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"Aamon ekta Kore!"

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"Baba, aamom ekta KORE!" 

My Bengali is very weak!

That said, I could speak it in a trice if I really chose to, and leave Tom Tom's everywhere that claim they are the best at it - in the dust. 

Hell, right from the minute that guy in 2005 stopped me in front of Chung King mansion in 2005 (where a certain But(t)ler Bozo Schofield did drugs years later) and spoke to me in Bengali ... 

... Thoughts transmute, sometimes of ten times, you just KNOW!

Earlier than year,my mother had to come to visit me (my parents and sister actually - back then we were on speaking terms - SORT OF). 

They still didnt agree with my lifestyle though. Hehe. 

But a Chinese lady, one of those old school ole ladies on a boat in Hong Kong (in the villages) spoke to me in cantonese, despite me at the time not knowing a word of it, she knew it too - logically. 

yet, when in China? 

"Your skin is yellow!"

That ain't the only reason the Chinese treat me as "one of their own". 

Sophia, Gorilla Girl for one ... 

When I asked her where the niceities done to foreigners were - she never did it to me - she responded thus - 

"I treat you like Chinese man!" 


I'd rather that than the numerous insults behind back which most expats get, I never have. 

(but a lot of those dancing monkeys deserve it too). 

That ain;t saying Sophia wasn't polite to me. 

(I actually once had to REQUEST her NOT to be polite, if you get my drift. Hehe)

Hell, she did things with me she wouldn't dream of with anyone else. 

But again ... 

You just KNOW sometimes!


I remember a case when I was hollering up and down about someone pestering me at home, next day, Mom or someone showed up, well, Mom did. 

And she acted like "oh my God.... you make such a scene!" 

(British English for raise hell). 

Oddly enough she ignored I was just apeing her own behavior. Hehe. As my wife rightly said, my mom makes mountains out of molehills - quite literally. 

"Bat ka Batangar Banati hai", I believe the Hindi is 

(pardon my proununcation!)

But anyway, I had a legit gripe, I just wanted to be left alone, no-one was... 

But same thing when I go tearing away on a cycle, or SPRINT, or what not. 

The "oh my God, so fast, move OUT OF HIS WAY!" ... 

But here's the thang, friend. 

It gets a reaction, sure. 

But importantly, fitness - super fitness- real fitness- is the same. 

You have to BLOW them valves wide open, friend. 

Slow and steady wins the race, but if you want results NOW, period, you have to combine that with the "oh my god" factor

And the course that will GIVE You the oh my God factor - and burn fat off your frame like FAT off a george foreman GRILL? 

Is THIS one.

Have at, fellas! 


Rahul Mookerjee (and remember - at the time - pick up Animal kingdom Workouts too, which is level numero two, I believe there is a special on both of these NOW).