Monday, 18 July 2022 05:03

Slow Mo pull-ups

Most of the literature out there on pull-ups focuses, sadly on rep counts - and not FORM. 

Most of the books out there that teach FORM on pull-ups - teach it WRONG. 

Sadly again. 

And what is most galling is a tip that literally makes your pull-up numbers sky rocket, and upper body strength go STRAIGHT through the roof - is HOW you grip the bar. 

And  MOST people get it wrong, even seasoned fitness fanatics. 

I cannot tell you how many times I've almost thrown a hissy when I see people kipping during pull-ups (an utterly useless practice in terms of bettering form - it does the opposite - in terms of improving strength, or conditioning - maybe if you're trying to save your life, you use your legs, but not otherwise!) - or when gripping the bar when doing either pull-ups or another hidden gem - monkey bar work (if they ever do it, precious few people have the gumption to take that one "callus deep" as it were). 

My two books "Gorilla Grip" - and "Pull-ups from Dud to Stud within a matter of weeks!" - as well as the ADVANCED book on pull-ups i.e. "Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!" explain these secrets very well. 

If you're someone that has been paying attention to what I write here and not simply thinking "free, free" - then you know the tip, or part of it already. 

But that ain't what this one is about. 

This is about - SPEED. 

Pull-ups - especially the pulling up part - should be done SMOOTHLY for one, and in a CONTROLLED manner, those jerky "by all means possible" pull-ups dont cut it, friend. 

They only give you pulled shoulders and tendonitis amongst others (speaking from personal experience back in the day here). 

While speed is somewhat important, ideally, when getting a good pull-up workout in, the movement upwards should be explosive, and take 1-1.2 seconds at most (with a brief pause once the chin is over the bar, not AT THE BAR!!) (OVER!) ... and then smoothly CONTROLLED back down, perhaps another 1.3 seconds - while you BREATHE correctly, another huge reason for people failing at pull-ups, most forget to breathe or hold their breath - how has been covered in the books. 

And, in the 0 Excuses Fitness System too - I give you tips on how to RECOVER from hard "puffing" workouts as well in the System if you really listen to what I say! 

But despite the 2.5 second pull-up being a great workout, there are ways to make it tougher - equally productive if not more. 

I did 25 pull-ups in my workout yesterday. 

But they felt like 75. 

Most of everything was done SLOW MO. 

I paused for five seconds at the TOP of each pull-up, really feeling the lats and grip with chin over the bar. 

I did dead hangs for 10 seconds before going onto the next rep - without letting go of the bar. 

On the way up, I made sure to slowly go up - ironing out kinks in an already "perfect" technique - I took maybe 5 seconds up, 4 down ... 

In the middle of all this, I kept doing long dead hangs with thick grips. 

Believe me, this workout wasn't easy. 

And believe me when I tell you, THIS workout will make YOU sore for DAYS if you do it right!

As will most of the workouts in the books mentioned if you do 'em RIGHT. 

I'm not saying go this slow all the time - but be honest, how many times have you heard about these slow mo workouts as opposed to "fast"! 

Slow, even with Animal Kingdom Workouts often taxes everything DEEP down inside. 

It sparks muscle growth like never before. 

It irons out and rectifies weakenesses in your tendons, ligaments and joints. 

IT strengthens the grip beyond belief. 

And so much more, my friend. 

Be sure and try some of these slow mo workouts in terms of pull-ups, or perhaps even pushups every so often. 

And, get back to me and tell me how it feels. 

OK, all for now. 

And before I forget : GET the books above. Best ever!


Rahul Mookerjee