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Would I do it again?

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October 2015, perhaps the same "day" as I'm writing this today, i.e October 11, 2021... 

On a massive travel - during a National Holiday. 

Past the phase where I accidentally rear ended an idiot - not quite, but it left ONE scratch on his old car! - who saw fit to keep slamming on the brakes willy nilly on a highly congested highway in deep, deep, Southern China ... Guizhou, I believe, to be precise... 

Got semi-scammed by him .

Carol said it was no big deal, handed me the keys to the car again. 

'Twas around 8 PM then, I believe we reached our final destination around 3 AM ... 

Of course, no beer at that time, so I pestered the hotel owner. 

It's China - all available if you pester enough!

Sure enough, they got me the beer from a next door "machine" or something (no beer vending machines in CHina, so I didnt know what they meant!). 

They wanted my passport for a copy - normal procedure in China when checking into a hotel (for foreign devils) - but their photocopy machine wasn't working. 

Carol said "he want you to leave it here and tomorrow he return!" 

I didnt think much of the plan. 

"No way! I dont want them to lose it ...  " 

Then off to the room it was, the beer, and before collapsing I asked Carol this one thing. 

PLEASE let's get up a bit late tomorrow, and just "relax" a little - not run around the country helter skelter like a chicken with its head cut off!

I said this in different words, but really - that is what we had been doing uptil that point!

It was only a few hours ago we were at "Huang Guo Shuo" waterfall - a good 8 hour drive away from where we were NOW - which turned into 14 plus due to traffic etc. 

I still remember thinking of messaging people etc I had to during the drive. Didnt do it... 

Anyway, there was way more to that "trip" than I'm letting on - and that night I'm talking about! 

But that chaotic period aside, that time aside - would I do it again? 


I fell in love - madly. Never happens to me! 

It fell apart. 

Big time!

If I had the chance, would I do it again? 

I dont know, as I look at pictures of Guizhou, I remember that ONE Spot where we sat down, held hands (I know, I know, I'll stop. Hehe). - and more. 

But the point being - WOULD I do it again? 

Or, lets flashback to say 2007/08 ... 

Let's flashback to all the Saturdays I would "take off work" so I could date my then girlfriend - wife - whatever you call it! 

Basically turned into a day long drinking session plus "going hither and thither" to whichever extent possible in India at the time, but she didnt mind. 

Neither did I!

That emotion, that sort of passion, it's different from "lust". 

I've only felt it on two occasions in my life. 

Would I want to feel it again? 

Probably not, hehe, but ya'll know it - never say never!

But again, point being ... 

Would I do it all over again given the chance? 

Carol said yes to that question in 2018. or 17, perhaps. 



All the crashes I've been through, the downtimes, the ups, all of it - if I had to go back and say "would I do it again"? 



Because the learning experience is what it's all about ... 

Thats the BEST thing I can give to my daughter too. 

Whether I'm there physically with her or not, there are a lot of things she picks up from me. 

Following your heart - and sticking to your guns no matter WHAT. 

Ultimately, it will all work out!

The value of persistence - and stickablity during the TOUGH - or tougher - or toughest times which may seem never ending. 

The ability to take on ONE challenge - best it - have two more thrown at you - best those - three more - keep going!

Most of all, I guess in life, and fitness wise, if it were Day one today, and I was "starting to climb that hill"? 

Guess what. (and If I KNEW the road ahead, the long hours I'd put in, and so forth? The ridicule, the scorn, all of it - the GOOD parts - the great customers - all of it?) 

I'd do it all over again - with vim, vigor, gusto - and GUMPTION!

That endeth this stream of consciousness from me... 

I'm out. 

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Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - I was going to write about the first weekend "getaway" I took my "wife" out to, and many others. Maybe later! 

Maybe that travelogue that has been pending for SO LONG!