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The "interesting passage" the CBSE in India "seems to have dropped" ...

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Well, well, well. 

Seems my rants (all very well warranted) on Nazi feminism and the lot aren't just being read - they are, as I've been saying all along what a lot of (non cuckolded and simped) men FEEL - on a damn near daily basis - especially if you're born after the year 2000 or so. 

Before that the effects of the World wars were still there, when (right after the wars) men were at a premium in most places (indeed, today, look at places like Russia, still the case! I heard they used to give Russian females awards for those that pumped out 10 babies - such was the paucity of people in general - quite different from today's vastly over populated coddled world!). 

Anyway, from CBSE Drops 'Sexist' Passage form 10th English Exam, Students to get Full Marks ( ... 

Since I couldn't copy and paste from that link, I googled, it's all over the place. 

According to the contentious section, "women acquiring independence is the primary cause of a wide range of societal and household difficulties." It further stated, "The wife's emancipation damaged the parent's control over the children." It added: "By lowering the male from his pedestal, the wife and mother robbed themselves, in reality, of the instruments of discipline."

Essentially, this was there in a question paper or something for some exam for students in India, therefore, had to be studied first in some textbook (I'm not quite up to speed in that regard, especially nowadays!). 

But what people felt was what was put into the text, and of coure, there was a massive hue and cry about it, now it's been taken down, students get full marks for the question whether they got it right or wrong, everyone is bashing the leading BJP for it (true, I'm not exactly enthused by what they've accomplished in India over the past few years, but neither has the opposition, at least, end of the day, BJP took a STANCE!) ... 

Thing is though, that is how a LOT of men - and quite a few REAL women feel. 

This "emancipation of women" is all well and good, but it has been taken to extremes. 

Female rights and equality dont mean the men have none practically speaking, yet, the liberals everywhere have made it that way, and / or are doing their damndest to make it that way. 

No matter where you might fault the ruling BJP in India, there is ONE silver lining - a huge one for me. 

They're NOT liberals in any sense of the word. 

Sigh of relief ... 


But anyway, I'm not for teaching this sort of thing to kids either. 

But, point being this - they're being force fed Nazi feminist idelogies damn near all over the place everywhere else, so I dont blame someone for taking a stance and saying it like it is (like I do, and no, I could care less about lost sales in that regard). 

More to the point - anyone notice the disaster single mom families are - in all regards - both economically and otherwise? 

When you turn over any and all decision making power to the woman - it is an UNMITIGATED disaster. 

That is not support patriarchy necessarily, but men are a very vital cog in the wheel of parenthood and family for one. 

The trend these days is to marginalize the men to whichever extent possible (of course, in my family, that has been going on since birth). 

But how does that work out - look at the stats for one. 

Then you take goose and gander. 

What say unequal divorce settlements - downright unfair ? What say "if women are truly independent, why do THEY get alimony, and mammoth amounts of it - while the man gets zero or less?"

What say visitation rights? 

Even in the families where men do live with their kids, taking the man out of the decison making process has never ended up well for anyone. 

If the man has any brains, he'll do what I did and go mgtow. 

Trouble is though, the kid can't do that. 

And a father is essential for kids, my friend - any kid. 

Ask even the most coddled and Nazi fem spoon fed kid - and they'll tell you wistfully how they wish their DAD was with them. 

That ain't theory I'm spouting, it's FACT. 

And of course - not a word has been said, even in India, about men being on the hook for everything financially. 

And the rare cases they arent, it's only so the woman can "do it her way or the highway". 

That ain't the case with a male head of the family. 

The woman often and almost always STILL has her say and decides on matters that are "female domain". 

Yet, the opposite case - females decide damn near everything, the men nothing - not even the "male domain" issues. 

My take on it remains the same - real woman, feminism, all OK and well and good. But when it morphs into Nazi feminism - or anything morphs into Nazi anything - THAT is where one needs to take a stance!

Anyway, it's great guirella marketing for the politicians too, hehe. 

If it was intended to be that, of course. I dont see how it could be anything else (CBSE is national level education, so I'm sure they anticipated the hue and cry). 

Anyway ............................. 

For those of you stuck dealing with Nazi feminism, remember - you can not only combat it, but BENEFIT from it. 

And unlike the CBSE - my book on it ain't going anywhere anytime soon, neither is mgtow. 

Get this book NOW, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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