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"Like me, like my dog. . . "

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It's a Chinese saying, my friend. Im sure they have the equivalent in India ... after all, it all "originated" in India originally (as anyone with any sense knows). 

Much of the "mystique" about China, my friend - in fact all of it - comes from India. 

Right down to green tea and TaiChi ... 

Just ask the Tibetan for one ... 

But anyway, I have lost track of the number of people, usually women, who've told me this - "love me, love my dog". 

In Chinese, I dont know what that transltes into i.e. the Pin Yin or how to say it. 

"Guo"? For Dog? 

I dont know, thats what this dog thinks, hehe. 

Since it was mostly women with the thinking "men are such dogs!" - that told me the same thing, funnily enough. Women, indeed a funny "beast"! 

But anyway, that aside... 

It means when you like something - or someone - you dont go in "halfway". 

You dont pull your pants up and dip your feet in that river. 

You jump in headlong - regardless of whether it's a river in the Northern Territoties in OZ (my buddy from the Maines, I believe, has an alligator - or croc- I believe croc - tootth from there!) (since OZ doesnt have alligators as far as I know) ... brimming with hungry crocs. 

Basically, you go the whole humpty. 

Like her, like her DOG too - has always been part of my "mo" - and how it has worked out for me my whole life - women or none. 

Remember, with me, either this or that!

No dithering in the middle. 

And if I like something, or someone, I DO go the whole humpty. 

To me, I dont see how it could be any other way. 

Anything else is wishy washy BS. 

Charles the former friend and many others kept praising India and how "the INdians are the one that know it all" - and how "I'd love to visit India one day" - but guess what.

They never DO. 

In Charles case, of course, it's his girlfriend that "those are dirty black people" - so they dont go. 

In another friend's case, he knows how much of a pain in the ass it can be. 

Which the latter might be true - it is. 

The former, well, I'll let Glyn answer. He's the best person to ask for such things. 

But really - my thing, and I've told Charles many a times... 

"You dont really like India, you just talk". 

Now, dont get me wrong. 

Many times people have GENUINE reasons for not being able to actually follow through on what they claim. 

Travel wise, North Eastern India to me is a HIDDEN - and still pristine and much unexplored GEM - not just in india - but the ENTIRE WORLD!

It's a part of the country which is still hard to visit, for everyone - paperwork is one reason I haven't settled in that part - as yet. 

But I sure do WANT TO!

And I will someday. 

With Rahul Mookerjee, no dithering about - when he wants to do something, eventually, somehow, he does it. 

I LOVE that part of the country, and despite what some idiots say, NO, they're not CHINESE - theyre INDIANS!

Bottom line - ask them themselves if you dont believe me. They make some fierce, valiant soldiers there too!

But with someone like Charles, he's got every opportunity over the years to visit the country, yet doesnt ... 

...i.e. you dont "really like". 

I dont know, to him the PICTURE he sees in his mind when he thinks India might be the things that are paraded about, but not "real life there". 

And of course, his girlfriend due to that very reason would never go, and him, well ... 

I dont know, I'm extreme in that way too!

But ................. 

Like me, like my dog, eh. 

Good news is THIS, my friend. 

Fitness wise, you aint gotta like me. 

You can hate me, dislike me, troll me, whatever you want. 

But fitness wise, even if you hate me - but DO what I say - you WILL get into the best damn shape of your LIFE, my friend. 

And that is an ironclad guarantee from Rahul Mookerjee, and he doesnt make those too often ... 

Out for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee