Thursday, 30 September 2021 06:25

How things have changed, eh.

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In one of those ruminant moods today, my friend. 

And I was thinking, life - - and kids!

How different do kids have it TODAY while growing up - as opposed to when WE were growing up, my friend!

I remember being barely a year older than my daughter is now - 8 - and my Dad whacking the hell out of me for defending myself at school (apparently the other guy's verbal taunts were fine, when I let go - gave him a taekdowndo kick to the KNEE - I still remember him bawling all day long in the school clinic) - I got whacked for that!

Now, part of this was because I didnt tell my parents at home. 

They called my parents to school to complain, and given my parents - yelling at me for damn near everything - I didnt want to go there! 

This trend repeated itself through school, of course. 

Apparently when I (remember, I was always a skinny runt in school!) got "beat the heck out of" - the other guy could do it "because good boys dont fight physically, "those boys" do it, but we "study"' and other B.S. 

But it wasn't just my parents, to be frank. 

It was different back then. 

My wife apparently got paddled - not just on the derriere - buit the legs and such for trivial stuff like "pulling the laundry line down" - at the age of 5 no less, I believe. 


Those were different times, those of you with kids know how different it is today in terms of molly coddling (well, in general - I'm sure extreme cases still exist). 

But as I keep telling my daughter (or as I told her a while ago, I believe). ...

"Papa never scolds you, because I dont want you to grow up hating your Dad". 

Now, this will ring home - and true - for MANY of you reading this ... 

Times were indeed different back then, and maybe thats why the world is where it is tody with no-one giving a rip about anything or anyone no more. 

But it had it's benefits, it made us tough - the doers, at least. 

It appleid Nature's laws of "survival of the fittest". 

There's always a plus if there is a minus - and that ain't me "positive" just saying it. 

The great seer Emerson did too . 

"For everything you lose, you gain something". 

And anyone with brain throughout the ages knows this and has said it.. 

Anyway, that aside. 

A lot of y'all reading this, my friend, and I gotta say this yet again at the risk of sounding like a stuck record - a lot of ya'll want to buy a lot of stuff from me. 

But over the past couple of months, a LOT of you guys - just haven't been doing it. 

And if this email is reaching you (segmented email so) ... then there's a great chance YOU TOO fall into the same category, my friend. 

Trust me, buddy. 

I've been in this racket long enough - I know, I watch, I TRACK. 

Not to the extent most people do - end of the day, I could give a rip less if someone doesnt "do", but a lot of you are DOERS!

Some are having financial issues, apparently. 

Some ... not sure. 

But the vast bulk? 

"We don't care". 

We dont care what he says or thinks. 

Well, thats fine I suppose when it comes to you, though it's a self defeatist (I'm being polite) attitude if thats you. 

(and really, it ain't about what I think either ...) 

But when it comes to your kids, my friends, I'm sure you guys would never scrimp! 

For you adults out there, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is an absolute and UTTER must have!

Trust me. 

But even if you want to neglect yourself (though I cannot imagine why you'd want to neglect your health, fitness and training) - then kids??? 

Trust me, the kiddie version of the above is Kiddie Fitness - it has different exercises, yes, because some of the stuff in 0 Excuses Fitness is not suitable for young kids. 

Given the rising level of obesity and big bellies amongst kids though ... this is a must have for YOUR kid, friend. 

 Be sure and grab thisNOW. 

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Actually I do "scold" my daughter on occasion. I just do it differently. 

I remember my Dad lamenting about how "my own son hates me" in NY in the USA at the age of 15 ... 

Well, what can I say. 

I have my own version of things, I'm sure he does too. I'd say I was right, but of course, what do I know... 

But you on this list know what I mean!

But, history doesnt always have to repeat itself, if you get my drift, friend. Some things can - and DO - change!