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My thoughts on "Roe vs Wade" and more...

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Before I wade into the "Roe vs Wade" issue, pun NOT intended, Joe Biden, did you just start a "Ministry of Truth" or something like that? 

Obviously isn't named that (the WWE back in the hey day had ministries though, hehe) - but apparently its some new department set up to "counter disinformation". 

Which to me my first thought upon reading it was this - well, so can't we counter it ourselves? 

Then again, given the world has essentially turned into dumb Bozos "believing what the media throws at them - Hitler style or not - depending on what you believe", given the free for all I've been predicting for so long is finally"coming to pass" - and given thinking for yourself has never been a skill the world in general has believed in over the past decade or so, I guess Ole Sleepy Joe has some sort of a sleepy creepy point, except I dont see it. 

Those guys working there will be subject to the same pressures the media is. 

They can be paid off, bought, and more - and probably will be. 

This is basically a "Joe Biden says it so thats how it is" department. Which of course is liberals to a T. 

I woke up this morning to the news that apparently some docs were leaked out of the Supreme Court  and that Roe vs Wade will "soon" be overturned (of course, legally speaking that could take up to two months, decision could change, yada, nada, schnada, but thats the nub of it). 

I wonder if the Justices themselves aren't sure on what to say here. Hehe. 

Are they, or someone leaking this to (I mean how the fuck can Supreme Court "to be decided" cases be leaked anyway??) - wanting to see "how the public reacts", or just in general some hell raiser leaked it "to see how it goes"? 

First we have Elon Musk, someone I never liked, someone who is now the darling of a lot of "right wingers" - to me, he's always bent the way thats beneficial for HIM - true liberal - born rich etc - and given the control China will soon have over Twitter (indirectly), I'll probably be leaving that soon too. 

And now this with Biden, then the Roe vs Wade thingy. 

Let me very clear, I was never quite in support of the judgement - NOT because I am explicitly always against abortion. 

True, I dont believe abortion laws should be misused, but to me, Roe vs Wade misintrepeted the concept of "privacy" and (God knows how) expanded it to include abortion. 

While it didnt quite, as many believe give women "carte blanche" to abort anytime, anyplace - the states (some of them, like Loony California right about now that wants "enshrine protection for abortion permanently in its Consitution) did what they could to do so, or not.

Second the way "life" was interpreted in that landmark decision leaves a lot to be desired. 

But anyway legalese aside, let me start all of this with a story, as I so often do. 

In 2012, I believe, I finally did what my wife wanted me to for ages (and what I didnt) - and "got back into the grind" if you get my drift. 

I had been avoiding it for reasons I won't mention here, but reasons a lot of you know. 

She was going bonkers, nuts, insane, and well, while I'll probably offend most reading this, those with sense will understand - if you dont give it to her regularly, she goes nuts. 

Simple as that. Hehe. 

Pun intended, maybe not, no, Glyn Schofield, all the ass licking in the world doesnt substitute sometimes, as Charles said, "she needs more".

(of course, what HE himself does is another story eh). 

(one I wont discuss here). 

But so I finally did it, next day, she was feeling sick and queasy, I didnt think anything was up, but we went to the company clinic anyway. 

Uh oh. 


"Weren't you on birth control", I asked her mildly. 

Of course, somehow she chose that very month to get off it without telling me (because as she later told me, I would NEVER Have kids if it were left up to me). 

Cant say I blame me either. Hehe. 

Can't say I blame me for now ... anyway, lets get to that now. 

I was stunned. 

I had not one single time thought about having kids until then. 

Never ever. 

always a hell no. 

"Should we abort", the thought passed through my mind. 

Not so much because of the kindly Indian lady doc who brought religion into it and said "it's God's work" basically ... 

... but because, well ... every guy reading this will get it. 

For a split second, maybe more, I considered it. 

Then, as always, I made the gut choice. 

Lets do it! (my wife wasn't sure what to do at that point, whether or not she would have aborted is a different story, but she might would have). 

Hey, I dont know why I made the choice, but I'm damn glad I did!

Looking back, I guess because I've never backed away from anything in my life, so why this. Hehe. Again, I am SO glad I made the choice to go with it!

If the Universe deems it so ...

Three months later, I was nigh mortified to hear my Nazi feminist mother prattle on about "how we're not fit to be parents "ie my wife and her (but apparently Mom is herself, hehe) - when the kid was already three months "old". 

I mean sweet Jesus, what she said "but you could have aborted" - how could she even have said that at that point is beyond me. 

I never told her that, of course, because reasoning with a brick wall, only another brick wall would attempt. It might not work even then.

There is never a right time, Mom, for someone who has no inkling or clue of what real life is about, for someone that has never earned a penny, always had it handed to you on a platter, you wouldn't understand. 

(and a woman who famously made my wife (reasons not mentioned here) to go in "public transport" during the 8th month, when she could have just as easily sat in a car and gone) .. 

(and if you needed any more reasons as to why I'm truly the best person to teach you about how to not just combat, but BENEFIT from Nazi feminism... hehe). 

(really, get the book, stop putting it off, it's great!)

But anyway - my thoughts? 

I dont view this as a "one or all" decision. I DO think the States should decide it, as they do so many otheri issues, because that is what the Constitution mandates. 

And in some cases, maybe one like ours, where if someone changes their mind the next morning, well, at that point it's a bunch of cells to me, not a "human being". 

I realize most that are vehemently against abortion will disagree. 

Life is life, they say. 

It is, I'm not arguing that, but you have to mix PRACTICALITY and what the to be parents want into the mix. 

Nothing worse (for a child) than an unwanted child. I should know. Hehe. 

And a day or so into it, you're not really "killing anyone" in the true sense. 

That dont apply once the baby actually "forms", like I said, case by case basis. 

In some cases, if the woman was raped for one, then I do believe - until a certain point - it should be allowed. 

People misuse laws, so of course, what I said about the "next day" above could be misused. 

But to me, it's one ot those things that are NOT just about women's rights, dontrary to what the mainstream media morons will have you believe. 

Isnt the guy on the hook for support down the line? 

Thats one thing about my wife - despite her own Nazi feminist leanings, she's at least not fully bought into the BS (perhaps my influence has something to do with that too. hehe. How dare I say it, I know). 

I will say this though, a lot of the idiotic arguments the liberals and rainbow lunatics are propogating already - beyond belief - much like this email I sent you guys yesterday. 

End of the day, if you notice those that are succesful, they usually lean RIGHT. 

Pun intended. 

there is a reason. 

Common sense never quite goes away, does it ... 

Of course, thats my take on it. 

(the latest ont hat - apparently "Peter Thatchell", some moron who claims "all sexual activilty involving children and adults is not necessarily harmful is being invited to speak at ... uh, schools.  

Apparently its ok because some "boys" in Papue New Guinea according to this Bozo "have sex with adult warriors" as part of an initiation into manhood. 

I mean really, Peter. 

Some tribes in Africa shake penises as opposed to hands, should we do that too? Glyn Schofiel in Brum and you would make a perfect, sweet, cuddly couple.. 

I mean Jesus Jumpin' Christ on a pogo stick, leave kids, minors and animals out of it.  I write erotica, even there, in fantasy land, I'd never include them, apparently not the more rabid LBGTWQSFJR or whatever nutjobs out there).

Anyway .......... 

More than a few people have been unsubscribing from my lists as of yet due to these "views" as a certain nutjob who wrote in yesterday about the mustache email told me. 

Ok, great. 

If thats you, please leave too, no hard feelings.

For those that remain, get on the fitness train NOW by adopting the BEST damned fitness system - TODAY. 


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - I realize what I said above might not be "legalese", but I'd rather common sense and the option to THINK things through over all. 

PS #2 - If you were to ask me my thoughts on all this in a line that doesnt include the words common sense, well, I'd say the Court is doing the right thing, batting it back to the States is the way to go, as that is what the Founding Fathers wanted and intended it to be. Simple as that, after that, of course, what is not so common comes into play...