Saturday, 25 February 2012 10:27

ONE minute grip workouts

You've heard me speak about 15-30 minute workouts often. You've heard me say that you can get in a fantastic workout in 15 minutes flat - and you've also heard me talk about five minute routines that blast the fat off your frame faster than you can say Hallelujah.

Folks often use the "I don't have time to train" excuse to avoid exercise. Well, sorry, but EVERYONE's got to have a few minutes a day for themselves, and if you don't have even that much time - well, I suggest you work on rectifying that. 15 minutes is not a long time - 10 minutes is even shorter. Do what you can, but do SOMETHING - anything that gets you moving is a good start (and I don't mean the walk from the refrigator to the couch).

Anyway, today, I'll take the "quick workouts" concept one step further, and talk about routines that don't last for more than a minute - and get the job done in terms of blasting the grip.

That's right - you CAN get an intense forearm workout from following a routine that last for as little as a MINUTE. And to be honest, most beginners would be doing good to get 10-15 seconds in good form; let alone 60 seconds.

Sounds a bit implausible to you? Well, perhaps it does, but allow me to give you an extremely simple exercise to do - which won't last for more than a minute. And that one exercise is SO simple to do that I wonder why most folks don't think of doing it - but incredibly, they don't.

And that exercise is this: Find a chinning bar, or a sturdy tree branch, or anywhere you can hang safely (the higher the better) - grip on to the bar, and simply hang. Thats right, simply HANG, and time yourself while you do so. No monkey business while hanging; your arms should be completely stretched out and your entire body should stay still - simply hang in that position for a minute.

Again, if it sounds simple to you - well, just TRY it. I'll bet your unable to do more than 25-30 seconds max if you're starting out (perhaps less if you've been doing other exercises before). If you can manage a minute, repeat for five sets. If you can manage that, keep doing that at the end of your regular routine - and tell me how much your grip has improved after a couple of weeks.

Simple enough exercises, but you won't find many people doing this. Why? Well, one because if done correctly (and especially if done after your regular workout) - this exercise CAN REALLY HURT! You'l literally feel your fingers start to peel off the bar after you've been hanging a while - and your shoulders and forearms will get a super workout as well. And all this in less than a minute.

Second, it's not a "fancy" exercise. Most folks associate hanging on a chinning bar with "something they did when they were kids", and don't conisder it anywhere near in value to the fancier stuff and machines.

Big, big mistake - the simple stuff - stuff we did when we were kids - actually brings you far better results than the other stuff does.

And in case your wondering, this one simple exercise can be made way tougher than it is currently. Further, there are dozens of other things you can do - for a MINUTE - that will leave you with burning forearms and fingers that won't be able to grip for a while after the exercise. Fast and Furious Fitness details many such routines that can be used by all levels of trainees (yes, even advanced trainees).

As for yours truly, I did three one minute holds at the end of my routine today - and I can STILL feel the soreness in my forearms. I enjoy this exercise, and do it often - and if your interested in developing a vice like grip, so should you.

All for now. Oh, if you logged on to the site a few hours back and saw an "under maintenance" sign, not to worry - that was simply my web host updating the server where the site is located. All seems to be normal now.

Enjoy your weekend - and if you train today, make it a super workout!

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PS: Here's that link once again: - Fast and Furious Fitness