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On changing with the time, and just why the heck would someone carry an umbrella in sunshine - or pouring rain, hehe.

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The Nazi feminists and cuckolds will have a HEY DAY reading this, hehe. And trollng me about it!

It's also possibly one of the most unromantic emails you will read from me - or possibly one of the most, depending upon how you look at it. 

But really, in China, I've never understood ONE thing till date - - two in fact. 

The tendency of men to carry women's purses and handbags. 

And, the tendency of women to worship fair skin - and carry umbrellas to an extreme. 

Come sun, come shine, come hail. 

The one thing that doesn't leave a Chinese girls side isnt her mobile phone, sunglasses, or purse... 

It's her umbrella, hehe. 

Carol, a girl I once knew even took it to giddy limits by explaining the "angles" the umbrella was supposed to be held at a different times of the day. 

Nothing short of hilarious, my friend. 

Yes, yours truly "chuckling" was "taught" that - I played along too! Hehe. 

But anyway, I've seen women all over the world do it these days - as of late, at least. My Korean Soap operas obsessed lovely wife does it all the time "wife". 

For one. I'm sure tons of other addicts do too. 

I'm also sure that there is a "fair skin" fetish in India i.e. "if you're fair, youre royalty, if not, you're a peasant working in the fields". 

Thats what the Chinese have to say about it. 

India, I'd bet something similar. 

But truly, my wife - I've never seen her ape the Chinese to that extent. 

And they, of course, want the long flowing dresses like Joanie did (ugh. I'd prefer shorts!) - and the "traditional Indian saris". 

It's odd but the Nazi feminists think that "shorts" are what women prefer in China. 

Not so all the time, my friend. 

They're not even that special there!

Truly a case of the grass being greener on ALL sides. Hehe. 

Then we have folks in the US - white folks - paying big money to go to tanning salons. 

I give up, hehe. 

But to be fair, I guess this long dress umbrella holding nonsense started back in the Victorian era? 

Not sure, maybe some of you in the UK can tell me!

And the oh so romantic (not, ugh) walks in the park "looking at the flowers" and other rubbish. 

I dont know, maybe it's women in general. 

I dont care much to know either - I just think APEING in general does not work. 

Yours truly, for one, is the same as I've always been. 

Some other real men are too. 

Look at Donald Trump, for one. HE's never changed. Likely never ever will! 

Yours truly never will either. 

Changing with the times, eh? 

Even Emraan Hashmi, a man I greatly admire - has done so in terms of "look" - but hey. If it makes him money, I'm all for it!

But as STallone said in First Blood II, when the sweaty overlord of a fat phock that was "commander of the mission" told him "Times change!" 

For some people. 

Yours truly is the SAME DAMN way.

Stallone, my friend is a classic example of a man who has NOT changed one damn bit. 

His look has. 

But the core Stallone is still very much there, and while many question the logic in the gory violence of the 2019 "Last Blood" movie, well, he DID move with the times. 

He just captured public feeling, and put it out there on camera for all to see..

Dont believe me? 

Look at whats happening barely two years down the line from when the movie was released! 

But back to changing with the so called times while teh changes moan about "how good it was back in the day" and how the old timers knew it all...

It seems to be kosher i.e. the "in thing" for men to shave their chests etc these days to look all "metrosexual" and attractive. 

Curiously enough, when a man wants long hair, the Nazi feminists scream up a storm. 

I cannot tell you, my friend, if there is ONE scourge I'd like to eradicate from the face of the planet? 

It's Nazi feminists!

Not only are they content to live in flith, garbage, rats and roaches for fear of actually, you know, having to do any real work (oddly enough these same women hire and berate - guess who - other WOMEN - to do their dirty work!) - but they claim of being busy, when their 'business" doesnt help or benefit  ANYONE Other than themselves. 

The men just get one duty added on the other, hehe. 

Like a customer recently said "She just wears me down. If it isn't this, its that. The LONG list of duties she gives me, once one thing is over, the next starts". 

He puts up with it, granted. 

Yours trulu doesnt. 

But women are all the same!

Anyway yours truly has never changed - and never will either. 

And I'll never stop calling the Nazi feminists out either. 

Thats that from me. 

Remember - pre-orders galore for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, a book that I predict with all my others truly will stand the golden test of TIME. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Stallone is mentoned ont he sales page for the book for a reason. 

PS #2 - I noticed I never addresed the part about "not carrying umbrellas in pouring rain". 

Real men, write back and tell me why YOU DONT! 

"A little rain never bothered me", said the General. General Michael. Hehe. 

(The Chinese seem to scatter like roaches under the light with the slighest hint of any rain spoiling their purrr-feet (ahem, fect) skin...)

But really, you write back and tell me!