Sunday, 04 September 2022 06:23

Damn, 14 years and so called counting . . .

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The words "happy anniversary" sprang to mind - as soon as I noticed the date, and it "struck me" - it didnt when I woke up, though I've been having very interesting dreams all night (which I often do, so ...).

I didnt say it, of course.

But I thought ... DAMN!

As I subtract 2008 from 2022, I get 14 if my Math is right.

I blinked.

Damn, I've been married that long??

For a guy who famously swore up and down until the age of 26 or so he'd NEVER, repeat, NEVER get married, for a guy whose been with more girls that he cares to count - interesting indeed!

Of course, there were happy times - not so happy times - and right now, well, we all know the status.

But still, even if a lot of those 14 years were "married years" because the wife wouldn't divorce or whatever ... its still something to me at least. Hehe.

I'd say Happy Anniversary to myself - but I dont want to. I dont quite feel it. Hehe.

The last time I told the ole wife, she replied with "I want my gift", so that put paid to "romance". So much for women being the so called romantic sex. Hehe.

I keep explaining these things to people, they just dont get it, or refuse to, and finally blurt out something about "keeping the peace so I do it" (which to me is pathetic, but hey, to each his own, if thats how you want to live your life, certainly no complaints from my end. Hehe).

Anyway .......

'Twas the day yours truly got hitched.

A couple of weeks later we'd do it formally, and that would set off events that would last till 2009, go to the Delhi High Court, eat up a chunk of savings, create a lot of unnecessary drama, unresolved till this date, and so forth.

Maybe I should have listened to the parents who told my wife to "wait" (they knew i wouldn't. Hehe) 

Come to think of it?

Maybe I should NOT.

I'm glad I didnt, and followed my heart as usual, I learned a hell of a lot.

We all make mistakes, key thing is to learn and MOVE ON from those mistakes - most people dont do either of the two, and keep complaining about and wallowing in the mistakes like a pig in quick sand , or a Father Walrus or something...

Uncle Percie? Hehe.

Anyway, Percie was a great guy, I aint going to bring him into this, but he was of the same breed of men mentioned above, "keep the wife happy and thats all that matters", and again, I've never quite understood men who want to live like that but "whateva" ...

Anyway, 14 years is a long damn time.

So is 10 years, I'd say.  Or 11.

I think, but am not sure, it was in 2011 when I first came out with Fast and Furious Fitness, a very well received book until this date.

I suppose I could do up an anniversary special on it today.

But I ain't in the anniversary mood. Hehe. I never am, so that would be "fallacious" of me to do so!

Instead, I'll just point you to the link and tell you this much - if you want an oldie, and goldie, and book for the ages, THAT is one you should grab - NOW.

It also shows me and the wife in "happier times" - and a fit, slim wife at that ... Hehe.

Anyway, I'm out.

0 Excuses Fitness came out in 2017. Five years plus and counting, and what a SMACKEROO it's laid down on many people, and rightfully so.


It's been 14 goddamn years already!

How time flies.

How I keep circling back to the same point like my fitness routine and "life always comes full circle" and so forth.

So I'll end this here while I'm off to ruminate.

You guys get the books above NOW. Hey, who knows, if all of US together make it a bumper sales day, I might actually get a smile out of the wife (not keeping fingers crossed tho, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee