Sprinting - one of the BEST exercises you can possibly do

Sprinting - possibly one of the best exercises you can do

Sprints are one of the best exercises that you can do, period. These are great! I don't care if it's bodyweight exercises, weight training routines, or a combination of the two - sprints need to make up a part of your routine. 

Note that when I say "sprint", I mean "sprint" - not "run", or "jog". Sprinting, as the name implies, means running like a hare - running all out for as long as you possibly manage.

Sprints will build hard, solid muscle all over your body. Your legs get a fantastic workout - but the rest of your body benefits from the exercise as well. Why? Well, sprinting at high intensities causes your body to release huge amounts of natural growth hormones, and that is where your gains come from. In addition, remember you are using the largest muscles in your body to power the movement (your thighs and hamstrings) - work those into the ground, and you'll be amazed at the benefits you reap ALL OVER YOUR BODY.

Sprints are also an essential tool for fat loss. Few exercises will torch the fat off your body like sprints will. There is no need to even worry about "doing cardio" for hours on end if you sprint regularly. You do NOT need a lot of time to complete the actual workouts - you'd be surprised at how short my sprint workouts really are, and I'm gassed by the end of it. In fact, the easiest sprint routine can be humbling for even a seasoned athlete – and there’s always ways to make the routine much harder.

Sprints can be done anywhere you find an open space, and as with most of the other routines I advocate, they are SIMPLE to do. This shouldn’t be confused with “easy”; they are anything but, so make sure you are at a point where you are physically able to sprint all out without injuring yourself.

As with everything else, moderation is key. It is very easy to overtrain on sprints, and the results of doing so ain't pretty. I know, because I've done this myself before. Beware of overtraining, but especially so when it comes to sprints.

And the great part about it is that you don't need a lot of time for these benefits to show either. Incorporate sprints into your routine the right way, and you should start seeing results in a couple of weeks, especially if you are sprinting uphill on a regular basis.

I cover different routines on sprints, and also advice on how to  incorporate them into your workouts in Fast and Furious Fitness. Incorporate these into your routine if so choose - and watch your body change before your eyes.

Rahul Mookerjee