Sunday, 13 November 2022 05:51

My very first piece of fitness writing...

Meditation and exercise time are when I get my best ideas - out of the blue - even when I'm not thinking of anything - (that shows you the power of the subconscious mind, or STARTS to) - and therefore, I do as much of both as possible if just for those reasons (though I do it, obviously for many other reasons too!). 

And this morning, I was "interrupted" by ideas showing up into my mind as usual. 

Now, it's different when an idea I gotta act on NOW shows up. 

When that happens, I know it - when it's "normal" ideas, they come, they go ... 

You'll see what I mean if you ever get into meditation deeply (I highly recommend it, except most people do it wrong, it's not about "finding the inner you" while meditating and other crap the gurus tell you, or to "tune out while putting music on" or so forth - all of those are many forms of what work yes. But they aren't the real thing). Maybe I'll write a book on that next. We'll see. Again, with my background in all this ... 

Anyway, that aside, my first piece of fitness writing came to mind. 

And it wasn't Fast and Furious Fitness as I have mentioned here, as this entire site is built upon. 

It was "fastandfurious" yes, but a different domain I no longer own, and wont mention here, but that was my first "blog" ... fitness wise, I believe. 

I was selling ole Fred Nicklaus's stuff - remember him, guys? 

Martial artist with two hip replacements and more, anyway, that lasted a short while. 

I got bored with it, didnt maintain the blog. 

"What could have been", of course, is an interesting story!

If I had started all this in earnest in 2004 when I first spoke to Brooks Kubik- well, what "could" have been with all the resources I had back then ... well, the question always begets!

(this particular blog I'm referring to was in 2008). 

I sometimes wish I could read what I wrote back then, if just to relive old time' sake, how I did things back then. The "waist whittling" as Brooks so often called it. Hehe. 

Anyway ....... 

I quickly figured two things out - selling other people's stuff wasn't for me, never has been. 

Nothing wrong with being an affiliate if that is your thang, plenty of people are - but for me, it's always been about building my own brand - in one way or the other. 

And other than the great relationships I built that way, being a "follower" wasn't either. 

I didnt know all that in those terms back then - I do now, but looking back, I've always blazed a trail - either with my workouts - or with my lifestyle - or with how I do things in general. 

Women, dont get me started. Hehe. 

And so, I wrote my own book two years later. 

Fitness wise, that was the start. 

I still didnt get going at the speed I should have back then, I really got to it in 2017 though - Cindy - thank you! - and have never looked back since then. 

If you were to ask me when all of this REALLY started to take off, it was when most other businesses started to die out - in 2020!

My wife was making a telling comment about malls the other day, how they're pretty much all empty now - something no-one talks about, but it's true in many parts of the globe. 

Those without stickability are already being forced out of the game. A lot have! 

Anyway - I'll see if I can dig up some internet history on the old domain. I believe I can, the posts are probably saved SOMEWHERE too. I know myself too well, I wouldn't let it go without a backup!

Anyway .... 

It all happens when it does - for a reason. 

When the time is right and ripe for it to happen. 

And fitness wise, my friend, if the time is RIPE for your own fitness to blossom, then start planting seeds today. 

Those seeds are what will really grow, nay, BURGEON into fitness machines down the road if you tend to them regularly , daily, and with proper care. 

Get on the 0 Excuses Fitness System now fitness wise - long overdue for those of you not "already" on it. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - We still have some of the Collector's Editions of Fast and furious Fitness - so if you want one, shoot me an email, I'll have it sent out asap. 

And yes, I am STILL autographing those, or any other paperback/hardcovers you guys might buy - just say the word, pal, and it will be DONE.