though fact also is, in China, very few, if any people, make it big without governmental support, and if they do get too big and dont toe the line - well, what happened to Jack Ma happens to them, hence Li's cautious statements I believe).

Dont believe me, do your own research.

As for Chinese MALE actors?

Gotta admit I like ... ZERO.


Nothing against them, as I told a person I was talking to, but they look unnatural - girlish, even.

I don't quite prefer that look.

Nothing against those that do or consider them "Hamsum"  (for context, Bozo Brummie is a 10x fatter version of that sort of "sickly sweet Korean soap opera male star" right down to holding handbags, sniffing Posteriors, and then some).

I freely admit for one I ain't half as Purdy as those dudes are. Promise. I really am NOT!

Anyway ...

The natural look fitness wise is what I like and rail against the artifical pump, tone, buff, preen, shine and massage until the cows fly home.

Natural ways of working out.

If you gotta lift weights, natural weights!

Gotta go to the gym?

Natural gym, as dude told me all those years ago.

And there it is, my friend. There it is.

You just cannot beat NATURAL!


Rahul Mookerjee