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Life skills every Dad (or parents) must teach their sons or daughters.

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Way too many parents think "paying the bills" is enough. Way too many think "ah but I sent them to the best colleges, the best universities" etc - thats enough. 

It's not, my friend. 

Hunter Biden is but the most glaring example of this, there are plenty more. Succeeding as a parent takes WAY more than just forking out the cash when need be ... (I still remember a friend Tim saying "my Dad doesnt give a shit about all this (college results etc) - he just pays the tuition!") ...

I said every "Dad" should teach their kids this, but you should really put "parent" in there - any responsible parents, Mom, Dad, whichever. 

These are basic life skills EVERYONE must have, and are not taught in any school or college out there - not the traditional sort at least. 

Napoleon Hill was tasked years and years ago with writing the Laws of Success, which surely aren't taught in them "hallowed" institutions either. . . 

Anyway - without further ado (and yes, this is not gender specific - it applies whether you have a son or daughter) - 

One, how to throw a decent punch - and how to defend yourself. The basics, thats all -but the basics are important. 

Two, the importance of street fighting when need be.

Three, proper COMMUNICATION - and the knowledge that the MIND trumps all - and that getting physical should always be a last resort - but one that one should never back down from if need be. 

Four, the importance of standing up to - and combating - BULLYING - of any nature. 

Five, standing up for your OWN rights, no matter what your gender might be. 

Six, changing a car tyre - and basic car repairs. 

Seven, basic fitness skills, and bodyweight exercises like the basic pushup and pull-up. 

Eight - the importance of PERSISTENCE, goal setting - and the fact that nothing good even comes easy, the value of practice - etc - all taught in "Think and Grow Rich" - Zero to Hero! - and so forth. 

Nine, the difference between right and wrong - which never goes away, and ultimately, in the Universal Court of Justice, is all that really counts. 

And ten, well, everything my own father never taught me ... perhaps because he didnt know it himself? 

The worst thing you can do for a kid, my friend, is to let them remain "directionless" and justify it by saying "we paid the bills" (often times for fancy BS that doesnt deliver what it promises - believe me, I've been there, done that - on the receieving end). 

I'm sure there are hundreds more things that will come to mind ... but for now, I am typing this before my meditation, my tea even. 

Therefore, thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - 10 - Respect, and the importance and VALUE of "goose and gander" and what goes around comes around... 

Lots of fathers (and mothers) dont know the basics of fitness themselves, and thats fine - you can and should set an example yourself first. Start right HERE

PS #2 - Folks, I know I probably missed a shitton of important things. No worries this was me "off the cuff" as always before my tea, I had to do it, but sitting here, editing, which I normally would never do, COOKING is another skill that (the basics, nothing fancy) everyone should be taught, male or female. You'd be surprised at how many folks dont know how to boil an egg! 

I was never ever taught any of it, but - hey. I'm grateful in that regard, I learned in the trenches (everything) and thats always the best way, though not the most pleasant at times to say the least. Hehe. 

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