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I believe I did up a post on the latter a while ago, didnt I?

Or if it wasnt a post, I believe I sent it out to my list.

YES – that is what I think it was!

And today I’ll delve into another recollection – that NOT mentioned in “16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections” (but I’ll probably put a LONGER version of it in the next Volume, whenever that comes out).

Comes out. I know. I know!

But anyway, it “comes out” as it does from my mind.

Now, remember one thing.

Yours truly lives in a SUB TROPICAL area where it does NOT snow.

I repeat.

IT gets cold as heck. Blustery. Rain and cold. You feel like your fingers are about to fall off. With the lack of indoor heating it can get even worse.

But ... it “don’t” snow.

But it did wayyyy back in 2015, and now that I think about it it wasn’t all that long off!

I remember waking up to excited messages from people on WeChat.

“it snowed in Dongguan!”

I didnt believe it.

Was incredulous.

Credibly so!

Looked outside.

And sure enough, there it was. A slight layer of snow that those of you reading this from New York for one would sneer at for being nothing (rightfully so, hehe. Although I do remember my time in New York – it was the winter, and a very mild one at that!).

But it was snowing.

And yours truly didnt have the clothes for it, so he bundled up in layers of clothes and went climbing anyway, and that hill?


And I remember feeling my fingers and face almost FREEZING.

Or so it felt.

When I “unpeeled those layers”, guess what. I had sweated up a storm anyway.

And this brings me to the cold showers part, something I highly, highly recommend.

As I said in an email or so prior to this, my water heater often fails when you need it the most.

It isn’t an issue these days, as I shower at night or afternoon mostly.

But back in the day?

When I couldn’t STEP out of the house before stepping foot in the good ole shower?

Well, back in the day there was only one alternative.

Grit the teeth.

And jump into a freezing ice cold shower in the middle of winter.

And the heart thumping I’ve experienced was like NOTHING else 

Probably the only comparison that would even COME CLOSE is the saunas I used to go to in China (no longer, ever since 2015 – long story, hehe, but I could if I wanted to).

The sweat rolling and pouring off me was something else.

The Finns do this. They take hot saunas, and then jump straight into the Atlantic!

Tough hardy people, and I remember the feeling afte rmy cold shower.

When I stepped out into the icy weather, it felt like NOTHING.

I felt ALIVE!

And ever since then, I mak eit a POINT to take cold showers every time I can!

I dont do this always, but a lot of times, and I recommened both cold showers – and cold water workouts – for you, the reader as well!

(I dont recommend complaining about typos though, hehe).

And thats what I gotta tell you now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If after reading all this you aren’t motivated to go outside and workout, well, thats fine – you can do the SAME thing – indoors – and thats why I put out the 0 Excuses Fitness System! Get on it NOW, bro!

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